Are You Ready To Naturally Improve Your Health So You Can Start Enjoying Life Today?!

Introducing a Radical New Step-by-Step System to show you how to start healing your body RIGHT NOW so you can start feeling better, gain energy, clarity, mental calm and feel good in your own skin in the next 30 Days.

To Anyone Seeking to Improve Their Health, Are You:

  • Freaking Out because you don’t know why your hair is falling out, your skin is always dry, you never have all the energy you want, and why you feel so crappy all the time?
  • Worried that if you don’t make something happen soon you’ll end up regretting that you didn’t or even worse you’ll end up sicker and fatter?
  • Comparing and despairing because other people seem to have unlocked some secret code to health and you wish someone would let you in on it already?
  • Feeling held back by what is not yet perfect with your health (ex: shedding those last 20 lbs, having clearer skin, more consistent energy, great sleep every night or consistent good moods)
  • Keeping your health issues a secret because you are embarrassed of them or simply want to pretend they don’t exist?

30 days to vibrant health Testimonial

My biggest take away moment from the program — I was causing my biggest challenges with my own behaviors relating to food.

Applying the training Lydia provided, has given me proof positive that I can heal myself. By sticking to the dietary game plan she offered I have discovered that I can live pain-free and tummy trouble-free if I choose to.

While I still have to identify some more of the culprits that are the exact causes of my former woes, I have enough knowledge that I can live without pain and suffering if I choose to...and if I 'make a food mistake', I know how to fix it now. Talk about a "life 360" move!

I came to a place in life where I was beginning to believe that I was dying...truly dying...because I couldn't understand how even a sip of water could make a person so ill. I believed I couldn't help myself and I believed that there was no help for me.I'm so glad I decided to take a 'leap of faith' and try one more time to help myself by joining Lydia's program. The decision to invest the time, effort, and money required commitment but that commitment was what I needed to see the challenge through.And the payoff, while just a beginning for me really, made the commitment worthwhile. 'As far as positive results...well, let me tell you. Brain fog — gone. Blood sugars all over the place — gone. Jitters and anxiety — gone. Bloating, belching, farting, gas pains, diarrhea — gone. Inflammation — significantly decreased to where I will be in smaller pants soon if I keep up the improved diet. Sleep — much improved.

I couldn't be more satisfied with my results at this point — I have HOPE for the future and I have KNOWLEDGE to get me through to the next challenge. Fantastic!!!


What if I told you that it’s incredibly simple to experience more freedom, flexibility and energy in your life and with your health?

Better yet, that you could wake up feeling more in control of your health and your life in the next 30 days. Even feel more relaxed. No longer tired, fatigued and dealing with things like sugar cravings or afternoon brain fog.

But more importantly… start to feel normal again, because you finally have energy and feel so good that you consider all of the possibilities that are available to you.

Whether you are still eating a processed foods diet or you’ve been gluten free for years, you’ve probably discovered that having energy and continuing to unravel your health concerns is crucial to keeping your entire life afloat!

Without consistently feeling good, having energy and mental clarity, you won’t have a happy fulfilling life. You’ll instead have a very stressful existence.

And, let’s be quite frank, you are tired of trying every diet out there or jumping on every new health bandwagon out there only to quit, fail or not get satisfying results. Of course you are seeking solutions for your health problems, however you’re not only dealing with consequences of the symptoms but the overwhelm of how to eliminate them too! How stressful is that?!

As a previously exhausted unhealthy mom plagued with numerous health ailments for years and years, I confess that it wasn’t that long ago that I too was feeling like I had no direction and felt the need to be “perfect” before my health would really dramatically improve.

Here are some of the things that are stopping you from enjoying vibrant health

  • Thinking that you need to have more energy to muster a plan to implement
  • Thinking you need more time to get ready before you can get started
  • Believing that life needs to calm down first then you won’t feel so overwhelmed by everything else in your life
  • Waiting until the kids get older or the last kid finally goes to school full time
  • You think you need to make more money first so you can afford better food or a gym membership
  • You think you need your spouse to get on board with you so you can get ‘healthy’ together
  • Perhaps it’s time to renew your mind on some of these lines of thinking…

Can I share a little secret with you?

I still don’t have everything about my health completely resolved or figured out. But, guess what? Neither does any other health practitioner or person alive today for that matter. But I’m not waiting to have all the answers before implementing many practical measures that will move me towards my health goals.

The truth is we will all need to take steps daily to continue to maintain and improve our health as long as we are alive on this earth. Anyone who tells you they are totally healthy and has it all figured out is either lying or not growing anymore.

I did, however, figure out a LOT of things that helped me get out of my health rut. I also learned I ALREADY knew enough intellectually to keep my health in check and moving forward, I just had to act on it — and keep repeating those actions until the knowledge became a habit. So instead of thinking everything needs to be “perfect”, you too can start improving your health by implementing some key strategies RIGHT NOW.

Doesn’t that seem more sensible?

Instead of focusing on all the stars aligning perfectly before you can start working on your health, realize that you can start taking action TODAY and see improvements in the next month. Who knows maybe you’ll turn those steps into habits and have room to add new actions that improve your health even more!

Through the structure of the program, getting my rhythm of life in a good place and really focusing on taking care of myself a lot has improved for me. I see that I am making some lifelong changes and all of the things that I'm doing because of this course aren't just for the time being but habits I hope to keep for life. Overall I think I'm doing better with my energy, my positivity has actually been superb, and brain fog is lessened.

~ Janet

There are choices you can make starting today!

Would you like to learn some key steps you can take that will help put you on the fast track to feeling normal again? I’m talking 30 days or less.

Here are 3 steps you need to be aware of TODAY

Step 1:Know the Big Picture Before You Start

Have you ever tried to put a puzzle together without the top of the box it came in? You know, so you can see what it is you’re trying to piece together?

You’ve probably been trying to collect all the little puzzle pieces around your symptoms without the top of the box that gives you the big picture!

You’re running around trying to collect all the bits and pieces but without the overall big picture of how they go together and in what sequence.

Lots of data without the big picture will just leave you feeling more frustrated and exhausted trying to figure out how it all goes together.

To get results fast, your most valuable asset in experiencing a transformation, is knowing the big picture, the pieces that make it up and the sequence of steps they go in to get your outcome. This way it works FOR you instead of OVERWHELMING YOU.

Step 2: Work With Only the Right Pieces

Next, you need to identify only the activity within each piece that works to get you the quickest results.

Once you’ve identified only the right pieces that need to be implemented and tie them into Step 3, your results can be surprising and even miraculous!

For example, lets talk about what your diet should look like….

If you are like most people today you are probably thoroughly confused when it comes to choosing your health or diet plan.

I get it. You’ve been bombarded by the overwhelming amount of fad diets and mainstream information.

Much of them contradict each other:

  • Are all carbs bad?
  • Should I eat all raw foods only?
  • Do I need to become a vegan?
  • Is a high protein diet the best choice?
  • Should I follow the blood type diet protocol?
  • The list of questions like these could go on and on.

There are just a few core principles you need to understand in order to iron out what a healthy, nutritious diet really looks like so you feel better.

Everyone will be a bit different in what exact ‘diet’ works for them, but the core principles are key for everyone.

Step 3: Implement the Right Sequence

Once you have the big picture, the right pieces, and the right guidance and feedback, you can move through these stages and get rapid results.

Many health issues can be strange and difficult to isolate but can be resolved more quickly and efficiently when under the supervision of someone who knows what to look for and gives you quick feedback.

But more importantly, before all of that, you need to be in the right frame of mind and to know you are deserving of this kind of transformation.

You're Really Going To Like This

What if you could leap frog over the trial and error of eliminating health symptoms from your life in the next 30 days

What would that be worth to you?

What if, just what if, you had many of the steps done for you and with you, ensuring you get fast results?

What would it be worth to you to have someone fast track you to more energy and a more vibrant life?

What job or business opportunities have you passed up simply because you just didn't have the confidence or energy to do so?

How have your relationships been limited because of your symptoms?

I really want you to begin to imagine a life that truly inspires you because, for the right group of people, I'm going to help them see this turn into reality.

You Can Make Change Happen Right Now

I want to share my strategies with you now in the form of my unique health blueprint:

leapingStep 1: “How to Set Your Day Up For Success So You Can Start to Feel Empowered, Energetic and on Top of Your Game”

The key to optimal health depends on how you start your day. Learning key practices that are simple and effective will go a long way in helping you structure you day and your week for success. I’ll teach you my personal secrets and the exact steps to take, so you know exactly which steps to focus on and when.

In this part of the training you’ll learn:

  • A morning routine that gives you sustenance, energy, clarity and peace to get through your day
  • How to stop making the #1 mistake that is contributing to your fatigue and brain fog
  • How to prioritize your time in the morning and what tasks to focus on each day

BONUS: You will also get…

  • 15+ Easy Healthy Breakfast Recipes to Fuel Your Day with Success
  • Simple Print Out Reminders for Your Fridge, Wallet and Desk
  • 2 Lifestyle Practice Guideline Sheets

Step 2: “How To Eat And Enjoy Your Food Without Guilt: The Secrets to Feasting And Eating Right While Maintaining A Balance for Your Entire Well Being”

Food is what makes us or breaks. Learn how to ditch all the processed foods in your life and replace it with a practical, realistic, delicious, nutrient dense way of eating that supports your body's vitality. Find out which foods slow you down and which foods fuel you. Learn how easy it can be to always feel good when you follow some key foundational dietary habits. And never be bored with your diet ever again!

You will learn:

  • To Establish a Dietary Game Plan for Your Unique Metabolism
  • How To Create a Healthy Daily Eating Regime And Stick To It
  • Why You Need to Keep Your Blood Sugar Balanced and the Exact Steps How

BONUS: You will also get…

  • How To Keep A Food Journal, Plus Template To Use
  • Meal Planning Strategies & A Blank Meal Plan Print Out
  • 5 Healthy Back-Pocket-Whip-Em-Up-Fast Meal Ideas

Step 3: “How To Consistently Create Vital Health: Super Simple Strategies to Staying Relaxed, Rested and Fit”

We will talk about why sleep is a big part of your health picture, and how not getting enough can hinder weight loss and general vitality. As well as find out what rest and relaxation can do to keep you balanced at all times, and how you are likely not getting enough down time or fun time. Fitness is a lifestyle, not a daily trip to the gym - learn how to incorporate movement that is both feasible and sustainable for your lifestyle.

You will learn:

  • My personal secrets on getting optimal sleep -find out the keys to peaceful slumber.
  • How to turn your home into a safe haven of rest and relaxation with a few super-simple tips! Why rest is key to your ultimate healing and vitality
  • A simple exercise philosophy to maximize your efforts without overdoing it or making you want to throw in the towel. Plus, learn to ditch the guilt and stop the calorie counting game!

BONUS: You will also get…

  • A Less-Is-More Fitness Plan
  • 15 Strategies to Create Bedroom Zen & Improve Your Sleep — A Checklist

Step 4: “How To Create Optimal Health & Keep the Energy Flowing: The Secrets of Maintaining Vibrant Health All Year Long And Live the Life You Are Meant To Live”

Sometimes it's the nitty gritty details that may seem over simplistic but make all the difference. How we order or plan our day, how and when we eat - not just what we eat, what things to let fall by the wayside and what few items to focus on... It can be way more simple than you realize to create a healthy daily routine and I'll show you how.

You will discover:

  • How To Plan Your Day for maximum benefit to your health
  • Strategies to Turn You Into a Pro at Stress Management
  • 5 Simple Steps To Keep Your Health In Check Year Round

BONUS: You will also get…

  • My Unique Daily Prioritizing System
  • 30 Day Health Blueprint

Plus you’ll get:

hands_small2Access to An Exclusive Private Facebook Group Forum to experience community, accountability, encouragement that will help you keep the momentum and take the actions necessary to get the best results from this coaching experience. PLUS, you will have 6 weeks of access —that’s an additional two weeks after the course materials are completely released to ensure you have support as you continue to implement all that you have learned!

The FIRST 10 People Who Register Will Receive a Copy of ‘Broth Elixir of Life‘ as well as a copy of ’The Straight Scoop On Poop‘ AND a copy of 'DIY Herbal Coffee Substitutes: A complete guide to making delicious herbal coffees to support healing and stress relief.

It’s become clear to me that once you adopt a few simple, yet extraordinarily powerful ideas, anything is possible.

Every person who wants vibrant health needs to know the most basic simple steps to achieve consistent health -day in, and day out.

Over the past couple years, working on both my own health improvements and growth and that of my clients, I’ve discovered that most people need to get out of their heads and get a plan of action to implement. It’s finding the right steps and moving forward that many people get hung up on…

I have realized over the years I needed to come up with a way of coaching people on how to get started improving their health.

This led me to create a program that would produce massive momentum in a very short amount of time so that you can have more energy and start enjoying life today.

Is 30 Days To Vibrant Health Right For You?

There are certain people who this course may not be a good fit. I’d like to be totally honest, this course is not for everyone. It takes a certain amount of effort, dedication and determination to implement the information you will learn in this course. Here are some reasons why you should NOT sign up for this course:

  • If you are not ready or willing to take action to implement what you have learned
  • If you want a quick fix without much effort
  • If you are a vegan, I’m sorry to say this won’t be a good fit for you!
  • If you don’t really want to improve your health or aren’t ready to make changes
  • If you have zero desire to change your diet
  • If you aren’t willing to read material or listen to hours of information, or don’t want to learn about your own physiology
  • Finally, if you are not totally dedicated to improving your health this course is probably not for you!

If any of the items above describe you, it would simply be best if you do not join 30 Days To Vibrant Health. If you are on board with all of the reasons above then this course is definitely for you – and you WILL get amazing results!

This course is not currently running

To get more information on the next time it will be offered please sign up for my Divine Health Newsletter.

To your health with love,
Lydia Shatney,
Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

P.S. Risk Free Guarantee! I have worked hard to create courses that will be not only conducive to just about anyone, but comprehensive in every way possible. You may request a 100% refund if cancelled within 72 hours of your purchase.

No refunds after that. Exchanges only.

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Success with this program will depend upon each individual's own dedication, motivation and desire.