Healthy Meal Strategies

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!When it comes to making healthy meals for yourself or your family, do you find yourself saying the following: I’m running out of ideas for meals I don’t know what to eat I don’t want to spend a lot of […]


A Drink To Your Health {Video & Recipe}

by lydia on July 18, 2014

Herbal Green Tea Blend

You will love my Revitalizing Summer Tonic, an herbal green tea blend that’s uniquely flavored and sweet without an added sugar. I’m sure you’ve heard the benefits of green touted quite a bit. It has been one of the latest food fads over the last few years, but most green tea beverages are packed with […]


Shifting Gears & Radically Changing Lives!

by lydia on July 13, 2014

changing gear

Hey there, I’m about to get super real and clear with you today about my mission here at Divine Health From The Inside Out! I’m shifting gears big time and it’s about to get super exciting! You see, for years now, I’ve showed up regularly bringing you great recipes, insights, informative health posts, tips and […]


Coconut Crusted Salmon

Are you aware that you need to do some gut healing, but are afraid to take the leap with a ‘gut healing diet’? Do you think a diet to heal your gut is too restrictive, therefore you struggle to get started? Perhaps you are considering tackling the Autoimmune protocol, GAPS or some other diet but […]


Non-Toxic Cleaning

Have you sourced out the best quality, non-toxic cleaning products yet? It sure can be tricky! If you are a DIY kind of person, I’ve got a treat for you today. Consider it your one stop ticket to all the recipes you will ever need for every possible cleaning product under the sun. Never worry […]


How To Love Your Liver Every Day

by lydia on June 18, 2014

Detoxification Pathways in the liver

In a world bombarded by toxins at every turn, we all could use some daily detoxification strategies. That’s what I’m here to share with you today. You really can’t heal your gut if you are not detoxing well. In order to succeed with overall health including your gut, the lymph and liver need our daily […]


margarita pops

As the Summer months bring in the warmth of the sun, we have a celebration brewing. This means we must come up with some very special treats for both the children and adults. Our answer… Limeade Coconut Cream Pops OR Margarita Popsicles We experiment with a lot of variations and you will be glad that […]


Recovery from Ulcerative Colitis

Today, I’ve got another health success story to share with you. It comes from Samantha of Sweet Potatoes and Social Change. She took on the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol to recover from ulcerative colitis. Here’s Samantha…… Hello wonderful readers! My name is Samantha and about three years ago I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, an autoimmune […]


What Should I Eat To Heal My Gut?

by lydia on June 11, 2014


There can be a lot of confusion around what diet is a healthy diet or what foods one should be eating when suffering with health issues and digestive complaints. One of the issues my clients ask the most is; ‘What on earth should I eat right now?‘  To answer this question, everyone’s gut healing diet […]


From Size 18 To 8

by lydia on June 10, 2014

Size 18 to 8

I love hearing real life health success stories. Several of my readers asked me to share more weight loss success stories. So, I got in touch with my friend Anna Lishman because she shares weight loss success stories regularly on her blog ‘Rules of Dieting‘. Today you are hearing from Anna via a shared success […]

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