The Missing Piece to the Probiotic Healing Puzzle

by lydia on March 15, 2013

Those of you who have learned of the importance of probiotics have likely embraced finding a high quality probiotic or started fermenting foods in order to ‘repopluate’ your gut. By now, we should all have at least heard that after a round of antibiotics we need to ‘repopulate’ the beneficial bacteria that was wiped out during the course. Antibiotics are indiscriminate and will take both the good and the bad. That’s why so many of us today are lacking in healthy gut flora. There are plenty of other reasons as well, suffice it to say that many people do not often get the results they are hoping for from taking probiotics.

From what I have learned, the majority of probiotics on the market are transient in nature. That means they go into the body, do their job and leave with the stool, and can even be seen in a stool sample. These native probiotics also don’t all survive stomach acid (that is if you actually have good stomach acid). Transient microbes come through dietary sources, and some through soil, air and water supply.  The transient forms of probiotics are the ones we are all most familiar with, such as the Lactobacilli family and the Bifidum or Bifidobacteria family. Also, saccharomyces boulardii (which is found in milk, water kefir and kombucha). In other words, they do not actually work to ‘repopulate’ the gut like many of us have thought. They still serve a great purpose for our health, but understanding this piece may help you understand why you may not be healing like you thought you should be.

Enter Native strains of probiotics……Native probiotics on the other hand actually work to STAY in the body, they do not leave with the stool. These are the major league players in our guts. Native probiotics come from the environment. Most of us no longer have our hands in the dirt, or even healthy dirt for that matter. We don’t even accidentally eat a peck of good dirt in our asceptic worlds anymore. So, it’s rare any of us are getting these native strains such as Bacteriodes, streptococus and enterococus through our current probiotics. (Go ahead get out your bottle and look on the label.)

Native (the major league players in our gut) probiotics can be taken in lower doses.They can also work to Missing Puzzle Piece bring about rapid changes in the gut terrain, and can cause discomfort if you take too much at once. They can have a detoxifying effect on the body. It’s best to start with small doses increase slowly. This is the missing piece to the probiotic healing puzzle.

My experience with soil based probiotics (specifically, Prescript Assist) has been a very good one. I’ve spent the last year working with Prescript Assist when I could afford it. My digestion has only improved since taking it and when I went off it after only one bottle my gut health was ‘off’ a bit. I started back up with more and things ironed out again. I’ve recommended Prescript Assist to most all of my clients and it has made some marked improvements in many. Including a client with severe colitis, who has now recovered.


Prescript Assist

Prescript Assist is a 100% native, prebiotic & probiotic (only one out there like this that I know of). It’s a broad spectrum probiotic that contains more than 29 soil-based, pH-resistant micro-flora (SBOs that may be found in a healthy GI track) -with proprietary humic and fulvic acid prebiotic complex, to help the body in addressing GI track and other disorders (such as IBS and Crohns).
To start supplemeting with Prescript Assist, start on  a quarter to half a capsule once per day. Wait 3 days to see if there is any reaction. Then add 1, then 2 per day in divided doses. This probiotic is also in a base of carbon which is a bowel detoxifier. If you are working to heal leaky gut, or have been on antibiotics, I’d highly recommend getting some Prescript Assist. Once you get through at least one bottle of taking it daily, you can simply take 1-2 capsules per week rather than daily. I’ve had some clients take 2 per day for many months because they had more severe health conditions. Some people may find even greater therapeutic doses to be of benefit to them. Everyone will be different. Prescript Assist is a great probiotic option for those with SIBO since it does not contain D-Lactate. Speak with your practitioner about using it for SIBO.



Prescript Assist has been a key player in my health journey. Since I struggle with an autoimmune disease, we must first focus on healing my gut, in order to get everything else under control. While I try to eat fermented foods, I know that I don’t consume enough, so I do have to supplement. I feel that since I started taking PA, my digestive problems have begun to correct themselves. I have less gas and bloating, and better BMs. OVerall, I feel that my gut is slowly getting better and PA has been key in helping that. ~ Jessica, Delicious Obsessions (read more of her healing journey here).

Prescript Assist has made noticeable changes in my inner ecology, for the better. I’ve noticed better bowels and consistency as well. ~Melanie Christner of

Lydia advised me to begin using Prescript Assist to help heal from bone surgery a few months ago. Not only did it provide almost immediate improvement in my speed of healing but I noticed that my constipation was relieved as long as I took it! I ran out at one point and was disappointed to see my constipation return very quickly. Now after several months of taking it I am able to decrease my dose and maintain the same benefits. I have taken many probiotics over the years and this is one of the few that has given me marked improvement. I highly recommend giving Prescript Assist a try!  -Patty L. (read this post about Patty’s healing journey).

I started taking Prescript Assist to help heal ulcerative colitis (UC). While a probiotic/prebiotic alone will not cure UC, a healthy gut is imperative to long term colon health. I started with one pill daily working up to my maintenance dose of 4 pills. In just one month’s time, I was passing much less blood in my stool. What was once a multi-daily occurrence was almost non-existent within a month. In addition, I was experiencing less pain and cramping from the UC. At that point, I had done nothing different other than add Prescript Assist to my nutritional recovery program. Prescript Assist is truly an amazing Probiotic/Prebiotic blend that I cannot recommend more highly. ~ Jennifer, Hybrid Rasta Mama (read this post about Jennifer’s healing journey and experience with Prescript Assist).

 Additional Reading

I recently noticed that Chris Kresser was recommending Prescript Assist (check out this podcast) by reading this article from Paleo Mom. Also, below are a few sources that may be of interest if you want see some clinical articles on the use of Prescript Assist. I know I’m sold on my own experience and the wonderful results I’ve watched numerous clients receive. It’s a major game changer probiotic worth adding to your current probiotic regime.

Prescript-Assist probiotic-prebiotic treatment for irritable bowel syndrome: a methodologically oriented, 2-week, randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical study. Bittner AC, Croffut RM, Stranahan MC.


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