Nutrition in Society by Suzanne Stapler

by lydia on August 11, 2011

Remember the game show The Weakest Link?  Well how about the missing link?

When medical doctors treat a person using only drugs and ignoring nutrition, they are missing the most important part.  The big problem is that medical schools only teach one or two nutrition courses to their students including doctors and nurses of all specialties, dentists and hygienists. Cutting out nutrition courses in medical school has been purposely done to keep the pharmaceutical industry making money hand over fist.  In this sentence, money is the operative word.  Additionally, our health care system is really a sick-care system.  Sure there are things like mammograms, MRIs, and colonoscopies that supposedly keep an eye out for cancer and other issues.  How about mammograms and colonoscopies actually causing cancer?  However, a thermogram picks up tumors that a mammogram would never see for at least 8-12 years and is also non-invasive.  The company who makes the mammogram machines (GE for one) is working with the FDA to make thermograms illegal.  Again this is being done just to keep the money flowing.

Don’t even discuss vaccines.  They are another ridiculous “preventative” that medical science has up their sleeves.  Remember 2009 and the swine flu virus that never really appeared in this country?  High doses of vitamin D, lots of antioxidants and anti-virals and lots of rest and good food will do more to get rid of the flu than any vaccine has hope for.  Hint: This is why the FDA and the government want to get rid of supplements. It’s not that this author is a total disbeliever in medical science, just the order.  Instead of rushing to your MD, read up on the illness or find a nutritionist or Naturopathic Doctor (ND) first to see what they suggest.  If nothing works, then go to the MD.

Now when people learn to eat healthfully, another thing that MDs and NDs /holistic nutritionists look at differently there is less of a need for any of these tests.  Most MDs are still preaching low fat and no fat diets.  This is not nutritionally sound.  The Weston A. Price Foundation  and doctors who have taken it upon themselves to learn about nutrition realize that full fat is the way to go at least for most people.  Saturated fat is not the problem.  The problem is sugar of all kinds and grains, especially those grains that are white and devoid of nutrition like wheat, rice, potatoes and foods that are made from these grains.  Even fruit (especially non-organic), although very healthy, should be limited as it raises one’s blood sugar.  Additionally, commercials that advertise high fructose corn syrup are really bogus and untrue.  HFCS should be avoided at all costs.  Sure, packaged and processed food with it in there might be less expensive in the short run but in the long term the deteriorating status of your health will be more worrisome and certainly more expensive. The same goes for any food that is not organic.

As Cliff Huxtable from The Cosby Show said, “I’ll drink this skim milk when I see the cow it came from.”  This comment shows that the best food to eat is whole food – good fats (virgin coconut and palm oils, raw butter and ghee for cooking and virgin olive oil for finishing sauces and salads), organic, unsprayed fruits and vegetables, grass fed proteins (including eggs), raw (unpasteurized) dairy, soaked, raw nuts and whole grains (soaking eliminates the phytates), and wild fish.

The Weston A. Price Foundation is a great organization because they believe in whole foods and believe that saturated fat is not the enemy that medical science believes it to be.  They are also a good group that helps people get started with understanding that food is the main source of nutrients.  They promote whole food based supplements such as fermented cod liver oil, acerola and camu camu powder (for vitamin C), and magnesium among others to pick up the slack because the soil our food is grown in is not as nutrient rich as it was in earlier times.  Lack of nutrient rich soil came from soil erosion, overuse and other unsound farming methods.

This information will sound foreign to some people.  Do some research, meet with some alternative providers and see what they say before totally discounting the information in this article.  Give yourself a choice and a decision that could save your life or at least change your health situation for the better.

I met Suzanne this past fall at the Weston A. Price Foundation’s annual conference, Wise Traditions. At the time she was just finishing up her degree in Holistic Nutrition from Hawthorn University. Suzanne and I have connected and become friends that share the same passion for health and nutrition. Her knowledge and concern for health is extensive and I trust her feedback whenever I seek it. She is beginning her own health coach practice this fall in the greater Philadelphia, Pa area.











Suzanne Stapler, Nutrition Coach

MS in Holistic Nutrition



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Suzanne August 11, 2011 at 8:38 am

Thanks so much Lydia. That was a terrific referral.

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