Cod Liver Oil Testimonial

by lydia on September 17, 2010

Today I am reflecting on my week of consuming fermented cod liver oil and want to share my own cod liver oil testimonial with you. After having done much research for the past year I finally took the leap to purchase some fermented cod liver oil, you can read why here. I continue to learn and read about the importance of vitamins A and D, neverĀ  to be taken individually apart from one another, it’s very important they are consumed together as they perform a symbiotic work together. In the studies that Weston A. Price did he found that healthy traditional cultures consumed far greater amounts of vitamin A and D rich foods. The RDA for vitamin A is currently only about 3000 IU for that of a healthy adult male, over a quarter of Americans consume less than half the RDA of vitamin A. However, in Price’s studies the people were consumingĀ  about 10,000 IU per day, and these people were healthy no diseases to speak of. It has been found that sub-optimal intakes of vitamin A may be related to asthma, kidney stones, fatty liver disease, oxidative stress, and susceptibility to environmental toxins. I happen to have asthma, and thankfully since I have started on the cod liver oil I have not needed to use my inhalers. I am hoping to see some good progress whilst taking the fermented cod liver oil, hopefully once and for all defeating this disease. I have come a long way since adopting a more nourishing real foods diet, but I still get sick and it’s usually respiratory related. I am tired of fighting off illnesses like this and tired of my kids coming down with head colds as well.

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I guess in a sense I am sharing this to raise awareness as much as I am to log my journey and hopefully soon I will look back on this post with a defeated case of asthma to claim!!


I have been taking cod liver oil for a whole month now, and want to share how cod liver oil has benefitted me. As I mentioned above cod liver oil has greatly helped me with my asthma symptoms. I have only used my inhaler 2 or 3 times. This is a major breakthrough, considering the fact that it is fall, the time of year I need my inhalers constantly. I am so happy to not need such harsh medications anymore. Also, I have suffered from eczema on my hands and this month it has improved immensely. I have even started just putting the oil directly on my hands. They are still very dry, but they do not get inflamed and itchy or crack anymore. I also noticed during this month’s cycle I did not get any kind of headache or pain. In the past year my PMS has decreased immensely, but I would still get slight headaches at the end of my period. Not this month, thanks to the cod liver oil. I’d like to note that I am taking 2 teaspoons of Green Pasture’s Fermented Cod Liver Oil daily. One bottle lasts me about a month, to stretch it, some of the days I take a single dose. The benefits of cod liver oil are just too many to ignore, I highly recommend adding it to your daily regime.

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