Toadally Primal eBook Bundle Review

by lydia on January 13, 2013

If you have not yet heard about this awesome eBook bundle sale – 33 Health & Wellness eBooks for $39 – go read more about it here, and STAT! The sale ends tomorrow January 14th!


In the meantime, I’d like to review some of the books in the bundle that stood out to me. You see, even if you are not interested in every single book (which, I myself am not), it’s still a killer deal! Each book only ends up costing $1.18 each (minus the few books you don’t get the ENTIRE book in this bundle just a condensed pdf, with a coupon code for the whole book at a discount). If you like even half of the books, it’s still dirt cheap! Kind of a no brainer!

There are 12 cookbook eBooks in this bundle (if those were all you wanted, they’d run about $3.25 per book). When is the last time you paid $3 for a fresh new real food cookbook? I’ve reviewed all the cookbooks in this bundle and have picked out my favs. In the interest of time, I’ll simply share some feedback in the cookbooks in this bundle since those are what most interest me.

Well Fed by Melissa Joulwan certainly has my vote. Fun, fresh and simple creative paleo fare. This book not only caught my eye, but intrigued the creative side of me that has recently perked back up! You know how you go through lulls in the kitchen? At least I know I do, this book perked me back up! Orignally a hard cover cookbook, this eBook was loaded with great graphics and pictorials. I especially like how she broke down her menu planning and organization. Despite the fact that she is only feeding 2 adults, I still felt I could learn from her ideas on planning. I do tend to eat within a ‘Paleo template’ and am excited to try several of the recipes in this book. I especially love the sauces she brings to the plate and all the variations of how to compile intriguing food from simple ingredients. Some people get sick of meat and veggies again and again. However, when you spice it up, vary the veggies, use ethnic flavors/spices – you can have a party in your mouth and tummy every meal!

One of my goals this year is to take advantage of my crockpot more often. Rather than becoming a slave every day around 5 pm, when the kids are starving and I still have to go pick my teenager up from wrestling practice, I’d love to have meals already to go several days per week! I already use my crockpot once a week, usually on Thursdays. So now it’s just a matter of finding more recipes that work for the crockpot – and this Paleo crockpot cookbook pdf by Civilized Caveman has 31 recipes that all look so good! A ton of variety of roasts, along with stuffed peppers, short ribs and even wings! Total guy food and mom food alike (remember I have 4 boys)! The ideas for variety in flavor in these recipes are making me happy happy! I’ll be trying out some of these recipes in short order!

I also really enjoyed ‘Beyond Grain & Dairy’ by Starlene of Gaps Diet Journey. I have a lot of clients that have to go grain/dairy free and it’s nice to have some resources to point them to. The premise behind this book is with the GAPS legal foods in mind, so for those on the GAPS protocol this book will be geared to you! It’s also pretty paleo/primal friendly. I like it because it shows how to make some commonly loved foods in a grain free way. There’s a thick gravy recipe using no starch at all. I’m personally pretty excited about the ‘Bacon Wrapped – Meatloaf Stuff Jalapenos’. Holy goodness! This eBook has LOADS of recipes to choose from – very thoroughly done! A value of $17 for only $1.18!

Cooking with Coconut Oil by Jennifer of Hybrid Rasta Mama is another good eBook I’m interested in digging more into. It’s gluten free, but not really paleo if you will, though she has included info. on how to covert her recipes for GAPS or dairy free. Some starches and pseudo grains are included for those who are still using them to fill the menu and stretch the budget. There are a lot of recipes that look convenient to make up and have on hand, especially if you need quick snacks for the kids. Several snacks, treats, dips and a few coconut oil candy recipes are included. 8 crock pot recipes, which you already know I’m excited about, eek! And the variety intrigues me – she’s got ideas in here that I wouldn’t have thought of myself. I’m always up for trying new things. I will definitely be trying the ‘Un-macaroni & Cheese’ recipe as I’ve had the idea to make something like it myself for some time! This book is clean and easy to read, and I’ll be printing my copy out for easier use in the kitchen! A value of $19.95 for only a little over a dollar!

I must admit, ice cream is my krymptonite! I can make it through the winter fairly well without craving ice cream, but come summer time I want me some ice cream! So, of course one of the books in this bundle that has my curiosity peaked is the Paleo Ice Cream eBook. With 31 flavors to choose from and real wholesome ingredients – I’ll definitely reference this book come summertime. I will have no excuse to ‘accidentally’ bring home any store bought ice cream that’s for sure!

The Grain Free Meal Plan Cookbook and The Freezer Cooking Guide for Grain Free Meal Plans are both an awesome resource! I work hard to stay on top of my meal plans and anything that can add support to that has my attention. Very simple family friendly meal ideas and recipes, paired with how to cook in cooking blocks will certainly save me some stress in my planning. I like the idea of bite sized cooking blocks so much that I know this book will help me as I create my own customized cooking block plans! Woohoo! I’m super psyched for the baking block with a variety of muffins to choose from. I need to get on the ball an this book is inspiring me!

Hopefully, my review has been helpful as you decide whether to invest in this killer steal of a deal! Why wouldn’t you? Ends soon – don’t miss out!

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