What’s All This About Oil Pulling?

by lydia on January 25, 2012

“It is beneficial for strength of jaws, depth of voice, flabbiness of face, improving gustatory sensation and good taste for food. One used to this practice never gets dryness of throat, nor do his lips ever get cracked; his teeth will never be carious and will be deep rooted; he will not have any toothache nor will his teeth set on edge by sour intake; his teeth can chew even the hardest eatables”—Charaka samhita Ch V -78 to 80.


Oil pulling a topic of interest and confusion for many. It’s not anything new really. Oil pulling has been around for a long time, it’s a traditional Indian folk remedy, and found in Ayurvedic medicine as well. Also known as oil swishing, oil pulling is a practice that is used to reduce bacteria in the mouth, sort of like a holistic mouthwash. Additionally, it can help to reduce the effect of cavities on the teeth. Oil pulling is a great method for pulling toxins out of the blood as well.  The chewing action done during oil pulling can trigger enzymes that draw toxins from the blood. It is important to note that the oil has become very toxic by doing this and by no means should you ever swallow it. There are many reports and findings that indicate the practice of oil pulling can cure many ailments and diseases. Common diseases like allergies, common cold and cough, dental caries, gum diseases, infections in the mouth, ear, nose, throat, eyes, and pains like headache, migraine, tooth pain, neck pain, back pain etc, allergic sneezing, lip cracking, fevers, irritability etc, can be often cured simply by oil pulling.

My Oil Pulling Trials

I have tried oil pulling, but have never yet instilled it as a daily practice. Initially I just tried it out in the mornings for a week. I enjoyed how wonderful my teeth felt afterwards. From time to time when I think of it I do it, just because I know it’s a wonderful holistic practice. It’s important to not have any interruptions during your oil pulling sessions. I find I have to try to do it when my kids aren’t around. Otherwise, they may want me to talk to them and I won’t be able to. Or, they may need some kind of parental ‘intervention’ (such as breaking up a fight, or what have you), that could cause you to need to spit out your oil mid therapy. You get my drift.

My best experience with oil pulling is when I feel a sinus infection coming on. I used to suffer with sinus pressure and pain in my upper right gum line regularly. Now it comes on once in awhile and I deal with it immediatlely and it quickly dissipates. Oil pulling usually kicks that sinus pain and gum pain out the first try. I definitely  have found benefit by using this practice. Now, I am ready to take it further and make it a daily practice. (Anyone care to join me?)

The How To

In the morning before breakfast, on an empty stomach, take 1 tablespoon of cold- pressed sunflower, sesame, olive or coconut oil in the mouth, but do not swallow.  Swish the oil around the mouth, chew it, and mix it with your saliva for 10 – 20 minutes.  Then, spit it into the toilet bowl.

Chewing activates the enzymes which draw toxins out of the blood.  And, in 10 – 15 minutes, the blood from the entire body has had the opportunity to circulate through and around the mouth.  After 10 – 20 minutes, the oil should be thinner and white.  If it is still yellow, you have not held it in your mouth long enough.  (Note that 10 minutes the first week is usually sufficient.  Then, increase to 15 – 20 minutes as you get clearer.)

Immediately brush your gums, teeth, and tongue with warm salt/soda water (1 cup water to ½ teaspoon salt and ½ teaspoon soda) or with food-grade hydrogen peroxide diluted in water.  Then, gargle and spit with the remaining salt/soda water.  It is also helpful to tip the cup under the nose and gently sniff up the water to clean the nasal passages.  Then, gently blow the nose.

The sink should be cleaned afterward because the saliva contains harmful bacteria and toxic bodily waste.

Repeat this procedure two to three times a day before meals on an empty stomach.  Continue this procedure until you are healthy (a few weeks or more).

Note:  Sesame oil also works well and only needs to be held in the mouth three minutes.

(source – Dr. Karach’s Oil Pulling Therapy; Pulling_Oil_Karach_Article)


The Challenge

Often good intentions start off well, but may go by the wayside for various reasons. I never stuck with oil therapy daily, as it was time consuming in a way. Namely, I just didn’t plan it well and didn’t fully appreciate the value of it. Now I am more inspired to stick with it. Soooo, I thought why not make it a group effort, something with accountability and inspiration from otheres, and turn it into a challenge. I’d like to instill a month of oil pulling – does anyone want to join me? If I can get 10 or more interested, I’ll turn it into a prize winning affair! Post in the comments your interest – and we’ll see if we can’t go ahead and get this party started right!


At the dawn of twenty first century it causes doubt, disbelief and astonishment, if one advises you to practice a therapy, which cures most diseases. In the past twelve years the curative results of”Oil Pulling” (OP) of thousands of people provides proof beyond doubt. It is described as the ‘Best Drug less Therapy’ a cure for most diseases.


For more on this topic, check out this awesome little booklet; Oil_Pulling_A_Universal_Remedy.

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