Survey Says? The Results Are In!

by lydia on July 22, 2016

For those of you who took the time to take the survey I put out last week, I just want to say a big hearty “THANK YOU” from the bottom (and rest of) my heart! I appreciate your time and feedback immensely.

For anyone who reads my site regularly and has not yet taken the survey, you can do so by CLICKING THIS LINK. It’s not too late, your feedback is always welcome!

Survey Sign On A Wooden Table

Survey Says!!!

[Anyone remember watching Family Feud as a kid?  Oh my word, I remember loving that show! The one infamous for the above title, in case you now think I’m totally ADD].

Now, back to the post at hand…I decided it could be kind of cool to share the results with you. Partly because you helped to influence some positive changes around here as well as help me get clarity about the direction I’m going in with the site, which I find totally exciting and I hope you will too.

So let’s dive in! I’ll post only about the questions that mostly pertained to you to try and keep it from getting way too long.

Social Networks You Are Active On

The majority of you said Facebook, which does not surprise me, which is also the network I am most active on as well, with Pinterest being second. I haven’t really tapped into Instagram much (a girl can only do so much). Plus, I have a practice of clients to run, so I can’t wear myself thin. I do plan to slowly integrate more time onto Instagram because I now have someone managing my social media – Woot! Find my main page on Facebook here and feel free to join my Healing with Mineral Balancing Facebook group here.

How You Felt About How Often I Post on the Blog

The majority said it was just right. Some said they can’t keep up and some said they would like to see more. My goal at this point is consistency which has been something I have not been great about all these years. I’m a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda gal a lot of the time. When I’m hot, I’m hot, and when I’m not, well….you get the idea. Generally speaking, you can expect me to post on the blog between 3-5 times a week.

The Blog Posts You Enjoy Most

This was a question you could choose multiple answers:

Recipes came in first place, posts on adrenal health second, then the gluten-free meal plan series (which I was so relieved to read), next was The Vibrant Health Podcast, and then kids’ health.

There was also a category for ‘other’ in which many of you commented to share what you liked that was not on my list. Many folks said thyroid health, gut health, and minerals.

It was actually a relief to see you chose what you did because the top 3 you did choose are where I spend most of my focus. Just so you know, I do plan to bring back more posts on gut health and will be posting much more about thyroid health in the future too. My client base has me much more well-versed in thyroid health than I ever had planned out of necessity, so I know it’s a biggie for many of you too.

The Vibrant Health Podcast

A large number of you, over 50%, stated you have not yet listened but plan to. Only 16.9% stated they listen and love it and 20.5% or so stated they were not interested in podcasts. Then there were a number of comments in the ‘other’ selection – many which stated they either didn’t know I had a podcast or that they prefer to read versus listen.

A couple of things about the podcast – First, episodes will start airing again in September. We took a break for the summer so you could have plenty of time to catch up on episodes, and we could get a chance to catch our breath and plan as well as get a bunch done so we are ahead of the game.

That said, I would like to point out, for the folks who do not care for podcasts or would rather read than listen, we post the show notes in every single post for each episode. We used to have the podcast transcribed, which cost us money and got a little expensive, so we streamlined and created our show notes instead. We also felt the transcription read kind of funny – it was word for word of our conversation, which sometimes did not make total sense to the reader and took away from the context of actually listening to us talk.

We plan to complete our second full year of the podcast and then reassess how it’s going. But, we really do appreciate your feedback on this venture and would love to get more comments about the show so we can also include your ideas into the mix.

Please check out all of  The Vibrant Health Podcast episodes here.

The Results are In words in newspaper headlines to illustrate vo

What You Like Most About My Blog

These comments were priceless to me and one of my favorites about this survey. Here are some of the most popular things you like about my site:

  • Gluten-free recipes
  • Information in general
  • My knowledge, tips, insights, wisdom, encouragement and passion (Awe shucks, you guys!)
  • Easy to understand
  • Realistic and practical
  • The variety of subjects covered

Here are a few of my favorite comments:

~ You have the BEST information. A true teacher. Thank you for all the energy you put into it all!

~ I love your authenticity, relatability, soft selling, useful information, expertise, intelligence, and fun.

~ The tips you give that you can do yourself at home to improve your health, like the Himalayan salt mixed in coconut water. That simple mixture helps me so much!

~ You are a wealth of information and it is information I know I can trust. You truly want to fix our sick bodies.

~ The way you are down to earth and practical. You write about things that pertain to everyday life.

Making Content More Helpful for You

Many of you said I don’t need to do a thing and that they are great as they are. Thank you for that vote of confidence!

A few things that you did share to make it easier to find my content were:

  • Please add a ‘more popular’ posts on the side since posts are not categorized.
  • A directory or location to go to find exactly what I’m looking for.

These comments were helpful because I had all intentions to help categorize the content of my site to make it easier for people to look up old posts specific to their topic of interest, so your comments gave me the push to get it done.

Good news! There is now a drop down for ‘Categories’ in my sidebar that you can use to help you find what you are looking for. Just click and scroll through the categories. When you choose one, it will take you to a page with all the blog posts in that category that you can start to look through. We’ve already started filling up the categories, the adrenal category and kids’ health category have been updated already.

We also added a ‘Popular Posts’ option that shows the 5 most popular posts on my site at present (this will change as certain posts are trending). I hope this helps you out. Let me know if you want to see more than five at a time.

Your ‘Collective’ Age, Gender, Stage of Life and Location

Age surprised me a little but not entirely. My target ‘market,’ if you will, really is to women in their 30-50s. 38% of you are 55 and over, 27%  are 46-55 and 21.5% of you are 36-45 (which is my age bracket) and 10.5% of you are 26-35.

Very few readers are under that age bracket and a number of folks actually checked off ‘Other’ and stated they were seniors or in their 70s. So, it looks like I’m reaching those of you who I tend to target in my content. I’m happy to have all ages here, by the way. I just know my information at large will be more relatable to that particular age range (30-50’s).

Gender was no surprise since I am a woman and mother writing to other women and mothers. 94.5% of you are women. The 5.5% male population is mostly here for the health information. It’s great to have the guys here too!

The majority of you are married (60%) with kids still at home (31.8%), and about 22.2% of you have grandkids. In terms of employment, most of you work out of the home, with work from home second and finally the smallest portion were unemployed (many of that category being stay-at-home mothers or homeschool mothers). 21% of you are single. I happen to fall in the category of single, kids at home and work from home (just in case anyone wondered). The two categories that were the smallest percent were those in college and those who don’t have kids yet but hope to some day.

The majority of you (73.3%) live in the United States, a small number of you live in my neck of the woods (about 3.5%). And other countries represented included (in order of ranking): Canada, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

Online Store

I asked this knowing that the answer would likely be most of you did not even know about my store. This is because I had not publicly announced it yet, but I was still curious to see if you had noticed the green SHOP tab in the top right corner of my site.

I have spent about nine months getting the store ready and have been using it with all of my clients to make it convenient to get all their needs for their protocols before I shared it at large. I had to work out all the kinks and so forth first. So stay tuned, I’ll be posting more about that in the fall. In the meantime, go check it out. You can see from the screenshot below where you can find it to access.


Free Ebooks

This feature was added in the past couple months. Over the past couple of years, I’ve been releasing my ebooks as a gift/incentive to my join my email newsletter. I finally decided to put them all in one place since folks who have joined at different times may have only received the one that was available at the time they signed up.

If you happen to be reading this and are not yet a part of my newsletter, you can learn more about the ebooks and sign up by CLICKING THIS LINK.

For those of you who already receive my newsletter, please be looking for a reminder in each email at the very end (after my signature) where you can click and be directed to a page where you can download all SIX of my FREE ebooks. Pretty cool, right?

Custom Designed Courses You Suggested

Wow! This section blew me away. There were so many great suggestions, where to start?!

One main theme I heard throughout the suggestions was that many of you need information in easy to assimilate bite-sized tidbits due to time and the lack of energy to focus on much more. And I totally hear you! I’ve been seeing a trend of information overload for many years now, that my gut is telling me to focus on 21-day challenges and mini courses.

The top topics you collectively seemed to want in a paid course were: energy/motivation/gut healing/how to heal adrenals and thyroid as well as help with transitioning to a real food way of life and all the steps it takes to do it. Many folks also commented they wanted more help with their HTMA (hair analysis) game plans.

The good news is – I’ve already got plans towards many of your ideas. I also have a course already created and available that fits the bill for many of your suggestions. My 30 Days To Vibrant Health program will be available again next month. Stay tuned!

Some of you would like to go deeper than that. Some of you want more in-depth training with regular group calls to help you keep you on your honest side and stick with the changes you are implementing. You want a longer term program to help keep you on track and reinforce the steps that need to be taken. You also want a community of folks who are going through the same program to help inspire you and to benefit from their questions. I hear you as well and have something already in the works, so stay tuned for that!

30 Days To Vibrant Health – Winners!

Phfew! You made it through to the end…thanks for sticking with it. For those of you would entered to win a spot in the  30 Days to Vibrant Health program, if you are one of the 3 lucky winners you will receive an email from me to notify you. You will be able to join along in the next round.

To those who did not win but are still interested, I am opening the doors back up to this program soon. It has been a labor of love to share with you how to organize, prioritize and educate so that you can enjoy good health. All the baby steps to create healthy habits are broken down for you so that you can integrate them with greater ease into your life.

Again, thank you so much to all who took the time out to fill out my survey. It has given me a lot of invaluable feedback to utilize! Until next time…



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