Holiday Recipes

by lydia on December 21, 2011

We are deep in the heart of holiday season. Celebrations are occurring in the workplace, at school and in homes across the country. I myself have taken to the business of preparing many goodies for the season. The menus are planned the groceries are purchased and now the task of making it all one by one is upon. We will have many opportunities to share food with others over this holiday season and I would like to share some of the best holiday fare Divine Health has to offer.

I find that appetizers are a go to party fare during the Christmas festivities.In fact I am making mushrooms stuffed with herbed goat cheese to take to a party this weekend. These mushrooms are delightful and super simple to make. For something a bit more exquisite, try making oysters bienvielle. These babies are simply amazing! A great way to serve up oysters for anyone to try, even those who may not be comfortable trying oysters would enjoy these. Baked in the shell with lots of flavor from the herbs, cream and parmesan, oysters bienvielle will surely become a classic hors d’oeuvres of choice. You can also never lose with deviled eggs, everyone loves deviled eggs. I have taken my deviled eggs to many a party and everyone that tries them really enjoys them. This is super economical way to go as well.  Dips are always a great offering to bring to a party. I make a ranch dip that kids and adults alike adore. I’ll be serving up a fun veggie tray to my son’s classroom today with my dip. Additionally for a hot dip, folks are sure to enjoy my Hot Artichoke and Goat Cheese Dip. I have been making this dip for over 12 years and always receive rave reviews. It’s great with blanched veggies, a variation on the typical offering of crackers or pita chips. If you are feeling brave and would like to serve some offal this season, try some chicken liver rumaki. These little babies are a great way to enjoy some liver and not even realize you are eating liver! Also a great option would be my Crab and Asparagus Mini Quiches. Pass these around warm out of the oven and surely your guests will dig in without abandon!

On to the goodies! Folks across America are baking up loads of holiday cookies for cookie swaps and gifts. People are likely filling their shopping carts with gourmet chocolates of every possible variety. I, personally, prefer to make all my own goodies, including gourmet chocolates. I feel better knowing what is in them, and prefer to make them only slightly sweet and always loaded with good fats to buffer the effects of the sugar present. Almond cookies are a hit with my kids, turned into jam thumbprints they make a fun and healthy addition to the Christmas cookie tray. Macaroons make another healthy option, and I like to coat mine in chocolate for a more festive treat. It seems that fudge is a popular offering and what better than some butter fudge to grace your goodie boxes. I’ve also made some lovely nut butter fudge that is very easy to make. Having healthy fudge is an awesome option, considering how much sugar goes into the typical fudge. For a fabulous cake, try my chocolate cake roll. It resemble the yule log cake and tastes amazing! It’s a rare treat indeed! Last but not least, for a decadent chocolate, try my Cherry Chocolate Walnut Bliss! I’ve never met a person that turned it away. You can really feel good about all of these options, knowing they are made with the best quality ingredients and not loaded with sugars and refined flours.

A few components of our Christmas dinner will be my honey baked pastured ham and a green salad. Find those recipes here,  Honey Baked Ham, and here; Pear, Pecorino and Proscuitto Salad. For the rest of the recipes mentioned see the list below or click the link in the post! I wish everyone a very blessed holiday season! Enjoy your loved ones as you feast over wonderful nourishing food also! Peace!


Mushrooms stuffed with herbed goat cheese

Oysters Bienvielle

Deviled Eggs

Ranch Dip

Hot Artichoke and Goat Cheese Dip

Chicken Liver Rumaki

Crab & Asparagus Mini Quiches



Almond Cookies

Chocolate Covered Macaroons

Healthy Homemade Butter Fudge

Chewy Chocolate Freezer Fudge

Chocolate Cake Roll

Cherry Chocolate Walnut Bliss





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