Are Missing Minerals Impairing Your Health?

by lydia on February 27, 2015

Today we are a nation suffering from bad moods, stress and depression. We don’t get enough sleep, we get “blue” in the winter months, we start to lose our memory, have high strung parents, hyperactive kids, or kids that can’t seem to ‘pay attention’ in school.

Addictions are on the rise. Moms of multiple children are finding themselves depleted, struggling with postpartum depression, and hormone imbalances. PMS is accepted as a reality we just have to endure. Let’s face it – we’re in the middle of an epidemic of mood and health ailments. As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I feel the most effective way to address this epidemic is through solid, nutritional therapy practices including the use of hair tissue mineral analysis. This test paired with a nutritional program dig down to the underlying root cause of the issues.


Did You Know?

  • Low body levels of magnesium are associated with suicidal behavior (Banki et al. 1985)
  • Copper, either too much or too little, can affect the central nervous system. It has been found that those with Parkinson’s disease usually have severe copper deficiency [1]
  • Low levels of zinc are correlated with depression. The lower the zinc levels, the worse the depression (Maes 1994; Nowak et al. 2005)
  • Magnesium deficiency can produce symptoms of anxiety or depression, fatigue, apathy, apprehension, poor memory, confusion, anger and even nervousness [2]
  • Excess calcium (through supplementation) can induce serious psychological problems, including fatigue, exhaustion, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, paranoia, loss of memory and more [3]


To read the rest of this guest post I wrote, head on over to Delicious Obsessions blog by clicking the link below.

Are Missing Minerals Impairing Your Health?

Hair Mineral Analysis is an invaluable screening tool which allows a correct program of both diet and supplements to be designed for each individual’s specific needs – no more guessing!

You may be apprehensive at the thought of committing the time, money and effort to helping yourself and investing the time in a hair mineral analysis program. Or worse, you think you can do this on your own more quickly and efficiently. I know how you feel because I felt the very same way. I DID end up doing it on my own. After spending two decades of my life, I finally figured out that hair analysis was the key place to start,  but I also sacrificed my quality of life along the way.
I’m willing to support you with a much more efficient way [via HAIR ANALYSIS] so you can start living your life feeling normal again!




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