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by lydia on July 10, 2016

If you’ve been a reader of my site for any length of time, you already know that I have a big passion to educate people on a broad array of health related topics. However, my current #1 favorite topic is MINERALS.


As you may know, I work with moms and families through the use of Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, and other functional diagnostic testing, to create a healthy game plan for optimal health and wellness. It has become my targeted focus. While I believe there are many paths to healing, my favorite starting point is through the use of this one non-invasive test because it provides SO MUCH insight into the body. It gives a huge snapshot and targets the whole body so I can help give a really good corrective plan.

That said, I’ve been doing this ‘blogging thing‘ for a long time and it gets harder and harder to get the message out there through all the various social media avenues. So much so that my reach to share my passion is a lot shorter. Currently, the most effective social media avenue still continues to be Facebook. However, Facebook is making it harder and harder for business pages to get seen without spending a bunch of money on paid advertising (and that is not always in the budget).

So, in light of it all, both my passion for helping families and the challenge to get the word out there, I created a dedicated Facebook group on the subject of Healing with Mineral Analysis. Now, you do not have to have had a hair analysis done yet to join or benefit, so don’t let that hold you back from joining the party. The group is more of a place for me to educate you and for folks to discuss healing the body through mineral balancing.

It’s a fantastic group that is growing and I would love to have you come and join us. I share just about daily – usually on topics that come up during my conversations with clients and other people. Often I like to ‘rant’ a bit and dispel health myths that have been perpetuated. One of my big beefs is how overly obsessed everyone is with taking a lot of vitamin D. That topic really gets me riled and I’ve shared a lot about why it’s a bad idea in the Facebook group (don’t worry, there will be a more in-depth informative podcast on the topic in the near future as well).

To get a better idea of what the group is all about, here is the group description:

Healing With Mineral Analysis is a group to discuss health through the use of an HTMA.

This is an excellent test to help prevent the development of certain conditions, including thyroid disorders. The reason for this is because a hair analysis detects problems at the cellular level. As a result, it can tell you whether you have certain mineral imbalances that need to be corrected, which can help to prevent a thyroid or autoimmune thyroid condition from developing in a healthy person.

This test will also evaluate the heavy metals aluminum, mercury, cadmium, lead, and arsenic. This is an excellent testing method for children, as it is easy and non-invasive. However, just as is the case with saliva-based testing, finding a quality lab is important to obtain accurate readings.

I use Trace Elements Labs because they are one of the few labs which don’t wash the hair sample right before analyzing it, which can affect the results.

Every mineral has an effect on every other mineral. It is scientifically impossible to change the level of even one mineral without simultaneously affecting the levels of ALL other minerals.

This group is to discuss healing your body with minerals through the use of hair tissue mineral analysis!


The Role of Minerals in the Body //
It is always best to TEST and not guess as to what may be going on in your body or what you individually need to supplement with or do dietary wise. If you decide to take any actions in your diet or supplementation based on what you read on my site or in my Facebook group, I take can’t take responsibility for your outcome. I am very keen to avoid the dangers of random internet advice offered so abundantly in numerous Facebook groups as well. I like to try to keep it smart and safe! I would love to have you join the group if you are on Facebook – join HERE.

Need more insights and support with your overall health? A Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis provides a metabolic blueprint of your unique biochemistry and offers a game plan just right for you! Get started today- click on the banner below.…….



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Ann Bolger July 10, 2016 at 4:48 pm

Interested My phone is 314-853-0063 I live in Crescent City. Please call.

lydia July 10, 2016 at 4:58 pm

Hi Ann – it’s a Facebook group, simply click on the link it will take you to the group and you can request to join.

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