No One Has A ‘Medicine Deficit’

by lydia on December 3, 2015

No One Has A 'Medicine Deficit' //

Why is it that people will take their medicine as if their life depends on it, but they won’t take supplements like their life depends on it? This is a question I ask myself since it seems to be a modern mindset that has become pervasive.

Keep in mind, no one has a ‘medicine deficit.’ Rather, everyone alive today has missing nutrients and minerals.

A Senate document in 1936 claimed that 99% of the American people were deficient in minerals. Since that time, we’ve only seen health issues of numerous kinds sky rocket. It can take months to replace even just one depleted mineral in the body – and most people have many minerals deficient as well as imbalances.

99% of the American people are deficient in minerals, and a marked deficiency in any one of the more important minerals actually results in disease…

We do not produce minerals – if it’s not in the soil, it’s not in the food -even the organic label in no way means there are minerals in the food. It’s a good idea to know – that’s why you are here!

Minerals create and build enzymes, without enough minerals you can’t properly digest your food. A conundrum for sure…..often we have to support the digestion first along with mineral supplements to help your body actually retain the minerals that ARE present in your food and supplements.

Enzymes don’t work without minerals. All cells require enzymes to work properly. Your body makes enzymes – there are trillions of enzymes in the body – metabolic enzymes run the body. All enzymes are specific in their fitting the biochemical reactions by which they are designed (like a key to a lock). Where the enzyme meets the site is called an enzyme binding receptor site. Every organ and tissue has its own specialized group of enzymes. Our sense of vibrancy in our bodies often has to do with our level of enzymes.

Enzymes require specific minerals to function.

Enzymes have binding sites and that is where they do their thing, and at these sites, 1-2 minerals are present to help them function and complete the job. Without enzymes or minerals, the body can no longer function.

99% of the American people are deficient in minerals, and a marked deficiency in any one of the more important minerals actually results in disease….


Chromium is a good example because there are two issues here – soil depletion and our diets have also depleted chromium. It’s crucial to insulin function – insulin is a hormone released by the pancreas – hormones function is to deliver messages – their life is dedicated to communication – insulin has more functions than just to lower blood sugar -it’s message or function is to facilitate the entry of glucose into the cell (into the mitochondria or storage for fat). It tells it to go into the cell or to store it – chromium is a trace mineral that works to create enzymatic reactions  – the enzymes that are triggered at the binding site need chromium to work – the enzymes with chromium activates insulins message.

The more insulin used, the more chromium used. Every time there is an insulin action, there is a greater need for chromium. The more chromium used, the more chromium excreted by the kidneys – the more sugar/carbs/stress you have/eat the more chromium that is expended.

Anywhere there is a lot of muscle activity – do the muscles have enough chromium (heart muscle, for example)?  What happens when we are deficient in chromium? Insulin doesn’t work. The body’s system for using and storing energy won’t work if there isn’t enough chromium.  Low chromium can contribute to insulin resistance, especially because with every insulin secretion we use more chromium.

So from this example you can see that it takes minerals to keep our enzymes going to keep key functions in the body going so we do not get diseases and illnesses. While medicine can indeed save your life, it will never repair the underlying problem that caused the issue in the first place. But of course, you all know that…I’m preaching to the choir, right?

I just love sharing more about the massive importance of rebuilding and restoring minerals to the body. It’s better to know your mineral levels and imbalances sooner rather than later so you do not end up needing medication or end up stuck on it long-term when at all possible.

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