Feeding Your Kids Cereal for Breakfast? Reasons to Reconsider

by lydia on October 18, 2011

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Did you know that all packaged cereals whether organic or not are processed through machinery at such high pressure and temperatures it can actually change the molecular structure of the food? The extrusion process destroys many valuable nutrients in grains, causes fragile oils to become rancid and renders certain proteins toxic.

Did you know that not only are they highly heated but then they have additives, preservatives and chemicals to enhance the flavor and make them last forever on the store shelves? Not to mention food dyes which are dangerous to health.

Did you know that consuming cereal is basically the same thing as consuming sugar, at least in how it breaks down into your bloodstream? Ever read the ingredients on the label of your most beloved cereal box, I bet you most of the ingredients are simply one form of sugar or another.

Did you know that breakfast really is the most important meal of the day? It will set you up for the rest of the day, your mood, your blood sugar and even potentially how you sleep that night.

Did you know that growing kids need ample protein and that cereal contains absolutely none? Did you know that protein is essential for optimal growth to help build adequate hormones, muscle, bones and encourage proper brain function and moods? (As are good fats.)

Did you know that consuming cereal has no nutritional value, and not only that but is actually negating the healthy things you are consuming? Well, I guess a lot of cereals these days have synthetic vitamins added, but that again is simply NOT optimal in the least.

Did you know that all processed cereals are completely dead foods with no living material left in them? No enzymes, no water content, no real nutrients – this is very hard on the body that craves living foods. Cereal is actually very difficult to digest based on this fact alone. (ever wonder what may be causing you gas?)

Did you know that in the long term you will spend more money on food because you will be more hungry after only eating cereal and end up eating more than you would had you just consumed some eggs or a smoothie? And likely you will want to binge on sweets later in the day – however when you have a REAL breakfast including good fats and protein you won’t get cravings. Why? Because you will be nourished and won’t be setting your blood sugar up for a crash later.

Did you know that you are only encouraging and increasing your health problems when you regularly consume cereal for breakfast? This also costs time, money and causes added stress which you will be less equipped to deal with since you are less nourished than you’d be if you’d had real food for breakfast.

So, tell me, is cereal really a convenient option or is it something to maybe reconsider consuming or allowing your kids and yourselves to consume? You decide!


The importance of ample protein in the diet is clear and can really help to alleviate all sorts of symptoms. Consuming high sugar laden processed carbohydrate foods (which is essentially what all packaged cereals are), leads to blood sugar issues, low energy and low mood. Your brain and body need amino acids to make natural antidepressants and stimulate the production of serotonin and norepinephrine as well as naturally relaxing GABA. (Not to mention the thousands of other body functions that require protein). This means we really need to consume protein three times a day at every meal. And don’t try to tell me that the milk on the cereal has protein, if it’s lowfat of any kind it’s basically a carbohydrate that breaks down into sugar in your body.

Look at the nutrition profile of an egg for a minute. A properly produced egg is rich in just about every nutrient we have yet discovered, especially fat soluble vitamins A & D which we are sorely lacking in the modern day diet. They also provide important fatty acids EPA, DHA, omega 3s, b vitamins including choline which helps the cholesterol to keep flowing in the blood stream, and so much more. A great source of affordable protein and far better than any synthetic vitamin that may be added to cereal.

Making one simple change in your life by ditching cereal and adding a real food breakfast to your routine could make a huge impact on your overall health. Breakfast may take a little more forethought, but in no time you could get into a routine that ensures you consume some good healthy protein and fat at every breakfast. Homemade yogurt, or good quality cultured/pastured whole fat store bought yogurts with no added sugars, a myriad of ways to prepare eggs come to mind, pastured meats like bacon/sausage and scrapple, a homemade smoothie or even just some leftovers from dinner like soup or meat and sauteed veggies would be a great option. It’s time to break away from the cheap processed carb/sugar laden foods for breakfast and truly nourish our whole bodies by giving them what they need! Your body will thank you for it, I promise!

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