How To Get Raw Milk Delivered To Your Door…..Just Like The Old Days

by lydia on December 6, 2013

As the leader of my local Weston A Price chapter, it’s my job to source quality food – including raw milk, cheese, pastured eggs and more. This is not a duty in my mind, but a pleasure and one I happily share with those local to me with a passion for real whole foods. For some time now I’ve hosted a raw milk pick up at my home for my local WAPF group members and others in the community that are interested. Just like the ‘old days’, I get to have the ‘milk man‘ come and deliver farm fresh milk to my door every week! Wanna know how I do it? Read on….


Organize a Coop

Since I live in Pennsylvania, finding raw milk is not a problem, however it can be a bit of a hike for those of us in the suburbs not near the hub of farms in the country. In Lancaster, Pa there are numerous farms that raise cows, laying hens to produce raw milk, cheeses, eggs as well as keep bees for raw honey. The prices are very affordable if you pick it up directly from the farm. However, it is far more expensive to buy in the nearby health food stores. Some of these farms are 45 minutes to an hour away. In an effort to keep the costs down, I organized a ‘coop’.
My dad, our ‘milk man‘, heads out to our farm once a week and picks up the order of milk, eggs, cheese, maple syrup and raw honey for our group. He brings it back to my home and one other home and everyone comes that day to pick up their purchases. Every other week, we get raw cream and raw butter from another farm about 15 minutes away from our main farmer for milk. Soon we will be adding meat to our pick up system, likely just once per month. It’s a fabulous system we’ve worked out and a great way to get our farm fresh milk and eggs at the best price possible. We get gallons of raw milk for $3.50 per gallon, $2.00 per half gallon and pastured eggs for $3 a dozen. You just can beat those prices!

We pay an extra percent to cover the travel costs (wear and tear on vehicle, gas) and supplies such as freezer packs/coolers etc. This is a not for profit operation -it is solely a cooperative effort to help our local community (I have not made one penny from this operation). Everyone is happy to do it because none of us have the time to make the weekly trip just to have our milk and eggs. It still ends up cheaper than anywhere we can buy it locally (this is one of the reasons I’m still able to buy fresh milk and eggs on a budget). It’s a win win!

I was able to extend this milk pick up first and foremost to the members in my local chapter. I then opened it up to my local community through another trade/swap/share group. Anyone in the group is welcome to invite folks that would be interested. So far we have about 27 members, not all of which order weekly, but most do. We’ve got our system down so it is not too time consuming for me as the facilitator. Every Friday after the pick up, I send out a new spreadsheet and folks have until noon the following Tuesday to place their orders. I then close the spreadsheet for orders and call the farmers to place our order so they can have it ready on Friday. I have a large basement and an extra freezer, so I’m able to store the freezer packs and coolers without any burden on my family.

In the summer we can get a bit more produce raised organically for pretty cheap as well. Keep in mind, I live in a more urban area where most people don’t have the space or the time to grow their own gardens -so we are grateful to live outside the Lancaster area where farms are abundant. We have been doing this for well over a year now and it has been such a huge blessing to be able to get these farm fresh products delivered right to my door weekly.

Health Benefits of Fresh Milk

A little bio on my family’s lead into consuming raw milk. I initially raised my first son as a vegetarian (not the best idea I ever had), probably for the first year and a half of his life. He was born 3 1/2 weeks early and I had a lot of trouble getting him to breast feed. So I pumped my breast milk and was only able to do that for about 4 months. That led me to search for, unfortunately, a formula that would be suitable for him (is that even possible, don’t get me started!). Since I am ‘lactose intolerant’ I believed that he would have a hard time as well, and rather reluctantly began him on a milk formula which he did not seem to tolerate well. Needless to say, I had a lot of trouble with him as an infant and unfortunately went down the route of giving him soy everything (read here why soy is so bad).

Years later I attempted to get him back on to whole milk dairy and he seemed to somewhat tolerate it, but never fully. He had a lot of digestive issues that never seemed to get better. However, when I finally introduced him to raw milk, when he was 10 (so 5 years ago now), he was able to drink it with no problems. Not to mention he really loved the milk and was grateful to have it, it was wonderfully satiating for him. I will also note that at the time, his teeth were coming in slowly and were very misaligned and crooked, he also used to suffer with severe stuffiness. After a full year or more of regularly drinking plenty of raw milk, his teeth are straight and beautiful, and he no longer gets stuffy like he did. If he does get congested it is very minor. To me this is a big deal considering all the years of discomfort he went through, had I known what I do now about raw milk back then I would have done whatever I had to to get my hands on raw milk for him. And that’s why I created this milk cooperative -to benefit the health of my children!

The benefits are profound indeed. It’s ashame we’ve come so far from nature in how we’ve consumed, processed one of nature’s most perfect foods in the past 50 or more years. Fresh milk contains amazing properties; Vitamin C, B complex, A, CLA, enzymes and calcium -something no one is getting from the store bought pasteurized milk. I’ve written more about the health benefits of fresh unpasteurized milk in the past in this post, Raw Milk.Make sure you check that post out and if you can find the time watch the video of Mark McAfee, Baby I Like It Raw. I also have a wonderful guest post written by my friend Ann, A Case For Real Milk.

Find Your Local Weston A. Price Chapter HERE – Contact the leader closest to you if you need to source fresh milk, pastured eggs, grass fed meats and more!

How about you? Are you able to get farm fresh milk? Do you belong to your local Weston A. Price Chapter? Do you organize a milk pick up for folks local to you? I want to hear from you……share in the comments.

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LydiaLydia Joy Shatney is a certified Nutritional Therapist Practitioner through the Nutritional Therapy Association. Additionally, she is the chapter leader for the Weston A. Price Foundation in Delaware County, Pa. (Find the group here on Facebook). Lydia is also a member of the Nourished Living Network. Lydia founded Divine Health From The Inside Out in March of 2010. You can find Lydia on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest. Sign up for the Divine Health From The Inside Out newsletter! Pick up a copy of Lydia’s eBook; ‘Divine Dinners: Gluten-Free, Nourishing, Family-Friendly Meals’.

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lydia December 8, 2013 at 1:38 pm

This was a comment to me via email from a regular reader:

“It’s amazing what dedicated and hard working people can do for a community. I worked for a raw milk buying club for the city of Boston for 5 years. I’ve since moved out closer to farms and just do a small family club now, but the experience organizing, overseeing and sourcing for the big club was AMAZING. It was a duty of love for the two of us who worked it, but it brought over 3/4 of a million dollars directly to farmers in the 8 years it was operating. Farmers in our state, Massachusetts, who are not located near the population centers.

I have been so blessed by the health of my 5 little children and consider our quality sources of raw milk no small part in it!!! We just saw the dentist for the 2nd time ever (my oldest 3) and they were amazed at how strong, beautiful and clean my kids teeth are. They always lecture me on the fluoride, flossing and brushing more, and I always wonder why they don’t ASK what else could be different- since all my friends whose kids brush, floss and use fluoride regularly (we never have used fluoridated toothpaste, and drink spring or distilled water usually fermented) still have loads of cavities.

Buying clubs are such a blessing to farms and farmers as well as individuals in your own community! Farmers are often too busy farming and having the support of communities to source their resources is a huge blessing for them as well.

I love your updates and emails and send blessings and peace to you and yours” ~

MJ December 12, 2013 at 7:46 am

I will be moving to PA area in about 6 months. Does your coop have a facebook group I can join?

lydia December 12, 2013 at 12:05 pm
Rachel December 12, 2013 at 8:25 am

So wish we could get raw milk here in WI, but it is not legal to sell it and I unfortunately don’t have time to milk a family cow myself everyday.

elise telesco December 12, 2013 at 11:55 am

I live in Bucks County and frequent a Raw Milk farm in the Buckingham area. I am extremely passionate about bringing the fantastic products this farm has to offer and would love to get involved in some sort of distribution.

lydia December 12, 2013 at 12:07 pm


My friend Grace Rollins heads up the WAPF chapter group in Bucks, Pa. You can likely find her through the Weston A. Price Foundation website, they have all the chapter leaders listed there. Perhaps you could find other people interested in setting something like this up!

Jean December 12, 2013 at 2:03 pm

I live in a state where I can not get raw milk. What is the next best thing to drink if I can not get raw milk. I think that maybe my gut could tolerate a better quality milk. I have stayed away from milk for many years because of gas, bloating. We have Whole Foods here, Trader Joes, a couple local health food store.

Jackie Patti January 7, 2014 at 8:52 pm

Jean, a small dairy near me sells “creamline” milk – it is low-heat pasteurized and not homogenized. But the timportant bit is that all the milk is from pastured cows, which is necessary for the milk to contain much vitamin A, D3 or K2. You might like for something similar near you – call small dairies.

Carol G December 12, 2013 at 6:36 pm

I am very fortunate in that my dairy farmer delivers once a week to within a mile of my home. He also brings raw cheese, eggs and meats from local farmers. Next door to where he delivers is an organic veggie farm where I get my veggies, year round! Yes, I am very fortunate indeed. I <3 my farmers.

Carol G December 12, 2013 at 6:38 pm

Here is the website where I found my local sources:

Laura A December 12, 2013 at 6:43 pm

Unfortunately there is not a Weston Price chapter in OKC, OK. :(

Jackie Patti January 7, 2014 at 8:56 pm

I live in Carlisle, PA and there is a service here, Mr Milkman, who delivers. He sells a LOT of products besides raw milk, creamline milk, raw cheese, truly free-range chicken and eggs, pastured beef and pork, etc. I pretty much get all my dairy and meat from them. They pick up from several local farms, dairies and butchers, so there’s a huge choice. And they deliver this WHOLE area… down to Chambersburg, down to York the other way, north of Harrisburg, etc… several counties of door-to-door delivery. They get about half my food budget and I’m down to once-a-month grocery shopping now, with a stop or two during the month at a farmer’s market for fresh produce.

lydia February 3, 2014 at 8:13 am


So you don’t live too far from us! Very cool!

What a great delivery service you have! I’m working with my farmer to get more options, namely meats! I would love to only go to the store once a month -but with 4 boys I’m not sure even the farmer can feed us with it all right now!

Dave Hawkins February 28, 2014 at 10:25 am

I’m a total Weston Price guy in the Kansas City, Missouri area and I am doing exactly what you are doing with your coop but I’m much smaller – only 4 families so far. I would like to expand this, but I’m worried about food police. Any advice on this topic?

Gert May 29, 2016 at 12:51 pm

I tried to find Raw Milk on the website and when I use the search engine I get all kinds of supplement pills. For the beginning I’m just interested in Raw Milk for testing the system. Later I’m surely interested in more.
But when I can’t even find raw milk, what than can I expect.

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