Margarita Popsicles Anyone? {For Kids & Adults}

by lydia on June 16, 2014

As the Summer months bring in the warmth of the sun, we have a celebration brewing. This means we must come up with some very special treats for both the children and adults. Our answer…

Limeade Coconut Cream Pops OR Margarita Popsicles

Lemon Lime Coconut Popsicles

We experiment with a lot of variations and you will be glad that we did! Limeade is the hit of the party and worth the extra time it takes to freeze instead of just provincially drinking.

For four years we have loved and cared for the sweetest little girl through the foster system. She left us at age 2 and returned at age 3. We of course see her every week and love the biological Mom. But we finally get the call that we are clear to move ahead with the adoption and all parties are in agreement. So summer brings a happy reminder that the sun will shine and we get to keep our little girl and watch her grow. More sappy than the treats, right?! But we are truly thankful!

And to celebrate, we are sharing this treat with all of Divine Health from the Inside Out readers because well, the name says it all! Everything good must start on the inside and these popsicles will bring the sunshine right into your belly and jumpstart healthy digestion.

Materials Needed

Wooden sticks

Small 5 oz paper cups

A few extra limes, sliced thick


1 part limes (or lemons if you prefer) 10 limes make about a cup of juice

1 part raw honey

2 parts filtered water (more or less based on preferred tartness)

1 part whole organic coconut cream

Stir and mix ingredients well until honey is completely dissolved. Then pour liquid into paper cups until 2/3 full. Take a sliced lime and gentle push the wooden stick through the center and place into the cup. The lime will hold the stick in place for the freezing process.


Add a shot of tequila (for approximately every 3 cups of mix)

Stir the liquid and pour into marked cups. We use the black cups only for the tequila cups. Repeat slices with sticks and freeze. Next sprinkle celtic salt across the top.

margarita popsicles

After several hours, we remove the cups from the freezer. Be sure to keep them separate. We use separate plates.


Enjoy and please check out our book about Fostering with disease “Look What God Painted; Inspired by a Child” at www.Fostering or a printed copy at Amazon.

Mandy is the founder of Fostering Nutrition which is dedicated to nutrient-dense food preparation and Mandyparenting for the biological, foster and adopted child. As an author of two books, Mandy also holds a and is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner for many children and some parents. Since around 500,000 children in the US alone are placed in the foster/orphan system, Mandy is busy proposing bills before the State, writing books and articles to change a system and a world – one child at a time. Everyone deserves the right to belong and be healthy! Find Mandy at Fostering Nutrition on Facebook!




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