Fitness Fridays: Rebounding

by lydia on September 24, 2010

Welcome to my first ever Fitness Friday post!! I decided I really wanted to incorporate more about health from the inside out through exercise. I don’t think exercise is the primary way our health and weight stay stable, but I do believe it is an important element to a healthy lifestyle. I personally feel better when I am active and I know most people do.
Today I want to talk about rebounding using a mini trampoline. A few years back I picked up a used trampoline for like $5 and it has served me and my kids well. It’s nice to have around as it’s a really quick way to perk up. When I first started rebounding I couldn’t do it for very long as I was very much out of shape. I think taking it slow and just doing it often is a great way to start. Now I can jump on that thing for a long time listening to my favorite tunes. I love it!! It’s a really great ab workout, believe it or not and it’s so gentle on all your joints, not to mention great for your lymphatic system.

Take a look at some of the benefits of rebounding:

It increases the capacity for breathing.
It circulates more oxygen to the tissues.
It helps combat depression.
It helps normalize your blood pressure.
It helps prevent cardiovascular disease.
It increases the activity of the red bone marrow in the production of red blood cells.
It aids lymphatic circulation, as well as blood flow in the veins of the circulatory system.
It lowers elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
It stimulates the metabolism, thereby reducing the likelihood of obesity.
It tones up the glandular system, especially the thyroid to increase its output.
It improves coordination throughout the body.
It promotes increased muscle fiber tone.
It offers relief from neck and back pains, headaches, and other pain caused by lack of exercise.
It enhances digestion and elimination processes.
It allows for easier relaxation and sleep.
It results in a better mental performance, with sharper learning processes.
It relieves fatigue and menstrual discomfort for women.
It minimizes the number of colds, allergies, digestive disturbances, and abdominal problems.
It tends to slow down aging.


Rebounding is also a very detoxifying form of aerobic exercise, as it is a lymphatic exercise. Your lymphatic system is like the metabolic garbage can of the body. The lymphatic system has three primary functions, to drain fluids from tissues and return them to the blood, transport fat soluble nutrients absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract into the blood, and by carrying out immune responses. The lymph system helps rid your body of toxic wastes, such as dead cancerous cells, nitrogenous wastes, fat, infectious viruses, heavy metals and various other waste emitted from the cells. The movement performed in rebounding provides stimulation for a free-flowing system that drains away these potential poisons. I personally have noticed the more I rebound the more I emit toxic odor from my arm pits. This is a good sign that rebounding is working to detoxify my body.

One of the nice things about rebounding is that it is a very vigorous form of exercise and very oxegenating, yet it doesn’t make you feel out of breath or give you sore joints like pounding on pavement might do from running. It’s also a much less painful way to tone your abdominal muscles. With every bounce your abs are contracting without you even realizing it. Rebounding helps get your endorphins working while combatting stress and depression at the same time. I think you will find that rebounding is quite fun. I myself feel like a kid every time I jump away listening to motivating tunes.

When first starting out with rebounding it is best to just bounce gently without lifting your feet off of the rebounder. If you feel up for it, do a minute of your rebounding time fully bursting then resume gently bouncing. Start out with 5-10 minutes and work your way up to 30-40 minutes. Or even do 10 minute increments throughout the day to keep you energized. Either way you will find you get results with very little effort, in fact it’s down right fun!!

You can purchase a rebounder for as little as $30-40. Like I said I picked mine up used for $5. It doesn’t have to be an expensive top of the line brand. Many rebounders have a bar that comes with it, I do not prefer this kind and find it’s not really necessary. All in all it’s a much more affordable way to exercise than spending the money for a monthly gym membership and it’s all in the comfort of your own home. If you are interested in purchasing a rebounder check out my Amazon store for one that I recommend, and I will make a small commission with no extra charge to you.

Check out the following video with Dr. James Rota, body detoxification expert, for more great information on this awesome form of exercise!! And go do some rebounding today!!

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