Weekly Meal Plan

by lydia on February 13, 2012

Welcome to my weekly meal plan, where each Monday I will post 5 dinners that my family enjoys. Often they will just be my previous week’s meal plan. We are a family of five, with four hungry growing boys ages 13-4 and myself. Around here, we consume pastured/grass fed meats at every meal, lots of veggies, very little grains or starches (more so in the winter), something raw or fermented at every meal if possible, and as much in season as possible. We follow a properly prepared nutrient dense diet as taught in Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon, based on the teachings of Weston A. Price. We eat soup or stew as a family at least one meal per week in the winter, as it is a total budget saver. Often we’ll have leftovers on the weekend so I can take a break from cooking.  Additionally, I often batch cook meals to freeze some for a later date. This is a convenient way to save time, energy and stress. I love it when I can pull dinner out of the freezer. We don’t have desserts very often, perhaps once per week. All our food is gluten free as well. If that sounds like the way you would like to eat, then be sure to subscribe to my feed and have a week of meals in your inbox each Monday. I may or may not include links to the actual recipes I post. The point of this is mainly to inspire ideas to implement.

Dinner #1

Teriyaki Salmon with Broccoli Stir Fry

Ginger Kombucha


Dinner #2

Lamb Meatballs with Yogurt dipping sauce

Roasted Asparagus

Roasted Potatoes

Chocolate Bavarian Cremes

Dinner #3

Roast Duck

Wild Rice Pilaf

Roasted Beets, Carrots & Onions

Sauteed Green Beans

Dinner # 4

Pastured Pork Tenderloin

Mashed Potatoes

Mixed Green Salad with Homemade Balsamic Dressing

Organic Red Wine

Cherry Chocolate Walnut Bliss

Dinner #5

Turkey & Wild Rice soup (this was a ‘pull it from the freezer’ dinner!)

Salad with homemade dressing

Ginger Kombucha


Looking for an actual menu plan that does it all for you? Check out this Classic Menu Mailer by Kerry Ann of Cooking Traditional Foods. It will break it all down for you, how to prep, how to shop, the recipes, and daily tasks to break it all down into bite sized doable chunks. I have personally reviewed these and tried several recipes myself, and can definitely recommend them. Additionally, they are gluten free, real traditional food, though not necessarily low carb, yet overall an excellent tool to aid you in your meal planning! Did I mention they are very affordable? To read more, click here!


What does your menu plan look like for this coming week? Will you be doing something special for Valentine’s Day Dinner? Share in the comments……..



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