7 Essential Summer Remedies

by lydia on June 3, 2014

Unfortunately summertime adventures bring their fair share of bumps, bruises, minor burns and lacerations. Be prepared to comfort and sooth the hard knocks of summer fun with these 7 effective and affordable natural remedies. In addition to your normal first aid kit, keeping these items on hand will equip you to remedy the situation naturally.

Today’s post comes to you from guest poster, Courtney Sullivan……………..


7 Essential Summer Remedies


1. Arnica- The anti-inflammatory wonder! This is my all time favorite natural remedy. I use it for everything from bumps and bruises to vertigo. Taken immediately after injury, overexertion, or even after giving birth it reduces the swelling of tissues and reduces inflammation.

2 Lavender Essential Oil- Pure therapeutic grade lavender oil is my go to remedy for burns, allergies, insect bites & stings, sniffles, soothing and calming.

3.Melaleuca Alternifolia Essential Oil or Tea Tree Oil- This powerful antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral essential oil is very useful for remedying skin issues such as bites, boils, random acne and scrapes. When resolving skin conditions I always skip the over the counter antibiotic creams and go for the melaleuca oil.

4. Activated Charcoal- The basic rule I go by is this: If anything sketchy was consumed on purpose or by accident take charcoal.

  • For example you take your children swimming in a natural setting, and they swallow water from the pond or stream. Don’t wait for a problem just give the child charcoal pro-actively.
  • Same rule applies for issues of stomach flu exposure. If it’s a time of year where many people in your community are ill, try being pro-active and use a small amount of activated charcoal to prevent a heap of suffering late. As you can tell, focusing on prevention is a key strategy of mine.
  • If your toddler eats something gross or puts their mouth on something nasty and you feel yourself about to totally freak out, keep calm and mix up some charcoal water for them.
  • Spider bites

Activated Charcoal has a long history of being an effective anti-poison remedy. I’ve found it to be extremely valuable for treating stomach bugs because absorbs toxins from the digestive system, can eliminate fungi, viruses and bacteria. Activated charcoal powder also has the ability to adsorb a variety of particles and gases, which is why I value it so highly for removing potentially toxic substances from the digestive tract. The stomach acid will not break down the activated charcoal; it’s not absorbed by the body, but carries toxins out of the body in the feces. Don’t be alarmed if you pass a very dark stool after consuming it, this is just the charcoal being passed.

It is also extremely useful as a poultice. To make a charcoal poultice in a very small bowl mix 1 tsp of activated charcoal with a ½ tsp of water just enough to make a thick paste similar to the consistency of a facial mask add a drizzle more if yours is too thick. Spread the paste over the area you want to draw toxins from like the site of a suspected spider bite for example and cover with gauze or homemade bandages to keep the charcoal in place. There is no known toxicity of activated charcoal, take internally when necessary, but avoid daily consumption because its powerful absorption properties will absorb nutrients.

5. Herbal Salve- A good skin salve is must have for summer’s skinned knees, cuts and scrapes. It’s an essential for remedy for healing cuts, lacerations, minor burns and scrapes. You can easily make your own if you have the time or purchase one. I love the Eden Salve from Bulk Herb Store or the herbal salve from Hibiscus Healing.

6. Aloe Vera- Revered for its ability to heal skin ailments of all sorts, an aloe vera plant is must have for every home. For everything from minor burns to papercuts aloe vera is my go to for skin repair. The fresh cut leaves are always more potent and cheaper.For sunburn a store bought tube of organic aloe vera gel with the least amount of additives will work well too if you don’t have access to fresh cut leaves. Even if you don’t have a “green thumb” an aloe vera plant is very easy to care for, it’s well worth the investment.

aloe vera gel, aloe vera plant, aloe as a remedy

7.Rescue Remedy- A flower essence is much like a homeopathic remedy for emotions and this is the flower essence to use in times of stress, trauma, injury and even vertigo. It’s safe for the whole family and comes in many forms, I mainly use the original tincture. 


Bonus Remedy 8: Raw Green Cabbage Leaves- This may seem like a weird one to include in a list of must have natural remedies for summer, but I assure you it’s extremely useful to keep on hand. Comfort For The Burned And Wounded by John W. Keim had had a profound impact on how I handle burns and injuries like lacerations and cuts. The book shares the story of Amish father who developed a method of using natural remedies burns and wounds that reduced pain and suffering.

After cleansing his method is basically apply an herbal salve and wrap the area with clean plant material then cover with a bandage. I highly recommend purchasing his book and reading it before you need the information. I always keep an outer leaf of cabbage in my fridge just in case I need to wrap up a skinned knee or a burn.
f428c1de-9327-4a60-858b-fd00dcb48243 Courtney Sullivan is a Writer, Speaker, Mompreneur and a Natural Health Strategist who’s focused on helping moms guard their family’s health and wellness with natural remedies. She has a unique talent for sharing effective, natural health tips from the trenches of holistic motherhood. Courtney, her husband and their 6 children own and operate Humble Hill Farm & Farmstay in central New York. Check out her site FoodMedicineChildren.Com. Also, Find her on Pinterest and on Instagram.





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Anna June 3, 2014 at 9:51 am

Great post. I must try the Activated Charcoal, it sounds pretty good to me.


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