Gluten-Free Family Meal Plan Series: July 17 – 23

by lydia on July 16, 2016

If food sensitivities, digestive issues or other health concerns are forcing you to give up gluten, this one-week, gluten free meal plan should help make your new diet totally doable and delicious to boot. You won’t even miss the gluten.

Every Saturday I share my family’s current gluten-free meal plan – you can find all past meal plans on my recipes page here as well as all of my gluten free recipes.  Since it’s summer now (and all the kids are home from school), we will all have the same breakfast (most of the time), lunch and dinner. I’m only including one meal for Sunday and Saturday.

We eat a whole food, nutrient-dense diet that includes pasture raised meats, eggs, dairy, homemade bone broth, organic and local produce as much as possible, organic fruits, some properly prepared grains, nuts/seeds and legumes, healthy fats/oils, natural sweeteners, fresh herbs, herbal teas and fermented foods.

This past week we ditched one of our planned meals because my 13-year-old was excited to make a certain meal, so I obliged. It’s always great when the kids want to participate in the planning and making meals. I also think it’s a great skill set for kids to learn how to cook real food.

With that said, my son then came up with a huge list of meal ideas he wanted us to start having regularly. He hung out reading all of the cookbooks for a couple hours. So, this week I allowed him to determine two of each of our meals for this week, plus the snacks which he will be in charge of making. He also likes to bake so I’m going to have him do a little prep ahead for the following week (to keep him busy with something to do; he will make this pita recipe).

I will not have recipes or links for every single item in each meal, but I will include the ones that I do or something I found online that is similar to my own. My hope by sharing this one-week, gluten-free meal plan is that I can inspire you in some small way!

Feel free to download and print out my meal plan template here, so you can fill out your own menu with some of the ideas I’m sharing. GFMealPlanJuly17


Late Lunch/Early Dinner: Grilled Chicken Under a Brick (will cut up two whole chickens, grill and save leftovers for meals later in the week), roasted veggie salad (zucchini, peppers, squash and red potatoes) with creamy feta dressing 

*save chicken bones/make broth


Breakfast: Homemade zucchini muffins & cultured butter (using my zucchini bread recipe) with local blueberries

Lunch: Turkey wraps: cucumber sticks, baby spinach, sliced avocado, minced fresh chives wrapped in organic roasted turkey slices, cubed kiwi on the side

Dinner: Healthy ‘Goulash’ – Brown rice spiral pasta from Trader Joes’ with ground turkey and loads of veggies from the garden.


Breakfast: Teff Breakfast Porridge from ‘The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook‘. [Colby wanted to try this]. Topped with sliced peaches and almond slices and a drizzle of honey

Lunch: Fresh spring rolls with veggies, herbs, rice paper wrappers and fish sauce

Dinner: Taquitos with avocado lime dip with a side salad of lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers. [The taquitos are simply sprouted corn tortillas with some taco seasoned beef rolled up and baked – Colby, my 13-year-old, will make this meal]


Breakfast: Homemade zucchini muffins & cultured butter (using my zucchini bread recipe) with local blueberries

Lunch: Turkey wraps: cucumber sticks, baby spinach, sliced avocado, minced fresh chives wrapped in organic roasted turkey slices, cubed kiwi on the side

Dinner: Leftovers for two of us


Breakfast: Canadian bacon and cantaloupe slices

Lunch: Chicken Fajita Salad [Colby will make this meal, with extra for Friday’s lunch]

Dinner: Farmer’s Market Special  – This means dinner will be inspired by what looks good to us at the Farmer’s Market! [Usually some kind of pastured sausage and veggies or seasonal fruit]


Breakfast: German banana cinnamon pancakes and bacon from ‘The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook‘. 

Lunch: Chicken Fajita Salad

Dinner: Skillet Beef Stroganoff [Colby will assist me in making this meal]. We are using this recipe as a template.


Brunch: We are trying out the Smoothie bowl trend today with our version of a chocolate peanut butter smoothie bowl

Snacks & Desserts

Fermented Foods

Fermented foods are a key piece to a healing real food lifestyle. They are key in that they offer such a wide array of benefits to overall health. If done properly, fermented foods can go a long way to support recovering many digestive health concerns. Fermentation is not something most of us grew up with; it’s a lost practice that desperately needs to be revived.  [Read More Here ]

Each week, I like to always have at least 2 brine veggies ferments available (usually carrots and one other veggie), as well as a batch of  beet kvass and water kefir if possible.

*Note: If you have more serious health issues, autoimmune issues that are not under control, serious skin issue, allergies that are not under control, migraines etc…. it is not recommended to get started with fermented foods due to the histamine until you get it under control. Then ferments can be added as a complement to your diet for the health benefits they do provide. Check out my podcast about histamine intolerance here. 


Meal Planning Help

If you’re interested in using a meal planning service, I highly recommend Real Plans.  Real Plans is a meal planning service that you can join (monthly or annually) and have access to their amazing database of recipes. Each week, they map out a meal plan for 5 breakfasts and 6 dinners and some extras to have on hand. It’s very customizable and user-friendly.

What’s on your meal plan for this week? Share in the comments….




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Soli July 16, 2016 at 9:17 am

What it is about the cookbook lure? I tend to avoid a lot of the ones that I have but Whole Life Nutrition is tempting me.

Come to think of it do you have other gf cookbook suggestions? That is one thing lacking on my shelf.

lydia July 16, 2016 at 9:28 am

I actually don’t have a lot of GF cookbooks personally, other than Paleo cookbooks (which I rarely use). Against All Grain has a bunch but seem to use a ton of nut flour for all their baking which, quite frankly, turns me off.

The Whole Life Nutrition is GF and it’s my favorite cookbook currently because it’s nutrient dense foods/real food with traditional prep for modern day. Plus it has a ton of info for newbies that I think anyone can learn from really. I’ve tried quite a number of the recipes and have enjoyed them. I don’t use cookbooks much but I do enjoy a physical object to peruse through more than I do the interweb sometimes 😉

Lisa July 18, 2016 at 10:27 am

How did the Beef Strogonoff turn out? It looks like a good easy recipe I might want to try. I am relieved to see that you can take any recipe from the internet and tweek it because thats what I have been doing! In this one I would change the oil, use grass fed cream instead of sour, and use GF noodles. I might substitute veggies depending on what I have in my fridge. Thanks for the ideas and inspiration!

lydia July 18, 2016 at 1:05 pm

Hi Lisa,

We have been making this recipe FOREVER – we love it! I actually make a much larger batch and use the best quality fats and more veggies as well. You have the right idea 😉 Sour cream is great in this that’s what we use!

Lisa G July 19, 2016 at 11:06 pm

What kind of gluten free wrap do you use for your turkey wraps? I have made my own several times, but have never found a store bought version that seemed good.

Thanks for the meal planning inspiration!

lydia July 20, 2016 at 6:18 am

We actually just do turkey roll ups (no wrap, the turkey is the wrap essentially) if the turkey doesn’t fall apart or lettuce.

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