Lavender Essential Oil

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Essential Oils truly help to balance the body to heal instead of just placate symptoms. I find them to be a very key element in my families holistic ‘medicine cabinet’. They provide countless benefits as an overall health support. Do […]



Stress……something we all can relate to in our lives and not one of us can avoid either. Just this past week I took part in a live internet radio show on Voice America, with host Teresa Jungling. She and I discussed the implications of stress on one’s adrenal health. You can listen to that recording […]


Hair Sample

What does hair have to do with nutrition? Well, let me fill you in. Hair gives us a glimpse into our body’s nutrition — what minerals are present, deficiencies, imbalances, ratios, even the presence of toxic metals… This information is golden! With it, you can customize your healing regimen (including what you eat) to correct […]



Low energy is so prevalently common today that it is simply accepted as just another part of life and aging. It may be common, but it doesn’t make it normal and you shouldn’t settle for low energy. Your body was designed to feel good and have adequate energy. Maybe you are someone who has lived […]


Maple & Spice Slow-Cooker Pumpkin Apple Butter

by lydia on November 25, 2014


Fall is fabulous for so many reasons, one of them is pumpkin and apples. Okay, that was two reasons, BUT put them both together and you’ve got ONE  heck of a yummy treat. I love pairing these two fall faves into a delightful spread for toast, on rice crackers paired with a nice mild creamy […]


Is Your Thyroid Toxic?

by lydia on November 20, 2014


In today’s modern world no one alive is exempt from excessive levels of toxic metals in their body. They are everywhere and we simply cannot fully avoid them. Toxic metals do not have a single positive role in the human body either. Unfortunately, they have become a major cause for a number of health issues, […]

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Healthy adrenal glands are the golden ticket to optimal health, unfortunately most people alive today do not have fully functioning adrenals. If you’ve been around here long enough, you are well aware of this issue, however in case you are not, let me share a bit more about what adrenal fatigue is and how to […]

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Should You Become A Vegetarian? Let’s Discuss!

by lydia on November 11, 2014


There is SO much confusion these days as to what constitutes a healthy diet. There are so many ‘diets’ under the sun enough to make anyone’s head spin. I have many clients come to me that don’t seem to tolerate meat well which makes them think they should consider becoming vegan/vegetarian. I often find myself […]


Recently, I ran a hair tissue mineral analysis test on all 4 of my boys. My younger two both display signs of AD/HD and I knew I need to help bolster their nutrition to support them, but needed some direction. When I got my youngest sons hair test back, I was somewhat shocked but also […]


hair tissue mineral analysis

Are you on a journey to regain your health, namely you want to recover from adrenal fatigue or improve your thyroid condition? Perhaps you’ve never felt truly healthy your entire life and have been working hard to get some overall vitality, but you are not making much head way on your own? Are you discouraged […]