How to Get Rid of Warts

by lydia on June 24, 2010

About a month back one of my children discovered he had some funny dots on his toes, that I identified as warts.  At first they were very tiny whitish yellow dots that eventually spread and grew and looked like he was growing cauliflower on his toes. Initially, I just cleaned the wart with raw apple cider vinegar, and quite honestly forgot about it, until he would complain about it. When it started to grow and spread is when I got serious about paying more attention to it. So every night I bandaged them up with vinegar or tea tree oil. It wasn’t until I started using the tea tree oil that I noticed it was actually working, because the white bumps started to dry up. I wasn’t quite sure what the bumps were, so I looked it up and believe they were plantars warts. I did have a doctor confirm this as well and when I told her I was treating it with apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil, she agreed that the tea tree oil should work. And thankfully it did! The warts hardened up and then fell off. I also think perhaps my son picked at them a bit, but I am happy to say they are gone. Now his skin just needs to heal up. I don’t know what caused the warts, but my theory is that he would often wear his sneakers without socks and therefore the warts appeared. I just wanted to share my little victory in the hopes that it will save someone else all the agony of trying to remove warts by freezing, burning and paying big bucks. This only cost me a bunch of bandaids, the bottle of tea tree oil, some time and tender loving care.

**UPDATE** As of Ocotber 2010, my son’s foot is totally normal, with no scarring or re-occuring warts to speak of.

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