Real Food Nutrition and Health E-Course

by lydia on January 20, 2011

Another opportunity has come along to take a fabulous e-course on real food nutrition by Kristen of Real Food Renegade. I have personally read her very engaging and thorough book designed just for the course and I can’t recommend it enough. So I know her course will be just as amazing. Not to mention, her blog is one of my all time favorite blogs on real food of which I have gleaned so much from.

The Real Food Nutrition E-Course is about an 8 week course for anyone ages 12 and up. It is a great course for homeschoolers and can be graded for credit as well. The course covers;

  • The major macro-nutrients (fats, proteins, and carbohydrates) & how your body uses them.
  • The micro-nutrients like vitamins, minerals, enzymes, & their affect on health.
  • The nutrient density of Real Food
  • Industrial vs. Pasture-based animal husbandry
  • Industrial vs. Organic agriculture
  • The basics of Real Health

For a more in depth look at what each class entails, check out the class schedule. Registration closes on January 31 and classes begin February 4. The cost for the course is $125 which includes an actual text book, $115 if you want the course with the ebook, or $100 if you already have the book. Sign up here!

Lesson 1:1 Food, Not Nutrients from FoodRenegade on Vimeo.

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