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  • Are you looking to live in whole health from the inside out?
  • Do you want to lose weight, feel great and not be deprived?
  • Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?
  • Do you live with chronic illness thinking it will never go away, and feel defeated by your ailments? 
  • Do you need guidance as to what steps to take to have a healthier lifestyle, how to shop, how to menu plan? 
  • Are you wanting to achieve greater health but don’t know where to begin?


I can help!  I offer specialized services for those that are looking to transform their health through dietary advice, learning cooking techniques and shopping guidance, as well as fitness inspiration. These personal consultations are tailored to suit your specific needs and can be done over the phone or in person.


 Food Journal Evaluations

 Keep a 4-6 day food journal and I review it with you. Tell me your goals and we’ll come up with a fast track game plan to help you overcome your hang ups and hurdles and eliminate some of your biggest health complaints just by shifting what you eat. This package includes a one hour phone consult as well as email support for one month.   -$120 (or two payments of $60)

Break Through Your Food Issues

Have me help you transform a particular area that you feel stuck in. It could be anything from just having me hold your hand as you learn to shop healthier on a budget and attempt to meal plan more. Or simply have me help you navigate how to feed your kids healthier and give you courage to win the fight with picky eaters. This package includes 2 – 45 minute phone consults and one month of email support. – $150 (or two payments of $75)


 The Pantry Makeover

Do you want to clear out processed foods from your life for good?  Learn how to read labels and restock your pantry with whole real foods. Let me explain what the labels mean and just why you don’t want to consume processed foods. I can come to your home or walk you through your pantry over the phone. This package includes a one and half hour visit with me to declutter your pantry or a 90 minute phone consult, which can be broken down into shorter calls.- $90 (or two payments of $45)



Do you just need some overall guidance or have questions on your real food journey? I am just a phone call away

  • 45 minute call with email support – $60
  • 30 minute call with email support – $45
  • 15 minute call with email support – $25


  Interested in any of the above packages?  Contact me now!!

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What people are saying about working with Lydia!


Thank you so much for all you have done to help me get on my way towards optimum heath! You have been so encouraging and genuinely caring about my well being every step of the way. I really can trust you, that you have my best interest at heart. You have been able to see when I might be wanting to take it a step too fast, and for the sake of longevity pulled me back to the basics that I need to be focused on for this time and encouraging me that I will get there eventually! Your phone consultations are amazing and I am so thankful for having someone so knowledgable and fun to talk to right there when I need too. Thank you so much for the vitamin reccomendations- the supplements (especailly liquid B complex!) are helping me tremendously. I would be lost in the vitamin world without you. I look forward to all I can learn by having you as my health coach! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
There are so many people saying so many things when it comes to health these days, but I trust Lydia 100%. She is full of compassion for those wanting to get on track emotionally and mentally, not just physically- and that’s why I love her. She is concerned for the whole person and genuinely cares about you. Her resources and knowledge go really deep and she has a way to connect you to those resources without being pushy. She is a fun loving endearing soul who knows her stuff. she has helped me tremendously and pointed me in the right direction when I was a little lost in regards to my health. I so appreciate all she has taught me and helped me to do so far and I would recomend her to anyone!‘ ~ Amy


‘Lydia has made a great impact on how I view health and eating. You can always tell when someone is truly following their passion because they naturally influence others, effortlessly. That is Lydia. She not only has a passion for learning about nourishing foods but is very knowledgeable while also sharing the enjoyment of eating. Thank you Lydia for being so available and wiling to share your journey with us all!’ ~ Megan