How To Create a Game Plan To Keep Your Whole Family Healthy

by lydia on April 11, 2015

I’m here today to share a little bit more about hair analysis and balancing the body’s biochemistry through a nutritional game plan that comes out of seeing the results of each person’s individual hair tissue mineral analysis sample. This test is a great way to help you balance your whole entire family’s health.
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I have my whole family on a game plan to keep them healthy through a simple test called hair tissue mineral analysis. We are all full swing on our own individual mineral plans in my home. I want to share more about how you can get started, and how it can benefit you and your family as well.

I’m going to share a little bit about my own family and how hair analysis is helping us and guiding me to come up with a game plan for my children to help support their health exactly where each person’s health is at. Both simply through a non-invasive test and through supplements, diet and lifestyle.


Hair analysis is a great tool. It’s non-invasive and anyone can do it. I currently have over 150 clients that I’m working with on a hair tissue mineral analysis and a nutritional game plan. A number of these clients are also entire families working on their balancing their health together. It’s a very cool thing once you get this test done and you actually can see a picture into each family member’s current metabolic health. It basically measures an average of mineral accumulation over a three month period of time and really reflects a long term metabolic activity.

It’s an advantage because it does not vary from your day to day body chemistry due to stress, diet or other factors like that. A lot of people will go and get blood work done and the blood work would show a normal activity. The reason why is because the blood pH works really hard to stay regulated even at the expense of the body tissues. So, it could take a really long time for an imbalance in the body to show up in the blood.

So, the nice thing is, with hair analysis, we can see things a lot more quickly and we can work to correct and prevent health conditions down the road. It’s really helpful.

So, I got my entire family started on an overall health plan including supplements, diet, rest, sleep and exercise . The reasons why, namely are because I’m very passionate about maintaining health. It’s extremely important to me as a single mother. My families health and well being is my number one priority. Without me being healthy, how am I going to manage to take care of all these kids, right? Without my kids staying healthy, it will be very hard for me as a single parent to manage an already challenging situation.

Mom (&Dad’s) Health Needs To Be A Huge Priority

So, I prioritize our health and make it a very big deal. Through hair tissue mineral testing, I was able to see how much the years of stress have ravaged my body and depleted my minerals.  Now I have a very clear and specific plan to correct it all. It could take some time, but it’s a very guided and simple forward motion to go with.

So, thankfully, I was able to start to that and keep myself very stable with it. Some of the things that I’ve noticed, personally, for me are that I‘ve done better at dealing with stress.  I’m quite a bit more calm, I sleep much better and I have a lot less aches and pains. Which is funny because I didn’t think I did have aches and pains, but then when I noticed they were gone, I was like “Oh! I guess I was still having some aches and pains”, because I’ve been working on my health for so many years.

In the past, I really had bad health where I had a lot of inflammation and chronic pain that went away when I changed my diet and made some health improvements. So, I wasn’t thinking that that little bit of inflammation I was currently having was such a big deal and it wasn’t noticeable compared to my past experience with chronic pain/inflammation.

So, it’s nice. It was nice to be able to benefit from that and not even really realize it was going to happen. That’s something my clients say too. They notice little, subtle things start to shift and it’s kind of like, “Whoa! I wasn’t expecting that.” So, when you realize minerals are at the foundation of your health, you’ll see it can really help with pretty much anything. Any little health problem you may be facing.

Another thing my hair analysis game plan has helped is my chronic respiratory issues. Asthma was one of my struggles, ever since I was in middle school. While I had managed to get it under control in the past few years, I was still having some temporary flare ups namely in certain seasons. Since I started hair mineral analysis, I have not any need for inhalers, which has been amazing.

So, for those of you out there who have depended on medications, one of the cool things about hair analysis is as you start to really get your body back into balance, you start to really not need those things as much or at all. So, that’s cool. That’s a little bit about me. I plan to share more in depth on my own health in future posts. The best part is, I feel stable with my health which is a huge stress relief. As a parent, when you aren’t feeling good it is extremely difficult to take care of your family well.

Children’s Health, Mood & Behavior

My kids, I have four boys. My oldest is a teenager who’s 16. He doesn’t have any blatant health issues. He does have some subtle ones. He tends to be moody here and there. Actually, he gets more angry and irritable than anything. When he does sports he complains of a lot of aches and pains. Namely, his back and knees. He has had to do physical therapy to help deal with that in the past.

Really, for all of my kids, none of them have any blatant health conditions. Honestly, my concern for them is more the subtle things, the little things and then, their moods, behaviors and some indigestion. So, if your kids seem generally okay, but they have moods that you don’t really like and behaviors that are kind of not so great, balancing their minerals through hair analysis can really help.

You can also get a picture and understand why those behaviors may be there. So, with my eldest, his hair analysis showed he was in a little bit of acute stress and he had low magnesium, about 50% of what it should be.

And I’ll be honest with you, most people are low in magnesium. Today, I haven’t seen anyone who has good magnesium and that’s a very common issue. Magnesium is a very important mineral. It is useful for every function in the body, basically. So, we don’t want to be low in magnesium.

It’s also required for the bones, and the nervous system. And it’s a primary intracellular element. Just to give you a picture, it’s essential for over 600 vital enzymatic reactions in the body. So, when you’re low in magnesium, you’re not going to function quite as well and your mood’s going to be snippy a little (or a lot).

I was able to see some of the markers on his hair analysis that correlated with his mood as well as some of his hormonal patterns and some of his health concerns. I was able to relay that to him and he already was fine with taking supplements and wanting me to kind of help him if he had a health issue at the moment. He was concerned about his health understanding and opened to that though he tends to crave sugar a lot. I was able to see why that was the case as well.

He and I sat down and had a chat about his health. I kept it very short and brief and he was open to listening and kind of thought it was cool. He’s great with taking his supplements every morning all on his own with no reminders from me. It’s been really neat to see how that’s been helping him. Hopefully, that will continue to improve.

My pre-teenager, I’m going to say, he’s the only one in the family who has the complete opposite hair mineral pattern than the rest of us do. I thought that was interesting. We all have a very similar hair pattern except for him. So he’s our odd ball out. It’s funny because we can see that in the day to day as well. We always though he seemed to be a little bit different than the rest of us and now we know why.

He is a little bit more withdrawn and can get really irritable as well. His hair test helped me to see how I can help better support him. It has helped me to have more empathy and understanding as well. One of the things for him that has been very difficult was he’s very picky when it comes to food. He’s actually my pickiest. All the rest of the kids seem to be okay with most foods and he’s the picky one. So, I’ve had to work more with him on diet and kind of collaborating with him on what food he likes and will eat that I can help nourish him better with. And there’s sleep and a few other things. But it’s hard to get a lot of supplements into him.

So, I’m sharing that because I know other moms are concerned about their kids who can be picky or they don’t want to take supplements. Even just a little bit can go a long way. So, we’re working slower with him than the other kids just because that’s where he’s at. I’m seeing a little bit more open mindedness as we go along, which hopefully will just continue. I’m keeping my patience there with that, but I’m hoping that things will start to shift better for him. After all, he is a pre-teen, this age is challenging in more ways than one.

Then, my next child is nine going on ten. He would be more classified as a little bit hyper. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that he was necessarily ADHD, but kind of those types of behaviors, more hyper, persistent. He’s a sweet kid, very happy, but he can have some hyper behaviors.

Hair tissue Mineral analysis test

One of the things that was really helpful was to see that that’s really true. With his mineral pattern, he was very low in sedative minerals and very high in sodium, potassium and manganese. That really correlated with his behavior. [The image above shows his first 3 hair tests: The first one was a typical AD/HD – hyper pattern. His body was under extreme stress. The second one the pattern showed much improvement and by the 3rd one, he moved completely out of the pattern – showing a significant improvement in mood, behavior and a sense of greater calmness]

So, once we got more sedative minerals into him and brought down those high markers of sodium and potassium, he really calmed down a lot. It’s been great since. It’s a little more peaceful around here because of that. He is no longer in that pattern at all. He responded extremely well to his protocol in a very short amount of time (4 months).

I also have one more child. He’s seven going on eight and he probably has had the most challenges of all the kids. If you have several kids, what you have to realize as a mom, is that every time you have a baby, you give that baby about 10% of your mineral stores. Whether it’s a good mineral store or you have toxic metals or whatever it may be, you’re passing along your current mineral pattern to your child.

Each child will get a bit of your mineral stores and deplete you a little bit further. So, by the time you have your third or fourth kid, if you haven’t purposely spent time really rebuilding your minerals (which nobody does because nobody talks about that these days, right? Nobody teaches us that, so it’s nobody’s fault that it’s not happening, but I’m here to tell you about it so you can be aware), what’s going to happen is each child is going to come along and they’re going to get a little bit less, a little bit less and a little bit less.

So, you’ll find that parents with several children, maybe their younger child has a little bit more health issues than the older ones may.

My youngest had a lot of trouble in school, a lot of behavioral issues. And so the hair analysis was a godsend for him, especially, because it really helped me feel at peace knowing why he was the way he was. And it gave me a plan to help get started and help correct it.

He has come a long way. Just the other day my dad said, “You know, I can really tell he’s calming down a lot.” And that was really great to hear. He has been doing great. We still have some work to do for sure (and we always will so long as we live in this planet). I am so happy to see my kid shifting towards more and more calm stable moods. It really gives me a greater sense of peace to see the steady shifts toward improvement.

Balance the Whole Family, Bring Greater Peace To Your Home

It’s kind of difficult when there are four kids in one small house and everyone’s got a mood or behavior problem. That can get overwhelming. So, this has been well worth my time, effort and money to figure through hair analysis what to do for my children and give them supplements to support their bodies.

Understanding Metabolism

The other cool thing is when you look at the mineral patterns, you can determine someone’s, what we call, oxidation rate. This just tells us how the body is metabolizing food. It’s basically how you’re burning the food, how you’re converting the food you eat into energy.

This is important to know to understand how much you and your children need to eat. What macro-nutrients to focus on for each person, and what foods may not be ideal based on each person’s oxidation and mineral patterns. If I had a $1 for every time I heard a mom complain about how the whole family wouldn’t all eat the same foods and be happy, I’d be loaded. It can help so much to know how to plan your family meals and groceries when you know what each person’s unique needs are.

There are several different types of oxidation. There’s slow, fast and mixed. Well, three of my kids were fast, which is why they’re always eating and I’m always buying groceries. Now that I know this, I’m like, ”Okay! Well, this is great because I can help start to give them the foods that would slow them down. So, I’ll fill them up with all those foods.” And as we’re correcting, their metabolism should slow down and hopefully they’re not going to eat nearly as much.

But when you have these really fast oxidizers (which two of my kids were at first), they eat a lot of food. And so when I’m working with some of my clients, the moms of these kids who have fast oxidation and hyper behaviors and really low sedative minerals, these kids are moving a lot, they are eating constantly and the parents are a little bit conflicted because, “Well, I don’t want to let them keep eating, but my goodness, if they aren’t going to be stable if they don’t, then I guess I’m going to have to.” So, once they see this pattern and understand that it can be corrected, it’s such a relief. It’s also helpful on the long term budget, a bit. So, it’s kind of cool there.

But anyway, the oxidation rate is important to understand as well through looking at your hair analysis and this just tells us more about how your body’s working in general and then we can give dietary suggestions as well. It’s so cool.

And I just wanted to tap in and share a tiny bit more about the hair analysis and how I’m using it for my family and with my clients so that you could maybe get a little bit of a better glimpse into what it’s like and what it’s about and consider if it’s something that you may want to do for your own family. Anyone on the planet could benefit from this test, whether they think their health is fine or not. You may find some patterns that are worth finding out about now versus later and you can really get on a game plan to feel better.

I hope that was helpful and I will be back soon to share more about minerals and health and how this whole hair analysis process works along with some testimonies as well.

Create YOUR Families Health Game Plan

If this post resonated with you and you really are ready to get YOUR family on a game plan to improve their health – I do offer family discounts when you sign 2 or more family members up at the same time.

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