80 Gluten-Free Slow Cooker Recipes

by lydia on December 3, 2013

My Crock-Pot (aka – slow cooker, CrockPot is actually a trademarked brand name) has not only become my best friend, but it has been my saving grace too! As a busy momma with hungry boys to feed, I spend a LOT of time and energy planning and preparing meals. And I’ll be honest, sometimes I get fed up with feeding people. (what momma hasn’t?) That is why I’ve come to rely heavily on my slow cooker as of late.


I try to make 3 slow cooker dinners per week, typically on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. I’m finding this to be working out really well for us. It saves me time in the long run to prepare ahead like this, and it saves me stress. Not to mention, it’s helpful on those nights I’m picking kids up from activities or headed to my son’s football games (now that football is over, it’s wrestling season -do you have any idea how long wrestling meets are?).

Making dinner while everyone is under foot is quite a challenge. Add to that, needing to pick up kids from activities after school, finish house chores, do homework, as well as keep the boys from harming each other or the furniture. Making dinner while the kids are home, hungry and waiting is often NO FUN at all. Taking about 20-30 minutes during the day to prep ahead has made all the difference for me. While some of the slow cooker meals I make are indeed one dish dinners, some are not. However, making a side dish right before dinner is FAR easier than cooking the whole thing from scratch. Plus, while I get my slow cooker meal going, I also make sure I’m as prepped as I can be to make any additional side dishes closer to dinner time. Seriously, my life has taken on new meaning with my trusty slow cooker pulling it’s weight! (For even more ideas on saving time, check out these posts: Solve The Mystery Of What To Make For Dinner Tonight, Make Dinner Time A Snap With These Freezer Recipes).

Today, I’m here to share an arsenal of slow cooker recipes with you, in case you are like me and are wanting to turn dinner time into a more pleasant and feasible experience. All the recipes will be gluten free. They come from other real food bloggers across the web. These recipes include a lot of dinner options, as well as a variety of others – like sauces, jams/jellies, yogurt and more! There are also some repeat recipes, like pulled pork and roasted chicken, though they vary slightly -so I shared them anyhow.  I’m so excited because now I have more recipes than I could ever dream of to try in my slow cooker. Oh, and I’m also gonna share a bunch of slow cooker cookbooks and an eBook you can check out, in case this list of 80 recipes isn’t enough for you! Let’s dive in shall we?!

*Please Note: I have done my best to make sure all recipes are truly gluten-free. Some may include gluten-free substitutes. It is up to every individual on a gluten-free diet to KNOW all the potential sources of gluten that can be lurking in various forms and read the ingredients of any recipe thoroughly before making. For a list of ingredients to avoid on a gluten-free diet, please refer to this article.


80 Gluten-Free Slow Cooker Recipes

 Main Dishes- Chicken/Turkey

Main Dishes – Beef/Bison

Main Dishes- Pork/Lamb



Vegetables/Starchy Sides

Fruit Options



Slow Cooker Cookbooks I Recommmend

The Paleo Slow Cooker: Healthy, Gluten-Free Meals The easy Way (affiliate link) – If you are on a strict Paleo diet, like gourmet cooking, have little more wiggle room in your budget and enjoy gorgeous pics all bound in hardback -this book is totally for you! I love the ideas in this book!

Paleo Slow Cooking: Gluten Free Recipes Made Simple (affiliate link) – This book is family friendly and loaded with recipes that look easy and delicious. It also includes some paleo breakfast and dessert ideas, as well as complementary side dishes that are not done in the slow cooker.

Slow Cooker: The Best Cookbook Ever with More Than 400 Easy To Make Recipes (affiliate link) – This is my new favorite cookbook recommendation. It is not paleo and not even gluten-free, however it has 400 recipes to choose from and many are recipes that work within my dietary framework. I’ve tried a number of the recipes with great success and was thrilled with the ideas from the book. If you are someone who is able to use a recipe as a template and work around it a bit -this book will rock your socks!

Paleo Slow Cooker Recipes (affiliate link)-If you don’t mind reading cookbooks on your kindle, this cookbook looks good and it’s uber cheap!

Paleo Slow Cooker Soups & Stews (affiliate link) – Another one for the kindle. I do not have this eBook, but thought I would include it since it’s only .99 cents.

From Your Freezer To Your Family

If you want loads more of easy-to-prep, tasty, healthy gluten-free recipes like these, I highly recommend you grab a copy of From Your Freezer to Your Family: Slow Cooker Freezer Recipes For Every Season.

FromYourFreezer_Cover_finalALL the recipes are 100% Grain-free, Gluten-free and Dairy-Free.  They do not contain corn or legumes (both are not technically grains but extremely hard to digest and common allergens). The recipes are all Paleo, Whole 30, Weston A. Price, GAPS, and Real Food compatible meals. These recipes do use natural sweeteners in some of the recipes, but if you are eating completely sugar-free, omit the sugar and the recipe will still taste great. So if you read my blog and eat the way we do -these recipes are a perfect fit for your family as well. (And they can be easily modified if need be). Grab your copy of From Your Freezer To Your Family today!



Slow Cooker Sites

PaleoPot is a site based on the paleo diet and using a slow cooker for the most part. He has a great post on how to turn your analog crock into a programmable unit, that I thought was genius. Years ago, before I was a hardcore real foodie, I followed the blogging 365 Days of Crockpotting -which is now called A Year of Slow Cooking (trademark issues I guess). Anyway, it was crazy cool -Stephanie O’Dea took on a year of blogging how she used her crockpot every single day for a year. Now, her recipes are not real food based though they are gluten-free, so for the creative minded chefs, her ideas might inspire you. So that’s why I mention it -to get ideas.

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Don’t have a slow cooker yet? Here are a couple that I can recommend to you:

One of these is a regular ole crockpot that I use in my home. Another is a programmable one for the work-outside-of-the-home folks. Lastly, I’ve included my 22 qt. roaster – okay perhaps it’s not a crockpot, but it can act like one. It’s what I use to make beef bone broth. It can hold a lot of bones at once and since I simmer my beef broth for 3 days, this is a convenient way to do it and not take up so much space on my stove top. I’ve also done large batches of my pulled pork recipe  in it, as well as used it for a turkey. It makes a great holding place for my turkey at Thanksgiving too, when I need the oven for all the other items.

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Want even more gluten-free slow cooker recipes?


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