[Guest Post] Coffee Enemas for Detoxification (the why and the how)

by lydia on February 13, 2015

Getting in your daily cup (or 2 or 3) of ‘joe’ is a common and well accepted American cultural habit. After all, ‘America runs on Dunkin‘. What’s interesting though is that there is another way to make use of coffee that we don’t hear anywhere near as much about. The Coffee Enema.

Coffee beans

Coffee enemas are an excellent option to help speed up and support your body’s healing process. They’ve been around for a long time and were even recommend in the Merck Manuals up until the 70s as an effective ‘treatment‘ for numerous health maladies. Even the Gerson Institute uses them as a part of cancer treatment plan.

So why are coffee enemas good for you and why on earth would you want to stick coffee in your derriere?


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