Lesson #2: Proper Elimination

This week’s topic is proper elimination. Today’s talk will cover, how elimination works, proper transit time and how it can dysfunction. I’ll cover how to support and iron out issues with constipation and diarrhea.


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Additional resources:

Are You Constipated? Tips to Keep Things Moving – this post contains links to suggested supplements and how to’s for a magnesium tolerance test and a vitamin C flush.

Enema 101 – I did not even mention enemas in my talk, however some of you may want to use an enema to help get things moving out. Especially if you have not had a bowel movement for days. It’s SO important to get the bowels clearing out. I think enemas can be a necessary measure for a time while working to iron out the deeper issues.

Squatty Potty – It’s all about proper alignment! Check out this link, HERE to learn more about why squatting to poop is better for your health. (clicking the above link to purchase will entitle me to an affiliate fee through the end of April, with no extra cost to you for your purchase).

Transit Time Document – Click link to download a transit time document to use. This test will help you to see what is going on in your bowels by showing you how long it takes food to get through your digestive tract. Keep this with your food journal and try it once now and again in a month or two to see what progress you have made.

GNOWFGLINS – This site is a good resource for learning how to use properly prepared nutrient dense foods. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter to have access to many of her helpful videos.

Cooking Traditional Foods – This site is also a great resource for learning how to use properly prepared nutrient dense foods. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter to have access to some great material and the latest webinar.

Milk Kefir – this post will teach you how to properly ferment your own milk kefir at home.

Water Kefir – Learn how to make your own mild tasting fermented fizzy beverage or ‘soda alternative’, loaded with probiotic benefit. Kids love it! Easy to make!

Kombucha – the best resource I know of to learn all about kombucha is through Kombucha Kamp. Click the above graphic to be led to their site and purchase a scoby to start brewing kombucha at home (this is an affiliate link). Read this post of mine on how to flavor your homemade kombucha.

Multi -Mineral – I recommend if you do start taking a multi mineral – Biotics Multi Mins. (affiliate link)

Saccharomyces Boulardii – This strain of bacteria/yeast is excellent for those strugging with diarrhea. All Biotics research products are gluten free. (this is an affiliate link)

Homemade Chia KombuchaCheck out this recipe by Pickle Me Too for Chia Seed Kombucha.

Custom Probiotics – I use the Yogurt Starter 2 to make homemade yogurt and coconut yogurt.

Your assignment for this week/Steps you can take.  After listening to the download, I highly recommend you do the following:

  1. Download the Transit Time Document and find a day to do the test. Make sure to note in your food/health journals the results as it instructs in the document. Is your transit time too slow/ or too fast?
  2. Find one supportive thing to help you with whichever issue you lean towards, constipation or diarrhea and try it out. For ex: if you tend towards constipation, try the magnesium to bowel tolerance. If you tend towards diarrhea, consider starting a probiotic or upping your current probiotic dose.
  3. Consider speaking with your doctor about some of the tests I mentioned to rule out further pathologies.
  4. Did you start a food/health journal last week? If you haven’t yet – consider getting one started this week!

Next week we’ll be covering the issues with the Upper GI. We will learn how to do a self assessment for stomach acid. Consider purchasing some hydrochloric acid this week so you can try this test for yourself. I recommend: Hydrozyme (a low dose HCl to to a loading dose test) OR Betaine HP Plus ( a higher dose of 700 mg – most people need a lot, so this is usually where people need to start). If you are simply not sure, start with the Hydrozyme, find your dose and then order the Betaine later (or just get both now, you will be able to use both forms). Also, I recommend getting a bottle of Aqueous Zinc. I will teach you a test you can do at home to test your zinc status. Zinc is needed to make hydrochloric acid as well. So, this will be a more full approach to resolving hypo-chlorhydria (or low stomach acid). You can also look for hydrochloric acid at a local health food store, though I do not know of any other brand of liquid zinc to try.

As, always – please let me know if you have any questions. I hope you enjoy this information and are able to use something right away to your benefit! Have a great week!

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