The Elimination Diet Challenge

by lydia on July 8, 2013

Have you ever wanted to do an elimination diet, but never found the time or courage to get started? Now is your chance! Starting today, I’m hosting an Elimination Diet Challenge. Why? It’s simple. Challenges can be more easily faced with the support of a community. If you’re even a little bit interested, I suggest you head on over to my facebook page; Divine Health Monthly Challenges and join me and others as we plunge into this challenge.


What Is An Elimination Diet?

For more of the nitty gritty on what an elimination diet may entail, head over to my posts; ‘How To Do An Elimination Diet‘ and ‘Ready For An Elimination Diet?‘.

Why Should I Do An Elimination Diet?

I’ll be honest, I think just about everyone alive in America today could benefit from an elimination diet. The goal of an elimination diet is really to remove foods that are causing your body stress or an immune reaction. To take it one step further, the goal would be to heal any damage done within the gut (intestines) by eating healing foods and taking supportive herbs and supplements. Healing the damage in the intestines is key to further healing one’s body overall. Anyone with an autoimmune conditions or consistent immune system issues should seriously consider an elimination diet. I recommend for at least 3 months if not more. If you are not sure about an elimination diet and you don’t seem to have serious immune issues, but would like to improve your health, start with at least a 3 week elimination diet.


Getting Started

  1. First things first, join the facebook support forum; Divine Health Monthly Challenges.
  2. Choose your plan of attack. Will you simply do the Whole 30 (Whole 30 Prep)? GAPS Intro? Or another approach? Perhaps The Fat Flush? How long will you do the elimination diet for? Will you ride it out as long as needed or just stick to a set time?
  3. Plan at least 2 weeks worth of food and make sure you plan for the times you are out of the house as well. Spend some time really looking at your work and social calendar so you know what you’ll be up against. You’ll need to figure in shopping time, prep time and budget. The beginning period will be the toughest, so it’s best to plan really well so you aren’t tempted to quit right out of the gate should life get busy or things get hard.
  4. Pick a day to start and go for it!

Community Support

For all of July and August, I plan to check in regularly with the folks who are taking the challenge. I’ll touch base on the facebook group (Divine Health Monthly Challenges) and answer basic questions and share tips, as well as my own personal status. My hope is that it will be a place where we can all support one another and encourage each other on our journeys and with our goals.


My Personal Game Plan

I’ve spent the past 4 years working hard to support and heal my body from a lifetime of poor dietary habits and stress. I’ve come a long way, but I’ve still got things to resolve. Back in January of this year, I removed a few additional foods from my diet to see if they were problematic for me. Recently, I had some Nutritional Response Testing done to see more specifically what foods my body is currently having trouble with. Having had an enormously stressful year this past school year, I’ve found my body needs a serious break and a lot of support. My goal with this challenge is to remove any further stressors and focus on some concentrated support. In the past, time and budget have held me back from really digging deep into further healing my body, but now I’m ready to give my body the focus and attention it needs. I find summer to be an easier time to take this on for many reasons. One of those being that it’s very easy to access fresh food, namely fruit and veggies and eat much more simply.

I’ll be starting out the challenge eating mostly meats, fats, veggies and some fruits. No grains, legumes, dairy (other than sour cream for now), nuts/seeds or sugar.  The only dairy I currently tolerate well is grass fed sour cream, so I’ll include that. I will not be eating any sugar, not even raw honey. For sweetener, I’ll simply use green leaf stevia, namely to sweeten my teas. I may on occasion use some vanilla stevia drops. I do not tolerate chicken eggs, but duck eggs are fine. I may get myself tested with chicken soon as well and switch to duck if that is tolerated. I’d like to say I’ll consume a lot of broth, but I really don’t want hot beverages this time of year -so I will use gelatin powder in my smoothies (which I’ll try to have daily). I’m also using a high dose of L-glutamine, along with some licorice and slippery elm, as well as adaptogenic herbal teas and taking lots of minerals.

The above mentioned game plan is very basic and will likely shift a bit, as I’ll be testing myself every 3 weeks or so.  Please do not feel you need to do what I am doing to heal, but find out what your body wants in order to heal. You may need to get some testing done or stick to a basic elimination plan like the Whole 30 before you can really see what foods are problematic before needing to remove any additional foods. Again, this is something that can be discussed as you take on this challenge over on the facebook forum.


Are You In?

I want you all to know I’m hosting this challenge to create support. Nothing more, nothing less. This means, I’m not trying to trick you in to hiring me or entice you to buy some program. Though I may make some affiliate recommendations here and there. This also means I’m not here to be your personal health coach specifically. I’m offering general support and that’s it. My goal is to create a community in which we all learn, grow and benefit! So, will you join me?

Head on over to Divine Health Monthly Challenges now and share why you are taking on the elimination diet challenge!

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LydiaLydia Joy Shatney is a certified Nutritional Therapist Practitioner through the Nutritional Therapy Association. Additionally, she is the chapter leader for the Weston A. Price Foundation in Delaware County, Pa. (Find the group here on Facebook). Lydia is also a member of the Nourished Living Network. Lydia founded Divine Health From The Inside Out in March of 2010. You can find Lydia on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest. Sign up for the Divine Health From The Inside Out newsletter! Pick up a copy of Lydia’s eBook; ‘Divine Dinners: Gluten-Free, Nourishing, Family-Friendly Meals’.

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