3 Key Strategies to Eliminate Brain Fog

by lydia on October 7, 2014

Do you find yourself walking around daily like you have a cloud hanging over your head? Do you struggle with reduced mental clarity or an ability to retain memory?

Some people have lived with brain fog for so long they may think it’s totally normal and even make fun of themselves because of it.

Brain fog is a common symptom I hear my clients struggle with – many of them are very frustrated that they can’t keep a straight thought or read and retain information or memories or remember why they walked into a room. I’ll be totally honest, this is a modern day symptom that is becoming way too common.

Today I want to share some strategies to combat brain fog and then start to scratch the surface as to the deeper issues behind brain fog. Ultimately, it’s all about moving forward and continuing to get nutritionally balanced while detoxifying your life and your home as best you can.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

I’m skipping over one of the most OBVIOUS reasons for brain fog – and that is, lack of sleep. I hope you all know that if you are not getting good sleep, your brain is not going to function well. If you need more help or strategies for sleep –head on over here.

Strategy #1


As soon as you realize you are in a cloud of brain fog, stop and ask yourself if you are adequately hydrated.  I know, sounds too simple right. Well, it’s the very first thing you should consider.
Learn more about water and hydration – here and here.

Strategy #2

Movement and Getting Into Nature

It’s important to take breaks from long focused activities and get in some movement. It gets your heart rate going, helps circulation in general and can get more oxygen to your brain. All it really takes is a brisk walk to help clear your mind. Not to mention, exercise, even simply walking is another way to help improve sleep. So get moving even if you don’t feel like it.
Nature is also very curative, have you ever just gone for a hike in the woods and found you were able to relax and clear your mind better. While you are in nature getting some movement -take lots of deep breaths to help oxygenate your brain even more.

Strategy #3

Consider what you’ve eaten and when you’ve last eaten.

Hidden food allergies can play into brain fog.
Un-managed blood sugar, namely hypoglycemia can cause issues with mental clarity. It’s important to conside how often you are eating if this is the case for you. Read more here.

Other Things to Consider

Once you are certain you are hydrated, your blood sugar is well managed, you are avoiding food sensitivities, and moving as well as getting time in nature – if you still experience brain fog it’s time to consider some deeper issues. Such as;

  • Low Adrenal and thyroid function
  • Heavy metal burden, such as copper.
  • Gut Infections – such as candida or parasites
  • Exposure to too much toxicity – such as chemicals, exhaust fumes etc..

There are many things that can contribute to brain fog as well as many levels of brain fog. The more severe your brain fog, the more seriously you need to consider getting help to balance your body. Ultimately, over time nutritional balancing should help drastically improve issues with brain fog.


Egads you say!  Before you run off scared at this concept, I strongly urge you to read about the benefits that a coffee enema can provide you with. Then, strongly consider trying one. The benefits are by far and large too great to simply brush this crazy activity completely off.

Just be sure when you get to started to go with the least amount of coffee recommended and slowly work up as you adjust to the enemas and are able to retain them. Always proceed slowly so you can monitor your body’s response to any new therapy you try.

Read more on coffee enemas here.

Finally, if you feel you need support and guidance in recovering your health and resolving brain fog feel free to get in touch. If you are not a do-it-yourself type of person and really just want someone to create a game plan for your health, and you are ready to invest the time, energy and money in your health – Head on over and fill out an application today and get on a strategy session call with me and we’ll make sure what I’ve got is right for you. 



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Saeriu October 15, 2014 at 4:58 pm

Too much sugar also does it in for me. I try to cut out and lower my sugar but my willpower just isn’t there…yet.

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