Take Care Of Your Body With These 52 Healthy Habits

by lydia on January 1, 2014

Many folks start the New Year with goals, ambitions or even resolutions. Bringing in the new in hopes of bettering one’s life at the onset of a fresh year. A clean slate in some ways, we use this time of year to refocus and attempt to instill positive changes for an improved life.


Often, a pattern of unrealistic goal setting can only lead to one fizzling out on their original proclamation of lofty goals. Usually this deflation can even occurs as early as the second month or so of the year (at least that is a pattern seen in most gyms across America). I myself no longer set New Year’s resolutions.

To me, resolutions are like promises that are impossible to keep and I get tripped up by them. I’d rather focus on building and finding healthy habits that work for me and it is my goal to share some of those with you. In light of the New Year and the simple fact that most people feel compelled to ‘improve’ their quality of life in some way, I’d like to take some time to share 52 healthy habits that you can consider incorporating in 2014. I chose 52, one for each week of the year. Clearly, not everyone will take on all 52 habits I share and that’s totally okay. My main hope is to instill awareness about some key habits for overall optimal health that anyone and everyone can benefit from. Are you ready? !


52 Healthy Habits

  1. Stay hydrated!
  2. Drink clean filtered water only
  3. Get Enough Sleep Daily
  4. Get adequate down time/rest
  5. Learn to say ‘No’
  6. Eat more meals in a relaxed state
  7. Chew your food well
  8. Learn to manage your blood sugar
  9. Find more ways to laugh
  10. Learn to oil pull
  11. Add dry skin brushing to your regular skin care routine
  12. Spend more time in nature
  13. Reduce the toxins in your home
  14. Get ‘grounded’
  15. Get daily light exposure
  16. Get regular body work done  (massage, acupuncture, reflexolgy, cranio-sacral therapy…)
  17. Move your body daily (aka: exercise that works for you (avoid over-exercising and under-exercising)
  18. Learn what foods you are allergic/intolerant to and avoid them
  19. Limit and reduce how much sugar you consume!
  20. Support your liver daily!
  21. Believe in the positive! (and crowd out negativity in your life)
  22. Learn to manage overall stress
  23. Poop every day! (do not skip a single day….)
  24. Ditch processed foods. Eat real food only!
  25. Sweat daily
  26. Learn to breath through your nose and not your mouth
  27. Learn to menu plan in a way that works for you!
  28. Avoid eating if you are not hungry
  29. Learn proper posture – practice daily.
  30. Try journaling or learning to use to-do lists
  31. Eat more raw foods
  32. Eat more probiotic rich foods
  33. Eat more organ meats/offal – super foods
  34. Support local farms/farmers – buy more foods in season and local
  35. Learn to enjoy sex more fully and more often if possible (with someone you love)
  36. Ditch the plastics in your life
  37. Sleep in total darkness
  38. Exercise your mind
  39. Develop a calming bedtime routine
  40. Hug, cuddle and enjoy more physical touch
  41. Learn a meditation technique that works for you
  42. Foster & create  healthy community and social opportunities
  43. Eat at the right times
  44. Stop worrying about calories -focus on nutrients!
  45. Quit feeling guilty about food!
  46. Add more music to your life! Listen to it, dance to it, workout to it! Use music as a form of therapy!
  47. Find a natural skin care regime and stick to it! (includes hydration/diet)
  48. Accept, love and believe in yourself! Forgive others and yourself!
  49. Learn more about herbs and use them daily
  50. Eliminate your ‘energy suckers’.
  51. Let go of unrealistic expectations. Appreciate your accomplishments.
  52. Find out what makes you happy and enjoy whatever it is!


How many of those 52 habits are you already practicing?

Are there any on that list that you would like to make into habits? What are they?


If you want to make sure you set the right healthy habits this New Year, I recommend you join my latest program 30 Days To Vibrant Health, so you can get a specific game plan to work on and get started on this year’s health journey with plenty of guidance and support.








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Renee January 5, 2014 at 4:16 am

Love this list! Thanks so much for sharing all the info on your blog. I just stumbled upon it today and am catching up. Happy new year!


Jennifer at Purposeful Nutrition January 5, 2014 at 4:52 pm

Love this list. I will be interested in your series. I am especially interested in the one on laughing more as that is one of my family goals for this year.

Jackie Patti January 7, 2014 at 8:57 pm

I decided my resolution this year is: more cowbell! A goal I can ABSOLUTELY reach! 😉

Joshua R. Clark January 27, 2014 at 4:00 am

Hope this year I can follow the tips here to gain a healthy body, I need to do this as I have a very weak immune system.

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