What Does A Hair Analysis Game Plan Entail?

by lydia on April 25, 2015

How many of you are on a mission to gain your health back? Raise your hand.

Today, more than ever is a time to take your health seriously. Most people alive need to regain their health not just prevent future serious illness or disease. The modern world has not been very kind to our bodies to say the least.

Working with clients one-on-one through hair tissue mineral analysis, has been both extremely useful and enlightening. Hair analysis is a non-invasive test to help identify specific mineral levels in the body, as well as deficiencies and imbalances.

It’s also great because hair is so easy and convenient to obtain. You don’t need a doctor to do this test, you just need a simple test kit that gets sent to a lab and receive a graph of your personal biochemistry basically. It’s a highly accurate way to test tissue mineral levels.

Hair analysis extremely useful quite frankly, this test really could be one of the most important health tests of all (and I’m not even biased because I have my whole family doing hair analysis). It really gives you so much bang for your buck in terms of information about your entire biochemistry at present. It’s really an extremely reliable method to gain insights into your metabolic activity within about a three-month window of time.

Some people will get quick results as far as feeling great. They feel a lot better quickly. And some people, it’s just very subtle and forward slow motion. Some people are going to be able to start to feel a bit better, but maybe need a little bit more than just a hair analysis to help work on correcting things for them.

What Does A Hair Analysis Game Plan Entail?

Generally speaking, a hair analysis game plan will start to correct underlying health issues and it can take some time. Some people are willing to just do that, some people may need a little bit more help.  In some cases, other functional test may need to be done to help them get just a little bit more support. This is so they can feel better and target more issues based on what the HTMA may be showing as well while waiting for the biochemistry to really kind of be corrected.

Hair analysis is the perfect place to start to get enough powerful information to create a plan for healing.

Diverse Hands Holding the Words Game Plan

I hope that this information really helps you understand a bit better what the hair analysis entails, what it’s about. If you choose to sign up for a hair tissue mineral analysis with me here is what will happen. Your hair test kit will come in the mail and it will have instructions on it on exactly how to cut your hair. You’ll also get information from me on what to expect from your program.

Basically, we have a little bit of time to wait until you get your test results back once you sign up and we have our consultation.  In the meantime, you will benefit from a training session, as well as a unique and private e-mail newsletter with additional information, encouragement tips and so forth. It’s just nice to be able to have that to benefit from to help you get your mind around some of the concepts and feel less confused.

My goal is to really educate people so that they are as equipped as possible, but also to do it in bite-sized chunks, so that it’s assimilable and not overwhelming. The last thing I want to do is overwhelm someone who’s already not feeling so great.

When you get started working with me through a hair analysis, please understand that your success is my success. I really do want to see people get benefits. It’s very important to me. I like to keep in touch with my clients and that’s why I offer e-mail support and e-mail support has proven to be very beneficial to many people (especially if they utilize my support and ask me questions). I’m here to help!

I make sure that everyone understands that I’m there and I want to be able to help them process through. A one hour (often longer) phone call and a report on paper isn’t always enough for people. I feel that they could use further support, a little more hand holding.

I think we all probably would agree that that’s how we would like to be treated when it comes to our health. We want someone who cares and someone who can really help us troubleshoot because the truth is the healing process can be a little messy, so to speak.

When you get started on your game plan, you may have questions. Things may come up that you don’t understand. And the truth is that not everyone responds the same to  supplements or the same protocols or they may have certain reactions. That’s why I offer additional support to make sure that if something comes up, we can talk about it and we can make adjustments if we need to. The good thing is that we plan for things and do not always expect healing to be a linear process. That’s simply not how our bodies really work.

So far this process has been very helpful to many people. If you are someone who is really interested in taking action, getting on a game plan, avoiding confusion and really taking forward strides with your health, then I really think hair analysis is something that will be great for you to gain clarity and direction.

A lot of people that I work with – the majority are women, but I do work with men as well. I work with families. I work with babies. I work with people in their 70s. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can get a hair test and it can be very helpful.

Children can really respond more quickly – not always, but usually, children will respond more quickly to the supplements and diet tweaks and they don’t need anywhere near as much as an adult. It can be a nice way to help your child feel better in a short amount of time. It’s definitely awesome for kids and awesome for moms to feel a bit of relief in knowing what to do with their child.

I’ve been a nutritional therapy practitioner for several years now. And even though I have a lot of information and understanding about health, I still had some issues with a couple of my children. It just took too much emotion sometimes because I felt like I didn’t know exactly what to do, because I wasn’t seeing certain results. And once I started hair analysis, I knew exactly what was going on based on their hair tests and I could understand their personality, their moods and their behaviors better. It gave me a sense of hope and relief to know that this would improve over time. Read more about my family’s game plan through hair tissue mineral analysis here.

Every single one of my kids has improved and become a lot more stable. We’ve seen a lot of progress with our health. And it wasn’t really that anybody was outrightly sick in my family. It was just subtle things that I think a lot of us don’t necessarily attribute to as a health issue because so many kids today have behavior issues. We have teens or pre-teens and they have moods. We just assume that that’s normal. Well, it’s common, but it’s not normal. These kids need help. They need support.

So, if you have children and you want them to have a great childhood and have a wonderful transition into puberty and have a healthy body, so that they can have a healthy family themselves one day, this is such a great way to really support your child’s health overall.

Children go to the doctor and they just get weighed and measured and their blood pressure and just basic stuff like that, but we can’t see into the body and what’s going on by a basic doctor visit. If there’s something really wrong, we can go to a doctor and get troubleshooting. But if there are just simple things that could lead to further problems down the road, we can’t figure that out. There’s usually never any talk about prevention, diet, nutrition at all.

Family Walking Through Autumn Woodland

If you want to raise a healthy child, hair analysis is such a great thing because it gives you a game plan for your child to work on. And it can be done. It’s affordable. I think people worry a lot about the cost I think the cost has to be really weighed. Are you looking to save money now or are you looking for a long term health and wellness?

Families can do this whole process through HTMA together. I do offer a discounted rate for those who want to do several family members at one time ( I call it my family savings plan). It’s also nice to do it as a family because sometimes kids or others may need the same or similar dietary plan or even supplements. It can actually be a little bit more cost effective. It helps mom to know what to feed the family. Hopefully dad’s helping too. We always assume that it’s the woman that does this, but dads can help, too. Kids can even help. It’s great when they can understand a little bit better about their own health, too.

My kids actually find it interesting even though they may kind of act weird when I try to talk to them about it, but they’ve all displayed an interest in their own health. I think it feels cool to them to know more about their body. I think it’s important for kids to better understand the correlation between their health, moods and what foods and nutrients their body needs to feel good in general.

In a future post, I’m going to talk a little bit more about the actual ratios that we look at in a hair analysis. I will explain the different pairs of minerals that help regulate critical psychological and physiological function. The ratios are more important than the individual mineral readings that you’ll see on the lab graph. People will look at their hair test results and look at these individual minerals and think, “Oh, my word! My magnesium is so high and I was taking magnesium. Oh, gosh! I shouldn’t be taking it.” Well, that’s not the case. It’s really important to let the practitioner guide you on this and help you assess this. That’s why it’s important to work with someone. But I want to talk about the mineral ratios because I think some people may want to understand more deep information about what they are getting from this test.

Stay tuned for that and thanks so much for reading this post, I hope you found it helpful.



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