Shifting Gears & Radically Changing Lives!

by lydia on July 13, 2014

Hey there, I’m about to get super real and clear with you today about my mission here at Divine Health From The Inside Out!

I’m shifting gears big time and it’s about to get super exciting!

woman hand holding gearshift in the car

You see, for years now, I’ve showed up regularly bringing you great recipes, insights, informative health posts, tips and more. And, I have totally loved doing just that! From what I’m hearing on your end, you have too!

But it’s time for something new……

It’s time to truly and radically CHANGE lives!

I’ve spent the past month or more now on the phone with a number of you. What I am hearing from all of you is that you are ready for transformation. You want more than just information, you want clear direction and implementation in your life so you can attain the health you are seeking.

And you don’t want just some quick fix……you want lasting change in your life!

Why now?

You are sick and tired of worrying about every item of food that passes your lips. You don’t want to worry about your health taking a nose dive if you go on vacation or travel. You want to eat out and be social with your spouse, family and friends with EASE instead of anxiety.

You want good consistent energy, you want to sleep well and be able to manage your stress well. You want a fully alive body that does not limit you!

You want to step into that NOW because you are tired of your life feeling like it is on hold.

Am I hitting the nail on the head?

What I’ve heard from you is that you no longer can do this on your own. You are READY for someone to come along side and take your hand and guide you. You want that for YOU, so you can be that for others!

One new client this week declared the following while on a call together;

“We are not victims, we are creators and victors!”

I LOVE that declaration so much! I think so many of you are feeling a bit helpless right now when it comes to your health. So helpless, you may even be tempted to feel like a victim of sorts. You have obtained so much information about health because you are passionate and hungry to learn. However, you’ve gained too much information that it’s paralyzing you from taking clear, concise actions that get you results NOW. Missing out on the creativity and victory you were born to live in!

I’ve been there myself and it’s not pretty!

I believe you are here reading this today because you want to obtain the health goals you truly desire. You want to improve your quality of life and show up fully every day ALIVE bringing the world the gifts ONLY you can bring!

If this resonates with you today and you are feeling jazzed by this post -stick around, it’s only going to get better.

I’ve got some awesome things in store for you and can’t wait to share them all with you! To give you a little hint of things to come, I’ll clue you in on one of my planned changes……….I’m shifting over to VIDEO!

Finally! I’ve wanted to for years. I realized in this past month that I have WAY to much to SAY and I love to SAY it rather than write it. I really feel that you will be far more inspired by seeing and hearing me than reading my words on a screen! I hope that excites you as much as it does me!

If you are really ready to do something radical for your health, I’m looking for the most motivated and committed people to join my upcoming program – Heal Your Body Naturally!

The current session is almost full and I’m not sure when or if I’ll be doing this again. I would love nothing more to take folks through a transformational experience year round!

Right now could be the perfect time for YOU to finish out the summer strong, renewed and ready to face the fall and holiday season with a new vitality!

Interested in joining?

Head on over here today and fill out an application!

Please know that I’ll reach out to you just as soon as I can via phone or email.

(P.S. – Don’t worry, I’ll still be showing up with awesome recipes and health related posts too!)


In the mean time, please leave a comment below if this post resonated with you.

Feel free to share your current desires and goals for your life and your health!



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Soli July 15, 2014 at 6:06 pm

Wishing you lots of luck with the videos!


lydia July 16, 2014 at 6:38 am

Thanks Soli! :)


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