Bruising and how to prevent it………??

by lydia on April 6, 2010

It’s back to putting egg yolks in the boys milk, now that I am getting good pastured eggs again!! I read up on bruising a little bit yesterday, as my boys all seem to have a ton of bruises. Clark gets bruises so easily that I am afraid to touch him. He just seems so fragile. So I figured it would be good to learn why people bruise and some more easily than others. I still haven’t figured it all out yet, but I did find out that vitamin c, e, zinc and can’t remember the fourth, was it vitamin K, are all important for this issue. Well, egg yolks and butter take care of the e and k and some of the zinc. As for the c, I can give them the acerola powder, but the little 2 fight me more on this than the older two, but I guess I will keep trying. I’d also like them to eat sauerkraut, but so far only Christian is willing to eat it. As for the zinc, I need to get more liver into everyone. This past month’s liver allotment kinda got thrown by the wayside, because I froze the whole hunk solid (which was stupid of me) and it was very difficult to work with, so I am gonna get it out one of these days and chop it up so it is more manageable. Silly me. That said, I think this batch of liver is going to make it’s way into my beef jerky! 

I will pick up some more beef liver at Whole Foods on Thurs., and who knows maybe this time some chicken liver for pate, I think I am feeling brave. 
I spend so much time focusing on my own dietary concerns, I forget to fortify my boys.  Although last night the boys had whole cream ice cream with egg yolks in it – that makes me feel pretty good!!! 
In the meantime, I will keep my eyes and ears open for research regarding bruise prevention and healing. Feel free to comment if you have any insight on this matter. 


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