Chocolate Banana Mineral-Power Smoothie

by lydia on September 19, 2015

I am a mom of four boys and also a nutritional therapist (not a nutritionist or dietician per se, but more like a health coach). I work with individuals via hair tissue mineral analysis, including my entire family, to create a game plan to implement that helps support overall health.

Through hair analysis and my past studies through the Nutritional Therapy Association, I was able to better understand my youngest son’s hyper and volatile behaviors and create a plan to help him. Through his hair analysis I was able to see that he was in an extremely fast rate of oxidation. Meaning both his adrenals and thyroid were working on overdrive due to lacking sedative minerals (like calcium, magnesium and zinc) and extremely elevated sodium and potassium. Kids in this pattern would be consider hyperkinetic or likely labeled with  AD/HD (read more here).

To set the stage a bit, when I was pregnant with him, I went through the most difficult season of my life. The most stress EVER, and the first 2 years (while breastfeeding) of his life were just as stressful. I was already depleted when I conceived him – and my magnesium was probably quite low (I had numerous health issues that correlate with magnesium deficiency most of my life). Mineral deficiency in mom is carried to her unborn children.

In kindergarten he had a lot of behavioral issues in school – 1st grade was a nightmare. So bad that it took several adults to manage him on a daily basis we then had to get him an IEP and move him to a different school (first of all, I think that the first grade curriculum and structure is ridiculous in it’s expectations of boys but that is another story – he was clearly volatile). We switched him to a small school with a behavioral program where he had to go through an evaluation with the school psychiatrist.

The school psychiatrist clearly told me she did not think he had AD/HD or any diagnosable issue. Yet, she still recommended I get him on meds to better ‘manage’ his behaviors.

I firmly said NO.

It wasn’t until he began his 2nd grade year that I ran an HTMA on him. When I got the results back – I was shocked. I grieved a bit and was really softened to the why behind his struggles and then I was relieved. I now knew what he needed.

His pattern was a severely hyperkinetic one – sky high tissue sodium and potassium and extremely low tissue calcium, magnesium and zinc, elevated manganese and aluminum, very low copper. His ratios were scary extreme to me at the time because I was new to it. BUT it gave me hope anyway and a plan of action -something which I really did not have up until then.

You see even though I was an already practicing NTP (nutritional therapy practitioner) and had plenty of knowledge about health – I had no idea what HIS biochemistry even looked like. I had run blood tests and allergy panels and saw some improvements with our efforts to that end -but nothing like I got from the HTMA.

Here are some of the behaviors he had:

  • Extreme volatility – fly off the handle rage – cursing -not able to calm down without physically assisting him out of a room into a place where he could finish his melt downs.
  • trouble sleeping through the night or going to bed on his own
  • poor social skills, he could not be trusted around peers without supervision (it was difficult for him to make friends or have play dates)
  • refusal to write/writing was a huge labor
  • challenge to read -would give up and throw fits out of embarrassment.
  • would come home from school and throw his back pack down and throw fits about how terrible school was.
  • non-stop movement (literally bounced off the walls)
  • EXTREME appetite/voracious was never satiated
  • eczema
  • severe bed wetting – through a pull up and a bed mat
  • extremely loose bowels that were whitish gray
  • numerous sensory issues, including extreme fear of stickers
  • verbal issues – fast utterances and a slight lisp and also he would say a sentence then repeat himself not out loud but with his lips

Within 2 weeks he started calming down a bit with the new supplements and the changes in his diet – I could tell.

He was just a sweet kid in a minerally depleted body.

I’m happy to report that ALL of the above is now gone. He is still active and still eats a fair bit but nothing compared to before.

Once I knew what we were dealing with I was able to know better what foods he needed to be more balanced and what supplements as well. One big issue was his never-ending hunger. Why? Because he burned through his fuel at a rapid rate. So I had to feed him WAY more often and make sure he got plenty of good fats and reduced simple sugars including fruit.

The good news is now he is so much more stable and can eat more variety. One of his favorite snacks to manage his hunger (he still has a pretty good appetite) is a special smoothie I concocted. It makes him happy and I know it’s loaded with the right key nutrients to help keep his mood good.


Christian’s Favorite Smoothie and the rest of my story about helping him are posted over at Raising Generation Nourished, so head on over and read more and get the recipe by clicking the link below:

Chocolate Banana Power Smoothie Created To Promote Focus, Attention, & Mineral Balancing in Children!


Need more insights and support with your overall health? A Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis provides a metabolic blueprint of your unique biochemistry and offers a game plan just right for you! Get started today- click on the banner below.….

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