Beet Kvass

by lydia on November 16, 2011

Beet kvass, a fermented Russian beverage made out of beets, is a wonderful tonic served more for it’s medicinal effect rather than it’s taste. Beets have a tremendous regenerating effect on the body, and for those recovering from digestive ailments beets help to can be used a digestive aid. It is an excellent tonic for the blood as it alkalizes the blood, promotes regularity, cleanses the liver and is a good treatment for kidney stones. Beet juice or beet kvass is also helpful in healing the gallbladder, or important for those without a gallbladder as it helps to thin out the bile. If the bile is too thick the liver and gallbladder get congested and problems start to occur. The betaine in beets is what aids digestion, as well as helps to promote healthy stomach acid and juices. The nice thing about drinking beet kvass is you get all the nutritive value of the beets without all the sugar content. Beets are also loaded with minerals, fermenting them only enhances their nutritive properties.

I am currently drinking beet kvass every morning and evening to help aid in healing my digestive tract and overall digestion. I make a gallon at a time and it lasts me quite a while. Beet kvass is a traditional beverage in Ukranian homes and no home is without it. I believe each traditional culture instinctively knew how to help the body through digestion and consuming properly prepared and fermented foods. This is a practice we should really learn from and incorporate into our diets to ensure optimum health. This is the time of year to take advantage of all the fresh beets, make some kvass and drink to your health. Beet kvass is best left to age for several weeks after the fermentation process is finished. To purchase some of the Caldwell’s starter – click here.

Beet Kvass


  • Beet Kvass
  • Makes 1 gallon
  • 6 medium or 4 large organic beets, peeled and chopped up coarsely
  • Caldwell's Culture Starter (see package instructions)
  • 2 lemons, halved (optional)
  • 1/4 to 1/2 cup chopped ginger (optional)
  • 2 Tbsp. sea salt, or 1 Tbsp if you like it less salty (though I don't find it too salty with 2)
  • Filtered or distilled water


  1. Place beets, lemons (squeeze a bit first), ginger, starter culture and salt into a gallon glass container. Add filtered water to fill the container. Stir well and cover tightly. Keep at room temperature for at least 2-3 days on the counter. The resulting liquid should be somewhat thick and slightly bubbly.
  2. Save your beets for a second batch. Cut the pieces in half and make a new batch.
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A great source for understanding how to detoxifying your liver is the book; ‘7 -Day Detox Miracle

I personally find that beet kvass helps regulate my hormones and keep my skin clear. I know there are many benefits to this healing tonic and I usually try to incorporate it into my diet each fall through spring as I can. Do you have a healing testimony from consuming beet kvass? Feel free to share in the comments!

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****UPDATE: I no longer brew my beet kvass using this method. Please see this updated post: Beet Kvass in a Pickl-it for a more optimal way to ferment your beet kvass. ****

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