Ending the challenge, and trying out some recipes……..

by lydia on May 21, 2010

Tomorrow would have been the final day of the 21 day sugar detox I had begun this month. Needless to say, I did not make it 21 days without any sugar. Nope. It’s possible I suppose, but the idea for me, was to learn how to live without so much sugar in my life, day in and day out. That I have had a lot of success with. I do marvel though, that when you are trying to cut out sugar completely, that it seems to be everywhere. And everywhere it truly is. It’s in bacon, in salsa, in random things you’d never think it would be. It all adds up and creeps in without even being noticed and before you know it, you are consuming WAY more sugar than your body ever cared to handle. And what’s it all for, that one little area of your body that lasts only moments as it glides by to the rest of your body that will be screaming at you later for letting it in. (sounds a bit dramatic, but it’s actually kind of true).
I am happy that I wanted to cut out sugar and that I did have success, just not perfection. I have definitely seen my sweet tooth subside, and I don’t even crave chocolate like I used to. (I do suspect that has something to do with me taking magnesium everyday). I just wasn’t willing to fuss about the sugar content of my bacon for goodness sakes. Maybe one day I will find bacon without sugar, I did find a great breakfast sausage without sugar though. I also wasn’t willing to forgo fresh in season strawberries. But all in all, I kept to the no sugar thing for the most part and feel very gratified that I can go a week at a time without any sugar. Just knowing that every day I won’t need something sweet to get by, is very freeing to me. I also feel a lot better for it!! 
So that ends the 21 day sugar detox folks. Now it’s on to other things. Like me giving you a glimpse of tonight’s dinner, which was a trial recipe for my upcoming ebook project. Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of the strawberry cheesecake I made. However, I will still need to tweak the recipe a bit so I’ll be sure to get a shot soon.

These were just chicken legs that I tried 2 different spice rubs on. One was a lemony garlic rub, then basted with a buttery lemon sauce. The other was more of a BBQ/Jerk rub, basted with a tomato based sauce, that I will still be playing around with bit. I liked the skin on the second better, but the lemon chicken, overall had the best flavor and juiciness to it. To the right,  is my no pasta salad, and boy was it as yummy as it is beautiful! This needed no tweaking in my opinion!



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Phil May 21, 2010 at 4:38 pm

What’s in the salad Lydia? Tomato, pepper, onion, artichoke, olive oil? Or is at an e-book revelation 😉

lydia May 21, 2010 at 4:43 pm

Yep that’s part of it, and yep it’s an e-book special 😉

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