Discover This One Seldom Talked About Issue That Is Negatively Affecting Your Health

by lydia on September 19, 2014

Do you ever find yourself saying; ‘If I could really figure out what is wrong with my health, I would be so happy!’ ?

Perhaps you wonder if you will ever feel good again. Or you wonder if you will ever have the energy you once did, no brain fog and be free from digestive issues and maintain a healthy weight.

Is this you? Have you pondered such thoughts and questions?

While there are no one size fits all approaches to health – there IS one seldom talked about issue that is negatively affecting your health that if addressed can help anyone start to feel better again.

What is it you ask?

 Stress…..stress and more stress!

Let me explain.

When a person is under a lot of stress the normal functions of the organs in the body are compromised. With the adrenal glands, especially vulnerable, as they are responsible for producing the hormones that provide the stress response. Over a long time if stress continues the adrenals will weaken in their ability to ‘keep up’, and then you may find yourself with adrenal fatigue (symptoms of fatigue, brain fog, mood issues and even digestive issues).

The worst part is that whatever the body perceives as a stress will create the need for a ‘stress repsonse’. So, even if you think you don’t have all that much stress in your life, or maybe you want to think you don’t – your body is saying otherwise.

Therefore, it’s important to take measures DAILY to combat the impact of stress on our bodies so we can experience good health, not the opposite. Here are some of my key strategies for you to start implementing for yourself.


  1. Change Your Mindset. Do you realize how much your thoughts effect your health? What about how you value your time? One key strategy I find so many people don’t have a hold of (including myself) is to say NO more often than they think they should. Instead, say YES to yourself, your needs and your own sanity. Not sure what I mean? Read more here on how saying ‘no’ can improve your health.
  2. Replace lost nutrients like minerals. Stress causes your body to burn through it’s mineral stores. Problem is, most people are already lacking in vital minerals and have imbalances. That is why it is crucial to consume a mineral rich diet or supplement. Read more about Stress and Mineral Depletion here.
  3. Try adaptogenic herbs. Help your body have the ability to ‘adapt’ to stress of any kind at any time by supporting yourself with these body balancing herbs. If you are unfamiliar with adaptogenic herbs, get this book;  “Adaptogens: Herbs for Strength, Stamina, and Stress Relief” (<<– affiliate link). Read it once, twice, three times and try adding at least ONE adaptogenic herb to your life ASAP. I’m serious, these herbs have saved my life again and again!

These 3 tips are my stand bys to help deal with the stress in your life.

(If you love these tips, I’ve got plenty more where that comes from).

Want more tips just like these to keep up the momentum of getting your health back on track to where you feel energy and joy?

Head on over and fill out an application today and get on a strategy session call with me and we’ll make sure what I’ve got is right for you. But please, ONLY do this if you are serious about making a financial and energetic investment in getting your health back to normal (or should I say, optimal).



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