Recipes for Non-Toxic Personal Care Products

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Many folks are so used to simply buying all of their personal care products from the store. We often don’t think to make our own. I personally only make a couple of my own non-toxic simple skin care and personal [...]

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Daily Detox: 5 Drinks To Cleanse Your Liver

by lydia on March 25, 2014

Daily Detox: 5 Drinks To Cleanse Your Liver

Daily Detox is something every single person on the planet could benefit from. What do I mean by daily detox? Essentially, I’m implying that we need to give our bodies both the raw ingredients necessary to support the liver as well as make our lifestyle more conducive to our natural detox processes. Detoxification is the [...]



Today, I’m excited to share about a special Summit I’m involved in. If you are a health-conscious parent -this Summit will only help you to better care for your family naturally. Have you ever felt overwhelmed when it comes to making the best choices for your family? The Nourished Living Summit brings together 69 natural [...]


What To Read This Spring: 3 Books I Recommend

Spring has sprung and with it has come a renewed vigor for learning. One of my favorite things to do is read, read and read some more. I have a voracious appetite for reading about all things health related. Recently, I’ve made it a priority to find time and ways to fit more reading into [...]



Due to its insatiable appetite for calcium, fluorine and fluorides likely represent a form of chemistry that is incompatible with biological tissues and organ system functions. Based on an analysis of the affects of fluoride demonstrated consistently in the literature, safe levels have not been determined nor standardized. Mounting evidence presents conflicting value to its [...]


Feel Like Skipping Breakfast? Find Out Why

by lydia on March 18, 2014


Do you find yourself with no appetite in the morning and feel like skipping breakfast? Do you often skip breakfast, yet drink a few cups of coffee to get yourself going? Believe it or not, skipping breakfast is very common and something I deal with all the time with clients. I’ve even dealt with this [...]



I don’t know about you, but I need to make my life easier any way I can. Sometimes it just gets tiring feeling like all I do is feed people 24/7. That’s why recently, I’ve streamlined my dinner time prep and meals with some new strategies. First, this winter I spent a ton of time [...]


Freezer-to-Slow Cooker Dinners

‘What’s for dinner?‘ An oft heard phrase in my home. Not to mention a question that I find myself asking right around dinner time now and again. Sometimes I get tired of figuring out what to make for dinner, let alone preparing a full meal from scratch every single night of the week. Thankfully, I [...]


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Spring forward always reminds me of a fresh new start! Similarly to how the earth starts to burst forth with new life, we find ourselves with a renewed vigor to tackle our health with fervor. The spring is a season full of new possibilities. The earth starts to come alive again, budding with lushness everywhere. [...]



Looking for cozy comfort in a nourishing meal? That is often how I feel, especially when it’s brr chilly out and I’m looking for a warm bowl of healthy goodness to satisfy me. This meal came together one night as I gathered odds and ends from my fridge and pantry. I wanted a way to [...]