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by lydia on March 5, 2012

I have recently realized that writing an ‘up and coming’ blog puts my life out there for you all to experience. I discovered that this weekend, when I went to a workshop for my distance learning course through NTA. (I’ll get into that in a minute) It became apparent to me, that those of you who read my blog know more about me than I realize. I found that rather interesting, and was happy to hear my classmates report that they were inspired by my life. What an honor to be able to share my life in a way that actually inspires others! To me, that is the greatest gift to receive from you all! So thank you to my awesome classmates for sharing that with me!  It truly is my heart’s desire to benefit others through what I do here on my site. And if living my life out loud can be of any benefit to you, then that is all I can ask. Boo-yah! I am also grateful to so many of you for inspiring me and helping me to keep going! It takes a community and I am enjoying building that with so many of you out there who are stopping by regularly to share your comments and feedback, both here on the site and on facebook! So thank you all – you make this all worth while!

That all shared, I felt the urge to kind of share a whole bunch of things going on right now. I have way too many ideas and passions and I am always learning. I literally love my life, because I get to live the life I want every day! That is such a joy to me, that I hope by sharing it with you perhaps you can by osmosis gain some of my fervor for life! I thrive by surrounding myself by inspired beautiful people and I want to be that for others as well. So, here’s a sneak peak into what’s going on in my world. (photo – my silly side! Remember fake candy wax lips?! Don’t worry, I didn’t eat them!)

My Schooling (Nutritional Therapy Association)

Many of you know that I am currently enrolled in a distance program through the Nutritional Therapy Association. It has been my long standing dream to pursue a career in nutrition in some form or fashion. This past fall the universe just aligned and I was able to take a stab at my dream. I found out about NTA through Nora Gedgaudas, one of my favorite authors and nutrition educators. I started in September and have loved every minute of it. Thankfully, I had spent several years doing my own research that really built a foundation for me to build further upon through this course. I am sucking up all this information like a sponge and I can’t get enough. I am so glad that it is required for me to keep taking credits of some form of health related education to keep my certification for life! I am only just getting the tip of the iceberg as I learn, there is SO much more to learn and I can’t wait to deepen my knowledge over time.

I just got back from my second weekend workshop, in which we took our midterm examination, both written and a hands on functional exam. I am happy to say I more than passed all of it! The cool thing about becoming a nutritional therapist is not just all the knowledge about nutrition through diet, but that there is also a functional evaluation component. This allows the body to tell you even further what is going on and can help take my ability as a practitioner to help people recover even further. I was able to find out more about my own health and see how things have improved since the last weekend, which was both very cool and somewhat discouraging at first. I realized I have some healing to go, and some healing I wasn’t aware I needed to do. All in all, I am eager to implement some further things and see how much my health improves by the next workshop.

So for all of you who have been writing to me asking about what program I am doing, there’s a brief summation. I honestly can say, I HIGHLY recommend it. If you do decide to enroll in NTA, be sure to tell them Lydia Shatney sent you as I can earn a nice little commission with no cost to you! It would just help a sistah out a bit!


My Personal Health Issues (both resolved and unresolved)

I have already alluded to the fact that I am dealing with some health issues, but let me back peddle for a second before I get into what they are. I want you all to know that I was once a very ill person. I never knew just how ill I was until I became much healthier. I lived in a chronic state of ill health ever since I was in middle school, at least that is as far back as I can remember. I found out I had asthma when I was in 7th grade, though we suspected I had some kind of bronchial issues years prior. I always had head colds, sinus issues, allergies and trouble with bronchitis. I had no idea then or even just a couple of years ago, how much diet affected those things as well as having proper stomach acid and good digestion. I also suffered many other health complaints and a very low self esteem and lack of desire to achieve anything in life. I suspect my whole life I was gluten intolerant and that really affected my overall health (but more on that in future posts). Once I changed my diet for the better, and very radically, a few years ago, all my chronic health issues fell by the wayside. I am happy to report I have no more CHRONIC health maladies, including asthma and extreme adrenal fatigue. Thank God! Diet can really reverse SO many maladies, I can’t stress that enough!

After working through adrenal fatigue, chronic respiratory issues, and digestive issues, blood sugar issues and seeing my immune system get stronger,  I know I am a much much healthier person. I am so grateful, but I do not want to take any of it for granted. Since taking this course I have been able to pinpoint further healing that needs to be done and I am so thankful to have the ability to know how to help myself heal even further. I currently wrestle with healing my gut from being gluten intolerant, perhaps many of you would know that as leaky gut. I have come a long way, but still have some complaints. I often experience a raw feeling inside my intestines, not daily but perhaps weekly. It’s not outrightly painful, but it is very irritating and rather unnerving. (this past weekend it was at it’s worst, and really bothersome) Who wants to have any gut discomfort at all? I certainly don’t. I’d also like to get even more regular (in the bathroom that is, eh hem) than I am currently. Again, I have come a LONG way on that front as well, but still have some work to do. This at times can be somewhat frustrating for me, coupled with the gut discomfort.

I also seem to still have some level of hormonal issues, nothing major, but it’s enough of a disturbance to me that I want to resolve my endocrine issues. I have some hot points on my body, such as my small intestines, and my uterus and ovaries. My adrenals show marked improvement, but I became aware my thyroid is slightly off and I honestly had not even considered myself to have any thyroid issues. I suspect it was far worse a couple of years ago and is on the mend since my adrenals are. My pancreas also seems to be somewhat off from the functional testing, even though I have spent the past few years consuming copious amounts of enzyme & probiotic  rich foods. My liver/gallbladder function is doing pretty good, but will always need attention and I hope to do a liver detox at some point this year.

I kind of hang out with a close to Paleo/GAPS type of diet which seems to work really well for me. However, I really feel like a full GAPS diet may really excel my healing, so I am contemplating that right now. I just marvel at how far I have come, but yet how much more work needs to be done. I know I spent my whole life unknowingly contributing to my ill heath through diet (and then of course there is this toxic world we live in to consider), so I am aware that it will take time to bring things further into alignment.

I also have to remind myself of how much stress can contribute to my overall well being and let me tell you, I have been under some MAJOR stress for the past decade or more. For example, I had to have 5 adults do the job of caring for my kids this past weekend while I was away. FIVE. This really made me realize just how much of a big job it is for me to care for my family alone. Not to mention, trying to start my own business and go to school. Need I say more?!

So, all that shared I am still plodding along on my journey towards improved health over here in my neck of the woods. I realize I will be working towards it my whole life and that’s okay, because I love seeing progress. That is a beautiful thing – to be on the path of life toward deeper recovery. I spent most of my life on the path of destruction unknowingly and I enjoy this road FAR better! So, stay tuned, I’ll be sure to share more as I see things resolve.

Fitness Interests & Goals

If you’ve read my site at all, or followed my daily workouts on facebook, you will already know my fitness ‘theologies’ and love for kettlebells. Right now, I am keeping my workouts short and sweet and simple. Last year I got into heavy lifting and loved it and plan to get back to it once I am done school, and hope to try Cross Fit out for a month or two this fall. Meanwhile, I love my Body Flow class at the Y and once it is no longer that challenging for me, I may take some further yoga instruction with a local instructor. I have big visions and plans for all the things I want to do in the world of fitness, I am so eager to plod away at my dreams and goals. I am still working on being able to do an un-assisted pull up, that has been slow coming. I can currently do a few assisted ones in a row, my arms seem to be my weakest link. Looking forward to getting them stronger this year!

Long term goals are to take some more in depth dance classes, get my own kayak and go kayaking on the weekend with my boyfriend. I want to ride my bike more. Take hikes with the kids more often. Once the weather gets a bit warmer we’ll be off to our local arboretum and parks for sure. I hope to one day learn several types of martial arts, perhaps when my business is booming and the boys are a bit older. Maybe we’ll even do it together. My oldest son is joining the track team this year and I’d love to in the future years help coach. I have such fond memories of my years on the track team. I really don’t like long distance running of any kind, but for some reason I have always wanted to run in the annual Media 5 miler race. Media is the town I grew up in and they have this major race every year, it’s a big to do. I just want to say that I did it! (even though I hate running, really truly hate it!)

Anyway, that’s just some of what I have on my horizon, my future goals. This week I’ll be trying out some new kettlebell moves, can’t wait -so keep your eyes out for that, I’ll be posting on facebook.


Home Life

Life in my new home has been pretty awesome. I sold my house this past summer and am now in a rental home that is far more spacious, bright and cheery. We moved out of town with a postage stamp for a yard and now have a very nice lot for my boys to roam on. We also live across from a small park with a trail into the woods. Since my move I have been slowly making my home the way I want, trying to be very eco conscious with purchases and having a lot of fun while doing so. I’ve bought several plants recently, a hobby that went by the wayside years ago (moving many times and having so many little kids to care for made it too much to handle). But now I am ready to enjoy the beauty and benefit of having living plants in my home. They just contribute so much to my joy! One of my favorite simple purchases for this house was my new shower curtain liner. (I know, it doesn’t take much to make me giddy!) But seriously, I did not want to keep buying plastic and after seeing a cheap-o plastic shower curtain get covered in black mold I had had it. I decided to buy a cloth liner and I am smitten with it. Who knew that a cloth shower liner could bring me so much peace and happiness. I highly recommend switching if you haven’t already. I also just got rid of tons of plastics in my kitchen, just tossed them in the recycle bin and switched to glass containers, bamboo cutting boards, stainless steal utensils, wooden utensils and some silicon spatulas. I also have been ramping up my kitchen supplies – got another stock pot, a hand held immersion blender (which I LOVE!) and lots and lots of books – with ‘The Forgotten Skills of Traditional Cooking‘ being my absolute favorite new find for a cookbook! I am telling every real traditional foodie out there that they HAVE TO GET THIS BOOK! It really is that awesome!


Family Life

There is never a dull moment around here with 4 boys ages 13-4 and our guinea pig, Jimmy. I honestly spin my wheels constantly to keep up with the demands of caring for these monkeys. If it’s not one thing it’s another, and if I have to buy another pair of shoes or socks this month, I might scream or cry….I’m not sure which! All in all though, life is good. I love being a mommy to boys, I think I am well suited for it. This was the first year since becoming a mom that all of my kids have been in school all day. I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing that has felt. I honestly think it helped me from falling deeper into adrenal fatigue and instead being able to heal further. I once had a dreamy notion that homeschooling was the ticket for us, but it was simply not for me. I love having my kids in school and am so happy with how it’s all going. It really takes a community to raise children!

My boys are growing more aware of how eating healthfully affects them and they seem to be internally grateful for my ways. They don’t always love it when they compare themselves to the rest of the world, and think they are perhaps missing out. But when they are home with me, they genuinely get excited about some of the healthy snacks and treats I serve. My one son even told me recently he doesn’t like honey too much, as it’s ‘too’ sweet for him. That statement threw me for quite a loop, as he probably was my most passionate ‘carb craving monster’ of all of them. I have a bit of work yet to do with my boys and they all have some minor health issues I am working on with them, but all in all I have been so grateful to see them live in good health for the most part. What a gift!

Upcoming Blog Happenings

Many of you joined in last month’s ‘Oil Pulling Challenge‘ and seemed to enjoy the daily reminders as well as learning a new health habit. So, I decided that Divine Health will host a monthly challenge. This month is a ‘Dry Skin Brushing‘ challenge and I’ll be announcing next month’s challenge in the next couple of weeks, I think you are gonna really love it. If you have ideas for a challenge feel free to contact me, I’d love to hear your ideas as well. I am also working on something really big and exciting, for those of you that feel like you need further support and guidance on your health journey, look for that late this spring! I do hope to revamp my ebooks into one book that is a little bit more updated with even more recipes in a much more user friendly form. How many of you would like all my recipes put into a book? Hopefully you do, cause that is in the works. Each Monday I plan to post a week of meal plan ideas, each Friday I will post on fitness, and I hope to share a new recipe each week. I will continue with the series on adrenal fatigue, there is SO much to share on that subject, I am not sure I will run out of things to say any time soon on that front. I will also be offering a FREE 20 minute phone consult to anyone considering signing up for some health coaching – be on the look out for that and be sure to take advantage of it! Don’t forget I do offer health coaching, and at a very affordable price!

If you haven’t liked Divine Health on Facebook yet, you may want to do so now! I post my daily meals, workouts and lots of great tips and info! It’s like a little family/community of great folks over there that contribute regularly, so come join the fun! I have so much I am bursting to share with you all – you won’t want to miss it!

I am grateful to my regular readers for your support, please share Divine Health with others, and if you’re new be sure to sign up for my feed and never miss a post!



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Suzanne March 6, 2012 at 7:00 am

Excellent post. You are much more involved with the health of your children in my opinion. You don’t just run them to the doctor which most moms do but try to figure out what is really going on with them. Most of it comes from nutrition which is still an unbelievably hard concept for people to get.


lydia March 14, 2012 at 8:52 pm

Thanks Suzanne!


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