The Key To Successful Healing

by lydia on June 5, 2014

We all want to know what is the key to successful healing, do we not? Well, today my friend and fellow Nutritional Therapist Mandy is going to share the key with us……………….

What is drainage?

Too many times, people ask me why they are not healing when they eat healthy. First, everyone thinks they eat healthy, but not very many actually can. We simply do our best, but genetically modified foods (GMOs), breads, pesticides, sugars, etc…creep in everywhere.

Spanish Black Radish for Drainage

In order to simplify why a person may not be healing, let’s address a critical component of the healing process…


We are made up of a series of systems; digestive, endocrine, cardiovascular, neurological…you get the idea. Each system is dependent on the other in order to function optimally. Now let’s look at 4 Immune Challenges we all face:

  1. Bacteria
  2. Parasites
  3. Virus
  4. Yeast or Fungal

Each one of these immune issues can be detrimental to a body. In its smallest presentation, our clean diets will flush out a bacteria through a natural and regular detox. However, when bacteria presents itself in a larger, more complex state or if introduced into an immune-weakened system, blockages can occur even when you eat healthy.

Have you ever had a sink, toilet, or tub that was stopped up? When clogged or blocked, there is no drainage. Whether the clog is at the top of the drainage pipe or the bottom, the sink will stay clogged until it is repaired and drained.

Likewise our bodies get stopped up. Whether we have an immune challenge in our brain or in our toes,

The key to successful healing is drainage.

  1. For example, let’s say you get a nasty bacteria and it’s breathed into your lungs.
  2. You’ve been up late and not getting enough sleep, therefore your immune is down.
  3. Next you start to cough a wheezy cough. In an ideal situation, you realize that you need assistance and so you consult and take a bacteria protocol to kill the bacteria.
  4. The cough goes away but you now have flatulence. It persists for months and months.
  5. Then finally you eat some Spanish Black Radish in your salad for a week. Now you feel movement in the bowels and viola! No more symptoms or bacteria!

Moral of the story on drainage:

We not only need to take the remedy but we should also add the nutrients required to help drain our systems clean. Just like the kitchen sink! See this for another beneficial drainage food.

As noted in the scenario above, one great source for flushing the system of a bacteria or yeast/fungal is Spanish Black Radish (SBR). It is potent and very bitter. You can take it via an organic food supplement, but I prefer to eat when possible. Spanish Black Radish is extremely effective in assisting the body with drainage for Bacteria and Yeast/Fungal infections, so we shred SBR and add it to our salad. The bitter is not too noticeable in graduating amounts, but the flow of toxins is noticeably moved out of the body.

You try them. See if you notice better drainage. And please leave comments on recipes for Spanish Black Radish, in addition to shredding into a salad. Here’s one recipe for Black Radish Slaw.

I want to quickly share my own personal experience with Spanish Black Radish as a supplement. Last summer I had a ‘health crisis’ from excessive stress and demands on my body. I went on Standard Process Black Radish for about 2 weeks along with some stress support and it worked wonders for my recovery! It really is a powerful healing food/food supplement. May even be worth keeping a bottle on hand as a part of your holistic medicine cabinet. ~ Lydia

May you continue Fostering Nutrition!

Spanish Black Radish - Supplement

Enjoy and please check out our book about Fostering with disease “Look What God Painted; Inspired by a Child” at www.Fostering or a printed copy at Amazon.

10447516_10152425984542310_65477916918728027_nMandy is the founder of Fostering Nutrition which is dedicated to nutrient-dense food preparation and parenting for the biological, foster and adopted child.
As an author of two books, Mandy also holds a and is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner for many children and some parents. Since around 500,000 children in the US alone are placed in the foster/orphan system, Mandy is busy proposing bills before the State, writing books and articles to change a system and a world – one child at a time. Everyone deserves the right to belong and be healthy!
 You can also find Mandy at Fostering Nutrition on Facebook!


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