Is This Hidden Weight Gain Factor An Issue For You?

by lydia on September 24, 2015

There are many reasons that weight gain can be an issue that are not directly related to your diet, as well as some that are, such as hidden food allergies.

When fat is not actually fat……

There are cases in which people carry around extra water weight trapped in their tissues. This water weight contributes to abdominal bloating, face ‘puffiness’ and even cellulite. It could be considered ‘false fat’. This means that the weight is not actually due to additional adipose tissue or true fat, but due to excess water.

Is Stress Making You Fat?

There are several reasons we can have waterlogged tissues such as; consuming too little water or protein, food sensitivities (which can simply be tied to poor digestion and imbalanced minerals), hormonal fluctuations and certain medications. In this email I am going to cover the hidden weight gain factor of hidden food sensitivities.

Hidden Food Sensitivities & Your Bodies Response To Them

Food sensitivities are one of the most common causes of weight gain due to fluid retention, or even by overeating due to ‘craving’s’ for those foods. When you eat a food that you are sensitive to your body will release antibodies in response to them because the body sees them as a foreign substance.

As long as the foreign molecules remain in your tissues your body will hold on to and retain water to help wash away the reactive food particles.

Your body will also produce hormones -let’s start with cortisol and aldosterone which will increase sodium intake. Sodium attracts water to the cells and tissues – also known as water weight gain. Reactive foods also stimulate other hormones that cause water retention in the gut tissues. The histamines that are produced as an immune response to the reactive food also cause blood vessels to expand and contract. This leaks fluid into tissues which sets off another inflammatory response this includes swelling.

Even further compounding the problem food sensitivities  trigger weight gain from adipose tissue. Either from the cravings for these reactive foods or due to the disruption of your metabolism.

That same response also triggers distress mechanisms from various natural chemicals and hormones. First, you will get an ‘endorphin’ rush as endorphins hit your system. This will give you a sense of ‘relief’ that won’t last and once those endorphins fade you will want to recreate that feeling again and crave that reactive food again.

Next your adrenal glands send out epinephrine, norepinephrine and cortisol -this gives you a burst of energy and even a mood lift. Once these hormones dissipate, you may find yourself irritable and fatigued. This will cause you to crave these problematic foods to ‘perk’ you up again and give you that ‘energy’ burst once again.

Did you know that food sensitivities can contribute to insulin resistance as well?

Food sensitivities can be an extremely problematic source of cortisol-induced unwanted insulin production and weight gain. If you have blood sugar issues or any autoimmune issues finding food sensitivities will be a critical piece to healing your body.

What will happen is that your insulin levels become unstable and you experience low blood sugar. When your blood sugar is low you need a quick source of energy so often you will crave carbs, feel weak and unstable.  Sound familiar?

Lastly, levels of your feel good neurotransmitter serotonin will drop. When you eat reactive foods your white blood cells are too busy fighting off the invader to do the job of carrying serotonin to the brain. What will happen is you will crave high-carb foods to help get the serotonin to the brain.

All these hormonal disruptions will seriously affect your metabolism and make putting on those extra pounds all too easy. Additionally, your metabolism is slowed when your epinephrine levels are depleted and this too causes increased fat storage.

Also when your thyroid is not properly functioning due to these hormone signals getting disrupted you can have a hard time losing and even find yourself gaining more weight. Why? The thyroid gland plays a key role in your body’s fat burning processes.

So now what?

If the pattern above sounds eerily familiar to you and/or you’ve never look for food sensitivites yet to day – it’s time to be a detective. A simple elimination diet is a good start and costs you nothing – but can take some time and dedication to determine what foods may be problematic for you.

Testing is a possibility to give you a current starting point. The ALCAT is something your doctor can run for you or you can order yourself. You then need to learn how to cycle and rotate through the lists of foods (usually red/yellow and green). This is just one example of a test you can run there are other options as well.

IF you feel overwhelmed at either of the above and are just ‘not there yet’, at the very minimum I’d suggest getting started on my favorite therapeutic probiotic, Mega SporeBiotic. It will help with any immune reactions and support your body to better tolerate more foods. It does not ‘fix’ food sensitivities per se if they are more extreme but it can help tame the insult from them. To order simply email me:

There is MUCH more that could be discussed on this topic alone, I simply wanted to introduce the idea to you today and give some of you something to think about and some of you something to take action on.

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