Mouth-Watering Decadent Chocolates For Mother’s Day

by lydia on May 1, 2016

I just watched the movie Chocolat this weekend with my sweetie. It’s a sweet story of a woman who relocates with her young daughter to a stifled town and brings it to life with her amazing chocolatiere. Why the chocolaterie has not remained a staple shop in every town across America, I’ll never know. Thankfully, I’ve found a way to still get the most amazing healthy chocolates delivered right to my door.

Back in March, I attended the annual Nutritional Therapy Conference in Portland, Oregon. My colleague and I had a booth set up for our practitioner training program, Holistic Mineral Balancing. We were fortunate enough to be directly across from the Honey Mama’s booth, where they had their chocolates displayed for samples and purchase.

When I made my way over to sample their chocolates, I was more than impressed. I was floored and whisked away by their perfection. These were no ordinary chocolates. They reminded me of the chocolate I used to take the time to make at home myself by hand. Divinely decadent. My colleague had even brought a Trader Joe’s chocolate expresso baton to share, and it tasted vile to me after having had Honey Mama’s handcrafted chocolates.

American’s just don’t have a clue what real-honest-to-goodness chocolate tastes like.


I was able to purchase one of each of Honey Mama’s bars and take them home to share with my kids. Peruvian Raw Cacao-Nectar, Dutch Cacao Nectar, CocoNoNut Nectar, Mayan Spice Cacao-Nectar, Oregon Peppermint Cacao-Nectar, and Lavender Red-Rose Cacao-Nectar. She has since added a new bar, the Nibs & Coffee Cacao-Nectar. My boys only like the bars without coconut meat. That meant I had some bars all to myself, which is never a bad thing, right? The peppermint and lavender were my favorite anyway.

Needless to say, the bars did not last long for my family of five. Thankfully, Christy sent me more samples. They came in a small cooler and do need to be refrigerated in warmer temps and climates. You can find her chocolates in numerous shops, mostly on the west coast (find all locations here), but if you are on the east coast, like me, she does ship. They also would make a fabulous gift for Mother’s Day, Easter, Christmas or Valentine’s Day.

Honey Mama’s Cacao-Nectar Bars are mouth-watering, nourishing treats made from five whole foods that naturally stimulate well-being. Free of soy, eggs, dairy, gluten and grains, they are easy to digest and full of complex flavors and decadent textures to excite and delight the senses.

Honey Mama’s wants the consumer to know everything that goes into making their bars, from start to finish. They are proud of the nourishing ingredients they use and are committed to using only directtrade, nonGMO, and organic ingredients. Since certified organic honey isn’t available in the U.S., they choose to use raw local honey that comes from land maintained by beekeeper Matt Mickleberry in Troutdale, Oregon, who uses 100% sustainable, non-chemical, bee-loving practices.

Intrigued yet? I hope so! I know you will love these amazing chocolates.

HoneyMama's Stack



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