Why Sleep Eludes You & What You Can Do

by lydia on April 20, 2017

Why Sleep Eludes You & What You Can Do // divinehealthfromtheinsideout.com

Are you sleep deprived? Do you feel tired during the day? Do you constantly wake up a few hours after falling asleep, and find it hard to get back to sleep?

Believe it or not, SLEEP is the #1 issue every client I have ever worked with struggles with to varying degrees!

Sleep is a such an integral part of your health picture. Not getting enough consistent quality sleep can hinder weight loss, affect hormones, and deeper healing.

You see, the human body runs on a daily cycle, also known as our circadian rhythm. Every cell has an internal clock telling it the time of day. If one is in good health, these clocks work in sync, the circadian rhythm is synchronized and optimal health can be had. When our circadian rhythms are off balance or disrupted, disease can set in.

So, in this video training, I am going to share with you how to create strategies to improve your sleep so you can show up daily at your very best!

Are you ready?! Just click the play button on the video below to learn more about the tips I have to improve your sleep!

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