7 Simple Tips to Boost Your Healthy Lifestyle

by lydia on April 26, 2017

7 Simple Tips to Boost Your Healthy Lifestyle // divinehealthfromtheinsideout.com

You are on a mission to increase your energy and feel happy and alive in your body, so you start making changes to your diet and lifestyle so you can benefit.

Yet, along the way, you realize it’s harder to navigate this whole “getting healthy” business and you start to get overwhelmed.

Ever happen to you?

Well, I hear this kind of scenario all the time – it can take a lot of time to really learn what is optimal for you, food wise, alone.

That’s why I’ve been sharing my weekly video series: ‘What’s In My Cart’ – to help teach you as I do what I naturally have been doing for years. Many of my tip ideas come from conversations with my clients, and in this video, I’ve got 7 tips for you that came straight from questions clients had.

Here are the 7 tips I go into in the video:

  1. Why Quality Dairy Matters – When determining dairy quality, you’ll want to look at the health of the animals it’s coming from and make sure they are being raised in healthy environments (cage-free, pasture-raised, not being fed GMO corn and soy, etc.). Always remember that the less processed a food is, the better it’s for you and the easier it is on your body, especially if you suffer from IBS, dairy intolerance, or any other problems. Otherwise, if you buy poor quality dairy products, your body may have issues with it.
  2. Glass vs. Plastic – Plastic may be convenient to use, but it can do more harm to your body than you think (and the environment). There are many dangers from the chemicals in plastic that can cause a variety of health issues. Glass keeps food safer, enhances the flavor of food, and in the long-run, saves you money because you don’t have to buy glass containers as often.
  3. Avoid Carrageenan and Vitamin D2 in Store-Bought Almond & Coconut Milks – These are very dangerous additives that you should try to avoid at any cost. Vitamin D2 and carrageenan are so toxic and inflaming to our body’s digestive system that even the International Agency for Research on Cancer (part of the World Health Organization) has formally classified it as a potential human carcinogen.
  4. Why You Should Use More Turmeric Paired with Black Pepper – This dynamic duo helps you get all the benefits of turmeric that your body needs. On its own, turmeric does not get absorbed into our bodies efficiently because of the rapid metabolism of the turmeric in the liver, which also means you don’t absorb the key ingredient – curcumin. However, when you use these two spices together, the piperine in the black pepper helps to increase the absorption of curcumin within the body.
  5. The Benefits of Sourdough Gluten-Free Bread – When sourdough bread is made the old fashioned way and goes through a long fermentation process, the good bacteria is able to break down the carbohydrates and gluten in the bread, which is easier to digest and allows our bodies to absorb all of the nutrients that is released during this process.
  6. How to Ditch Refined Carbs and What to Replace Them With – Be sure to review labels of the products you buy and be on the lookout for added sugar and other ingredients your body doesn’t need. Choose healthy sweeteners instead, like honey, maple syrup, and molasses. Regularly eating foods high in fiber will help to regulate your blood sugar levels and help you feel fuller longer. You can also replace refined carbs with healthy fats, like avocados, nuts, olives, olive oil, and coconut oil. By eliminating these carbs, you’ll be lowering your risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and many other serious medical conditions.
  7. Organic Worm Castings for Your Urban Garden – Worm castings are jam-packed with essential nutrients and minerals, such as phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. When used in your garden, these castings extract toxins and other harmful bacteria and fungi in the soil, prevent extreme pH levels (too high or too low) so plants can absorb nutrients from the soil, increase the soil’s absorption of water, reduce carbon and increase nitrogen levels in the soil, and stimulate plant growth.

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