The Best Recipes I’ve Tried Recently (and They’re Not Mine)!

by lydia on March 1, 2014

You may be well aware that I happen to be a creative cook and come up with many of my own recipes. Just about every day, I make meals that came out of my own head or that were dramatically tweaked from another recipe idea I found. Sometimes, I’m not really in the mood to create meals or I want a change from my own repertoire. Thankfully, I have some amazing real food blogger friends who are also creative cooks with loads of great recipes to try out!

I want to share some of the best recipes I’ve tried recently from other folks. I found some good ones too. The recipes struck my fancy when I saw them online and I instantly knew I had to try them. Make sure you get through all the images and be sure to check out the last one too (it’s a great eCookbook you won’t want to miss).


Nutrient Dense Tumeric Spiced Rice from Pickle Me Too

  • You may or may not know that I have 4 growing, HUNGRY boys at home. That’s why rice is a staple in my home. I found this recipe from Melanie and noticed she makes her rice the same way I do, so I tried this recipe out and it was a smash hit with the boys. The secret…well, I’m not gonna spoil it for you, head on over and check out the recipe!


Better Than Take Out: Homemade Orange Chicken from Delicious Obsessions

  • Oh my! I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing this was, and what a treat! It was quite time consuming, but it was a special meal. If I make it again, I’ll prep enough to have for a second meal another time and just put it in the freezer. The chicken was divine. The sauce was killer awesome (I did not use lemon zest or juice in my sauce, we used extra orange zest instead). I highly recommend tag teaming with your partner/spouse/teenager/friend to whip this up more quickly (many hands make light work). I will definitely make this recipe again!


Pakistani Beef Curry from Whole New Mom

  • Another awesome dish! I made a double batch of this recipe and snuck my liver cubes into it as well. (I paired it with Melanie’s turmeric rice by the way). My boys LOVED this! My teenager had numerous helpings, my 6 year old kept refilling his bowl saying he just couldn’t help himself it was too good. I was quite thrilled because I put 2 quarts in the freezer that night for another meal that I would not have to cook later, along with 1 quart of rice (which did get eaten and I did have to make rice when we had the leftovers, but hey rice is easy). I will definitely make this recipe again! I even convinced a friend to try the recipe for her family and it was a smash hit for them too!


Roasted Apricot Chicken with Herbs de Provence from The Organic Kitchen

  • {Warning: Drooling and salivating will occur as you view the pictures for this recipe}. This by far was the most divinely delicious roasted chicken I’ve ever tried. The vegetables that went with it were to die for good! It’s an entire meal by the way, I had leftover veggies that I enjoyed for a couple of days. I was in heaven when I ate this chicken, it was sheer bliss!  I did not have all the exact things necessary, I actually substituted my own apricot butter for the apricot preserves. Even with the few tiny substitutes I made it was still quite heavenly! Just heavenly! There is just something about apricots paired with chicken…mm mmm! I sincerely hope you will try this dish sometime!


Gluten-Free Dinner Rolls from Megan Lierman

  • I just so happened to stumble across this recipe one day and felt I had hit the jackpot! I tweaked the recipe to work with the flours I had on hand and they worked quite well. The boys LOVED the rolls partly because I rarely have bread at home for them. Since I have a child who can’t have yeast, I won’t make these regularly or he’ll feel left out. However, I definitely recommend them, they are easy and quite good. I used mostly rice flours instead of the sorgum.


Grain-Free Yuca Cheese Rolls from South Beach Primal

  • These are WAY too yummy! Seriously, we got addicted to them one week when I was testing out the recipe. I found that the dough needed to sit a lot longer than the recipe suggests and I never could get my rolls to turn out round, they usually flattened out. So, I figured to avoid that it’s a good idea to bake them in muffin tins. Regardless, try the recipe -it’s super yummy! We had them as breakfast sandwich rolls, rolls with Green Chicken Chili and other dinners. They’re very versatile.


Vanilla Bean Coconut Truffles from Delicious Obsessions

  • When you want a snack and want it to be healthy and easy peasy, this is the recipe you should make! I’m serious! Nothing further, just click the link above and go make these STAT! (Oh and by the way, Jessica is a former client of mine, I helped her get started on her healing journey that she shares in this post).


Healthy Gummies For Cold, Flu and Sleep from Real Food RN

  • I’ve been making gummies for my boys lunches regularly. The trouble is, they sometimes get sick of them, so I need to dice it up once in awhile. When I saw this recipe I knew I had to try it immediately because my one son was complaining that I hadn’t given him elderberry syrup in awhile. I showed them this recipe and asked if they’d eat their gummies again if I made it with elderberry and they all eagerly agreed they would. All the ingredients I regularly have on hand too. Thankfully, we weren’t using these gummies for the flu.


Chia Kombucha Blender Jam from Real Food RN

  • This recipe was a special find! You know those mornings that you don’t have breakfast planned out right, you have some bread for toast but no jam or you want to make waffles but don’t have syrup and the only other way your kids will eat them is if you have jam (but you don’t have any). The thing is, I usually have some kombucha or water kefir on hand and some frozen berries in the freezer which this recipe calls for. I realized this would be a great back up recipe to utilize here and there.


Homemade Coconut Milk

  • Homemade coconut milk is easier than I thought it would be and tastes amazing! I loved this recipe from 20 Something Allergies even before I made it. She made it sound so creamy and delicious. However, I found it to use a lot of coconut for each batch, so when I want to conserve a little and use my shredded coconut I use the recipe from Whole New Mom. Both are easy enough for me to continue making my own coconut milk for certain things (I still used canned for certain purposes as well).


marshmallow root infusion

Marshmallow Root Infusion

  •  This recipe struck me more for the medicinal aspect than anything else. I have a few things going on that I felt this tea would be a good tea to try out for awhile. It’s easy enough to make and actually tastes quite pleasant.  Head on over and read more about marshmallow root -it’s a great GI tract healing agent, among other things!


 Last but not least, I have to share a little bit about a special eCookbook that I highly recommend to save on time when it comes to getting dinner on the table! 

FromYourFreezer_Cover_final From Your Freezer To Your Family: Slow Cooker Freezer Recipes For Every Season by Stephanie Brandt Cornais of Mama and Baby Love

  • ALL the recipes are 100% Grain-free, Gluten-free and Dairy-Free.  They do not contain corn or legumes (both are not technically grains but extremly hard to digest and common allergens).  The recipes are all Paleo, Whole 30, Weston A. Price, GAPS, and Real Food compatible meals. These recipes do use natural sweeteners in some of the recipes, but if you are eating completely sugar-free, omit the sugar and the recipe will still taste great.

Use the recipes and methods in this eBook to pull out a meal from your freezer, totally frozen, dump it in your slow cooker, and have a tasty meal ready for your family by dinnertime. It’s genius! What are you waiting for –snag a copy today and make your life just that much easier! Stay tuned, I’ll be blogging about my own experience using this eBook!


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X is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to (“your website name” (, or,,, or – See more at:


X is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to (“your website name” (, or,,, or – See more at:
X is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to (“your website name” (, or,,, or – See more at:

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Kelly @ The Nourishing Home March 2, 2014 at 12:01 am

So many great recipes. YUM! Thank you for sharing!! :)

Rachel March 10, 2014 at 7:50 am

Thank you for sharing my rolls Lydia! I never thought to bake them in muffin liners, I’ll have to try that out next time! <3

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