Reasons to Use Apple Cider Vinegar: #1 Digestive Support

by lydia on September 6, 2012

Apple cider vinegar, I find, should be considered as a super food/cure all – therefore something to keep in every home pantry and ‘medicine’ cabinet. It has long been known by folk medicine as one of nature’s greatest healing agents. Apple Cider Vinegar has a ton of beneficial uses as a home remedy and healing tonic. Today, I’d like to discuss it’s use as a digestive support.

Got Indigestion? Heartburn? Gas? Bloating? Sip on some ACV……

Years ago, I used an apple cider vinegar as a daily tonic. I had a lot of digestive complaints, particularly bloating/gas and could not really digest a lot of protein and fat. Particularly beef. Apple cider vinegar helped me immensely during that time, until I got my digestion ironed out in other ways. Apple cider vinegar can help to support digestion by providing enzymes and certain acids. The enzymes help support those who do not produce enough enzymes on their own, an all too common issue in this modern day. Take some apple cider vinegar in water 15 minutes prior to meals to help get your digestive juices going (1 Tbsp. in a few ounces of water). This can help to prevent indigestion, gas or bloating. If you find you are already suffering from any of those complaints, sipping on a few ounces of water with 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar can help. The healthy acids found in ACV, acetic, isobutryic, lactic and propionic acid can also support digestion by controlling the growth of unwanted bacteria and yeasts in the stomach and body. Many people today lack digestive enzymes and appropriate stomach acid and need all the digestive help they can get. I highly recommend adding apple cider vinegar to your daily routine if you regularly suffer from digestive complaints. For example, sipping on apple cider vinegar is a much better option than taking any kind of acid blocker (the stomach is actually an acid making machine, suppressing the acid is actually going to cause long term damage).

This is a simple helpful home remedy that can benefit anyone. Keep in mind there are usually deeper reasons as to why one may have indigestion, heartburn, gas, bloating. To find the root cause of your digestive issues it may be a good idea to delve a little deeper. (In this case you may consider working with me to help you get your foundations ironed out!)

Making Your Own Apple Cider Vinegar

I’ve never made my own apple cider vinegar, but my friend Melanie of Pickle Me Too has. She swears it’s super simple. I do hope to try it soon, hopefully this fall when I can get fresh local apple cider.  Here is her recipe for Apple Cider Vinegar – give it a try sometime! (above photo by Melanie of Pickle Me Too).

We go through a lot of apple cider vinegar in my home. I like to buy it in bulk if I can – either a case of bottles (if I can swing it) or in the gallon sized jugs.

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