How to Go from Stressed to Thriving

by lydia on May 9, 2017

What I am sharing today is for you if you are stressed, burned out, exhausted, and ready to make that all go away!

You may have heard me talk about my own health journey and how I recovered from severe debilitating adrenal fatigue due to the constant barrage of stressors in my life; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual that went on for decades.

Today, I want to share more of my story with you (I shared this in my live video in my Facebook community, but I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss it ).

It’s about my personal health journey of how I went from stressed to thriving!

How to Go from Stressed to Thriving //

To me, thriving means waking up daily happy to be living the life I live. It means I wake up able to do things I once was not when my health crashed and I finally realized that I had adrenal exhaustion, to now being able to wake up and make breakfast for my kids in the morning with the chance to bond with each of them. It means I can take leisurely walks during the day and actually have the energy to get in my 10,000 steps. It means I get to wake up and do the work I love with clarity and a clear mind. It means I have more than enough energy to do all that I need to do and to earn income. It means I have the energy to be a mom to my four boys and help them with homework, go on hikes in the woods, make them dinner, and even cook dinner together. And, it means I have some energy left at the end of the day to enjoy time for myself.

It was back in 2009 when I decided enough was enough and decided to turn it all around – I was not happy; I was not healthy. I knew I had a better life ahead of me and I wanted a chance to experience it.

At that time, I had four kids (my youngest was 2), and I had served my ex with divorce papers.  I. could. barely. make. it. through. a. single. day.

I remember taking the boys to camp every day that summer, and I only had enough energy to pack them up and all their camp stuff and drive them to the YMCA. I remember driving through McDonald’s drive-thru on the way because I couldn’t even make them breakfast, and I felt terribly guilty about doing it, but I just could not even muster the energy to feed them myself.

At that time, I also didn’t have any energy to figure out how I was going to earn money, to provide for my kids. I also felt terrible shame that I was so unable to be the fully loving capable mom I wanted to be for them.

Because of my own confusion, apathy, poor mood, and severe health issues, like reactive hypoglycemia (where I’d go into any store and almost pass out or get lightheaded and blurry vision), I literally was a slave to managing my own health. I could barely get through the day taking care of four young kids without any help.

I was so stressed out falling asleep at night was difficult; I literally had to talk myself out of panic attacks.

I was so stressed out that even getting to meetings with my lawyer and counselor were such a challenge. I could barely comprehend anything I needed to in those meetings, and they were IMPORTANT.

I used to wonder how on earth was I going to hold down a job to provide enough income for my family AND raise four boys on my own. And how was I going to have enough energy left at the end of the day for them if I couldn’t even get through ONE meeting without a major health reaction like dizzy spells or visual disturbances?

That’s when I knew I need to make a change and get help, but it took me awhile to move past the worst of my symptoms.

And what I learned, once I got started with nutritional therapy and then the hair tissue mineral analysis, was that my adrenals (aka my energy reserves, for a less clinical way to say it) were in the toilet and I was in total burnout…finally seeing that, while it was hard to swallow, made a huge difference because I now knew where my health was at and had a plan to start to resolve it.

What I learned from doing the hair analysis along with my health coaching program was that I needed to eat a certain way for my body’s current metabolism, which I got to see from the results. Also, I learned I needed to REST a lot more so my body would have a chance to actually heal, and so I could have enough energy again to actually function well in my day-to-day life.

It also showed me what nutrients I specifically needed to take in addition to my diet and actually gave me the motivation to stick to the lifestyle changes I knew I needed to implement so I could increase my energy and my mood.

And the support I needed was so specific that I had to have that test in hand to know exactly what I needed. My own DIY approach I had been piece-mealing together previously was not getting me the lasting powerful changes I needed to recover more deeply and fully.

You see, the mind, emotions, and spirit have an enormous impact on our physical body. And, there is a great deal of science to back this up too, by the way, and working on all of those pieces were key to my health recovery.

I quickly became a big believer in the value of nutritional health coaching using hair analysis as a powerful tool to get laser-focused insight on what each client needs to start to heal their body because it worked so powerfully for me.

Does my story resonate with you at all? What challenges are you currently facing in your own health and life that you would like to resolve?

Hair tissue mineral analysis is one way I have supported, not only myself but also my clients for the past several years to work towards their health goals, and I would love to help you with your own unique health goals and concerns.

So I am going to invite you to get started HERE today if you are really ready to move away from stress and more towards the thriving health and life you want.

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