Wise Traditions 2010 – My experience

by lydia on November 18, 2010

I am still reeling from my time at the Weston A. Price, Wise Traditions Conference. Words just cannot describe how truly amazing my experience was. The simple fact that it was held in my very own neck of the woods was just to good to be true and as soon as I knew about it, well I planned on going. As the time drew nearer to register I realized I simply could not afford to go. Being the single mom that I am things this year have been tough as I simply struggle to survive financially. However, I read a comment by Ann Marie of Cheeseslave on one of her posts discussing the upcoming conference in which she encouraged another Philly local to attend even though she couldn’t afford it. She said it is free to check out all the vendors and that people would be hanging out around there, it would be worth going just for that. So, after reading that I decided I’d still go even though I was not registered. (to the right; myself with Ann Marie – photo credit)

On Thursday evening there had been planned a gathering for those who are a part of Real Food Media, along with some other Weston Price Foundation folks and some of the Real Food Media Sponsors, along with any followers of the bloggers. I attended that dinner which I briefly wrote about, and met some fabulous folks and just enjoyed talking all things Real Food. At the end of the dinner I had mentioned my situation to Elizabeth of Nourishing Creations, and she mentioned she knew of someone who at the last minute could not come. She suggested we go and see if I could take her place. So we went on down to the registration booth and asked and they said sure. After Elizabeth found out the woman’s full name, I was in like Flynn baby!! How awesome is that!!! This seems to be how my life works, amazing things fall into place at the last minute. Had I not gone at all I would have missed that awesome opportunity, and had I not spoken up about my circumstances, well let’s just say I am very blessed! And a huge thank you to Elizabeth and Barbara, whose registration I was able to benefit immensely from!!!

The first session I attended was ‘Gut & Psychology/Physiology Syndrome’ by Natasha Campbell McBride, MD, HMC, CCH. I have read up quite a bit on her work and am also a member of the GAPS yahoo group. I’ve also watched as many of her YouTube videos as I could find. This woman is amazing to me and her research is profound. I highly recommend looking her up and finding out all that you can on her and her book is definitely on my wish list. You can read more about the diet she suggests for those who need to recover from psychology issues here.

Unfortunately on Friday I could only go for one session, however Saturday I was able to attend for the ENTIRE day! I arrived just in time for lunch on Saturday. Lunch was amazing! I was so thrilled to be able to eat and know all the food was top quality and safe for me to eat. I had a bowl of the pasture raised turkey soup with vegetables and wild rice, along with a heap of butter. The heaping plates of butter at every meal was truly a beautiful thing, along with watching people pile up the butter on their plates (usually on their bread), I don’t eat bread, but I find something to put my butter on at every meal! There was a small salad bar with baby arugula, crispy walnuts and a shallot herb vinaigrette, along with West Virginia Blue cheese, organic fermented beets, dill pickles and bread and butter pickles. An assortment of charcuterie from US Wellness Meats was also available and I tried my first taste of Braunsweiger, Head Cheese and Liverwurst, along with some pastured lamb ham. I really liked the lamb ham, and honestly did not mind the others at all. For dessert was Sally’s cheesecake from Nourishing Traditions, with a truly raw organic almond crust served with berry coulis. I was well satisfied after that meal!!

After lunch I attended ‘Nutrition and Mental Health’ by Nora Gedguadas, CNT/NTP, NANP. I was very eager to hear her speak, as I am a huge fan of her work and her book, ‘Primal Body/Primal Mind‘. I am sure I  have told many a folk to read her book and I will continue to do so as it was so eye opening for me and has really help to guide me on my own path into gluten free and low carb eating for optimum health. The second session she addressed, ‘Taming the Carb-Craving Monster’. I will be sure to post notes,  as I attended both of her sessions, along with my new friend Jo-Lynne of Musings of Housewife, who was convinced after hearing Nora that she needed to go gluten free!!

Saturday evening was quite an affair, as we were able to attend the Awards Banquet and Keynote Address by none other than Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm, who also appears in the movie ‘Food Inc.‘ (which if you have not yet seen that, you simply must, what are you waiting for!!) Again, the food was amazing, the company was wonderful too. I thoroughly enjoyed the beef tataki, and the wild alaskan salmon was so tender in a lovely mustard cream sauce. I was able to meet Lisa of Real Food Digest one of my fellow Real Food Media Bloggers, as she joined us at our table. It was wonderful to chat with her a bit and I have to say I learned a wonderful tip from her that I am sure to post about soon!! (here is her account of the conference.) Joel Salatin is such an engaging speaker, not to mention side stitchingly hilarious. Here is a brief snippet from his talk that evening.

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………stay tuned as I will be posting my notes from the sessions I attended!!



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Lisa @ Real Food DIgest November 18, 2010 at 9:29 am

Hi Lydia,
It’s so cool that I ended up at your table Saturday night without even knowing it was you- I was looking for you the whole weekend! I’m glad we got to chat a little bit – Saturday night was amazing – dinner, Salatin’s talk…
I look forward to reading your post on what you learned at Nora Gedgaudas’s session, I wanted to attend that one as well but went to another one.
Thanks for writing about your experience, I am enjoying reading everyone’s perspective on the conference.

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