DIY ‘Kool-Aid’

by lydia on April 18, 2014

Herbal Tea - DIY Kool-Aid

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!One of the biggest health mistakes most people make is simply what they choose to drink. Soda, juice, sweetened teas, ‘fruit’ beverages and the list could go on. Everywhere I go I see people chugging down large bottles of brightly [...]


Budget-Friendly, Veggie-Heavy Beef Stew

Eating healthy on a budget is totally doable, even if you think it’s not. For some reason there is a common mindset that it’s too expensive to eat real, healthy food without breaking the bank. I’m here to tell you that is a myth. Can you really eat expensive grass-fed meat and stay on a [...]


Gluten-Free Wafflies

The gluten-free lifestyle is one that certainly takes some getting used to. I’ve been gluten-free for 4 years and I’ve only just now perfected several gluten-free waffle recipes. Initially, I didn’t bake much when I went gluten-free. I ate very low carbs in general and felt quite overwhelmed by taking on the grandiose task of [...]


Soothe Your Soul with a Rooibos Chai

by lydia on April 14, 2014

Rooibos Chai

Soothe your soul, while enjoying the spicy warmth of a Rooibos Chai. Rooibos is a naturally caffeine free red tea originally from South Africa.  Read more about Rooibos Tea here. No known side effects safe for people of all ages. Some studies now show that rooibos tea my protect against cancer. That’s reason enough for [...]


A Healthy Gluten-Free Easter Menu

by lydia on April 13, 2014

Gluten-Free Easter Menu

Easter is just around the corner, do you have your menu planned yet? Today, I’m sharing some recipes just in case you are on the look-out for some healthy gluten-free recipes for your Easter Menu.   Honey Baked Ham Deviled Eggs or Curried Deviled Eggs Potato Salad Radish & Pea Salad Verde Saute Homemade Macaroni [...]

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Gluten-Free Family Meal Plan

by lydia on April 12, 2014

Gluten-Free Family Meal Plan

I’m back to share another one of my family meal plans. This gluten-free spring meal plan reflects one week for my family of 5. This coming week is our spring break, so things will be a little bit different than usual. No school lunches to pack (yay), so I’ll be making bigger breakfasts so that [...]


Nourishing School Lunches, On A Budget

by lydia on April 7, 2014


Creating nourishing lunches is probably one of my biggest struggles. In part due to the challenge of making them healthy while also on a budget. I suspect I am not alone in this challenge. If you are also struggling to get your kids out the door in the morning with a nourishing lunch in hand [...]


Gluten-Free Spring Meal Plan

by lydia on April 5, 2014

Gluten-Free Spring Meal Plan

I’m back to share another one of my family meal plans.  This gluten-free spring meal plan reflects one week for my family of 5. I will simply include my own lunches (not the kids lunches). For breakfast, I’ll include the boys breakfast and my breakfast when it’s different from what the boys eat.  I’m only [...]


Spring-Clean Your Diet

by lydia on March 31, 2014


Spring is finally here! It’s a great time to do a little spring cleaning for your body and detoxify from the long winter. Spring is the BEST time of year to fine-tune your health. Traditionally, it’s a season that many cultures do fasting, detoxing and cleansing. The weather inspires us to naturally desire a cleansing [...]


A One-Week Spring Meal Plan {Gluten-Free}

by lydia on March 30, 2014


I’m sharing a one week meal plan for spring, it happens to be my meal plan for this coming week too. This meal plan reflects one week for my family of 5. I will simply include my own lunches, since my kids lunches are usually a hodgepodge of too many things to share in this [...]