My Kids Health Depends on Raw Milk

by lydia on November 19, 2010

I am a mother of four fabulous boys, and their health depends on raw milk. I truly believe that!! I am SO grateful to be able to freely and easily purchase farm fresh milk from my local health food cooperative. It is one of the cornerstones of our family’s daily diet and regular food purchases. I am even willing to pay the $8 per gallon price, because I simply know how nourishing it is for my family and I will NEVER go back to purchasing store bought milk that has been pasteurized, not to mention the fact that those cows are poorly raised. (but more on that in another post.) I am appalled at the Farm raid’s that are going on is this country right now, this supposed free country that we live in and this post is to spread awareness about these issues. This effects anyone who so values their farm fresh products, so to me the things going on in our nation to control our food sources gets very personal.

A little bio on my family’s lead into consuming raw milk. I initially raised my first son as a vegetarian, probably for the first year and a half of his life. He was born 3 1/2 weeks early and I had a lot of trouble getting him to breast feed. So I pumped my breast milk and was only able to do that for about 4 months. That led me to search for, unfortunately, a formula that would be suitable for him (is that even possible, don’t get me started!). Since I was ‘lactose intolerant’ I believed that he would have a hard time as well, and rather reluctantly began him on a milk formula which he did not seem to tolerate well. Needless to say, I had a lot of trouble with him as an infant and unfortunately went down the route of giving him soy everything. Years later I attempted to get him back on to whole milk dairy and he seemed to somewhat tolerate it, but never fully. He had a lot of digestive issues that never seemed to get better. However, when I finally introduced him to raw milk a year and a half ago, and he was then 10, he was able to drink it with no problems. Not to mention he really loved the milk and was grateful to have it, it was wonderfully satiating for him. I will also note that at the time, his teeth were coming in slowly and were very misaligned and crooked, he also used to suffer with severe stuffiness. After a full year or more of regularly drinking plenty of raw milk, his teeth are straight and beautiful, and he no longer gets stuffy like he did. If he does get congested it is very minor. To me this is a big deal considering all the years of discomfort he went through, had I known what I do now about raw milk back then I would have done whatever I had to to get my hands on raw milk for him.

Sally Fallon, author of ‘Nourishing Traditions‘, and president of the Weston A. Price Foundation repeatedly declares that raw milk is nature’s most perfect food. With all the enzymes and probiotics in tact still, raw milk is easily digested. Often those who cannot tolerate ‘pasteurized’, aka ‘dead milk’ are able to well tolerate raw milk and thrive on it. I found this to be very true for my oldest son thankfully.

Now another one of my children, my youngest went on raw dairy a year and a half ago as well. He probably to this day drinks over a quart per day. It’s really his mainstay, his bread so to speak. When I started him on raw milk he had a few notable health issues, one being some pretty major eczema on his legs and the other being that his legs were very bowed. People even would tell us that he needed surgery that was how noticeable it was. I was not deeply concerned and felt that he needed time to grow, but it dig nag at me a bit. When I began to read up on raw milk and then in turn began serving it to him regularly I really held fast to believing it would straighten him out. And indeed it has! He no longer has bowed legs and is a very stocky solid agile 3  1/2 year old boy. His eczema has even gotten a lot better, it is still there however it no longer is inflamed or irritated or even as wide spread as it was. I also notice that he is a much happier child when he gets his raw milk and that it very much stabilizes him and satiates him. I know that the raw milk had a huge part to play in the forming of his legs, and I could never go without raw milk. It has become such a huge part of our everyday, even in just making puddings, kefir, and anything we consume with milk. Two of my boys do not drink milk quite as freely, but I am happy to make it available to them through other means. I also purchase raw milk cheeses and cultured butter. Without these foods it would be very hard to nourish my children.

I am sharing my own family’s brief testimonial with you so that I can also now speak up and out for the farms that work so hard to provide family’s nationwide with purely wholesome and fresh dairy products. Now I know in other states it is not as easy to get raw milk as it is in Pennsylvania. I am very grateful to live in this state, a kind of heartland of wonderful farms and freedoms to purchase these amazing farm fresh products. I do not want to imagine that ability being stripped away from me simply because of some of these random raids that are going down. Two farms that have been recently raided, both attended the WAPF conference, are the Estrella Family Creamery and Morningland Dairy. Both farms have had their raw cheeses seized with the threat of their entire inventory possibly being destroyed. This is not acceptable!! To read further about these farms raids check out this article; Save Morningland Dairy.

Check out the following clip of the Farmageddon Trailer;

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Now I must admit I am not really interested in political issues, I often would much rather turn a blind eye or ear, namely in arguing politics. However, I have come to a point in my life in which I see that every voice must be heard and if we want certain issues to be addressed we must raise our voices. This issue hits WAY to close to home for me and I plan to speak up and do what I can to stand with these farmers in their time of need. Not to mention the FDA trying to push this new S510 bill to have complete control on how all crops in this nation are grown, stored and processed. I for one do not want the government controlling how I eat or where I get my food from. That is not freedom!

Will you stand with me in helping to save these farms?! Just a pledge of $5 from 100’s of people can really make a difference!!

Morningland Dairy (Click here to learn more!)
Click here to lend your support to: Uncheese Party and make a donation at !

Estrella Family Creamery (Click here to learn more!)
Click here to lend your support to: Help the Estrella Family Creamery and make a donation at !

Also to read more posts on these issues, go check out Save Farm Freedom Friday, hosted by Kelly the Kitchen Kop!



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Organic Farmer November 19, 2010 at 3:40 pm

Many people feel this way, unfortunately developments over the last 6 months with Organic Valley, the nation’s largest organic farmer coop, threatens the availability of raw milk to many people. OV has BANNED their farmer members from selling raw milk. OV is NO FRIEND of farmers. Boycott OV!

Stanley Fishman November 19, 2010 at 6:06 pm

This is a moving, important story. You have just explained why we need real food, why we need raw milk, why we need the freedom to be able to buy them. And why farmers need the freedom to produce real food.

I am so glad that your boys are thriving. Lets fight to make sure that they and everyone else who needs real food can continue to get it.

S510 is stalled for now, but it will come up again on November 29. It could be the end of raw milk. Let us keep contacting our senators and telling them to stop this horrible bill.

lydia November 20, 2010 at 7:12 pm

Thank you Stanley!! I read your post and was very inspired as well! I love hearing and sharing testimonies, I really think they carry much weight in the grand scheme of things!!
Real Food is crucial to the future generations, it’s time to move away forever from this ridiculous industrial food nonsense!!

Danielle December 1, 2010 at 9:06 pm

I enjoyed your story. I too drink raw milk and believe that it has helped me regain my health. I truly don’t understand why they won’t just leave us alone and let us drink our raw milk. Some of us have figured out that we can’t eat supermarket food and stand a chance at good health.

lydia December 2, 2010 at 6:24 pm

Amen, I hear you Danielle!!!!

luispihormiguero September 10, 2012 at 8:26 am

Congratulations! I live in the driest place in Europe, and I can’t get raw milk :(

There are no farms in 200 km around, and selling it is totally illegal.

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