3 Key Supplements For Your Beauty Routine

by lydia on March 10, 2016


In our society, generally, beauty is a great signifier of health. Now, there are reasons behind some of these perspectives and those usually circulate around great oral health or having young skin or full hair. Oftentimes, this can be directly tied to getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals into our bodies and assimilating them in a way for our bodies to absorb and use them.

Now I’m all for feeling confident and looking our best, which is why I take the time to be concerned about the personal care products I use and which ones I decide to make on my own. Today, I want to cover with you three supplements that you can consider taking to improve not just your overall health, but more specifically your physical aesthetics. Also, don’t forget that you should always get your beauty rest! It’s more than just a saying and really goes a long way to improving your health and appearance.

Before we jump into the specific supplements, I have to tell you that your body will not assimilate and put to use these vitamins and minerals if you are not taking care of yourself. This begins with consuming healthy fats and oils, making sure you are keeping hydrated, and, like I said before, getting proper sleep!

Beauty Supplement #1 – Liver

If your automatic response is “yuuuuuck!” then I have to break it to you that you need to get past that mental position. Liver is beyond a “superfood.” It is a power-packed superfood that is truly the ultimate multi-vitamin. I recommend this to nearly all of my clients because it adds so much to their overall well-being and health. If you’d like to learn more about everything that comes with liver, go ahead and click here to check out my dedicated post on it!

Here is some additional information that will support you in getting liver into your diet:

I know, I know – this isn’t for everyone and for most it is a flavor that you have to develop a taste for. Which is why I also recommend getting liver into your life through a supplement (capsule) form. Click here to grab my favorite grass-fed liver supplement. As with any supplement protocol that you begin to implement into your diet, start slowly. See how you react to the new addition and don’t take the full dose right away. With liver pills, a good dose is about 4 per day and this can be split up among meals throughout the day.

Beauty Supplement #2 – Whole Food C

We have all heard that we need vitamins over and over again. People often take to popping vitamin C pills when they are feeling under the weather or drinking “their OJ” like it’s going to do anything other than giving them a nasty sugar spike. Unfortunately, there are a lot of supplements out there that are derived from petroleum and are not based on real foods. This is why I recommend “Whole Food C,” specifically. You can learn more about Whole Food C versus Ascorbic Acid in my podcast episode #10. You can also check out my article on The Importance of Vitamin C. Fortunately, Vitamin C can be found in a lot of real whole foods, so we should always be aiming to consume as many as we can. However, with depletion of soil and essential vitamins and minerals in our mass produced foods, we need all the help we can get. This is why I also like to take a Whole Foods C supplement. This can be taken at about 500 mg daily, which can also be split up among meals. Again, work your way up to this to see how this specific supplement effects your body.

Beauty Supplement #3 – Collagen

I’m sure you’ve heard of collagen – it’s in your skin! You know, it’s that essential component to our skin that keeps it looking young and fresh. I’ve covered this extensively in my expose, “How To Never Need Collagen Injections!”, where I also include a recipe to get amazing and healthy collagen into your diet. Collagen is found in your joints, bones, skin, hair and just about everywhere in between. Collagen is a type of protein that helps to give our skin the ability to move, stretch and rebound into shape. As you can see, it is essential for not just our health, but ultimately, our beauty.

You can learn more in the following articles:

When it comes to collagen it can be consumed through soup, rice, and many more recipes. Some of my favorites are “Jell-O” and gummies! This way you can also tell more directly how much you are consuming. One to two tablespoons once or twice a day should be sufficient in getting a beneficial amount of collagen into your diet. Again, take it slowly and see how your body reacts whenever you begin taking something new like this.

When I make gelatin molds or gummies, I prefer to use grass-fed collagen, which you can find from Vital Proteins (the green lid/hot soluble), and for cold soluble collagen to use in smoothies, I use Perfect Supplements Hydrolyzed Collagen.

Here are a few of my favorite recipes:

For me, I have seen a world of difference, from a few years ago, after I began implementing these beauty supplements into my life. I hope they will serve you just as well as they have served me. As always, I do want to let you know that not everyone tolerates these recommendations and that you have to be sensitive to where you are in your health and healing journey. Some individuals systems are more sensitive, and they need to work more slowly or avoid certain things at this point in time. Be sure to work with your health care practitioner on adding in these items.

Are you ready to begin caring for your health and beauty? Or do you have secrets all of your own? Either way, I would love to hear about it in the comments below!


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