Healthy Gluten-Free Zucchini Bread

by lydia on April 25, 2016

Healthy Zucchini Bread Recipes //

Did you know it was National Zucchini Bread Day? I honestly have absolutely no idea why, but it sure is a good excuse to enjoy one of my favorite sweet baked breads. I grew up with homemade zucchini bread – my mom was an avid baker and this one was one of my faves. I’ve […]


The Vibrant Health Podcast: Episode #33 - Safe Feminine Hygiene //

Today we’re talking about an intimate topic for women (but we’ll have lots of humor too), but for the men out there, you’ll want to read this too and pass it on to the women in your life – your wife, your partner, your daughter, your sister, your mother, or your aunt. Most women probably […]


How To Feel & Look Amazing [ My 3rd & 4th Stitch Fix ] //

I had so much fun sharing my last Health & Fashion post with you and got a lot of great feedback. Clearly, this a topic that we ladies can resonate with and make the connection to our overall well-being is pretty amazing, wouldn’t you say? My good friend Julie-Anne summed it up nicely in a […]


How To Make Homemade Taco Seasoning

by lydia on April 12, 2016

How To Make Homemade Taco Seasoning //

I don’t know about your family, but my family has Taco Tuesday every single week. In light of this, I chose to come up with my own homemade taco seasoning blend. Both to save some money, time and avoid unwanted ingredients often found in most store-bought spice blends. Why You Should Make Your Own Taco […]


The Vibrant Health Podcast: Episode #32 - Sugar Cravings //

Ahhh, sugar cravings. This is something that almost every person alive today has experienced at some point in their life. While some people may be able to ignore their sugar cravings, other people may find themselves continually caving to their body’s demands for sugar. In today’s episode, Jessica and I talk about sugar cravings and […]

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5 All-Inclusive Steps to Ditching Processed Foods //

One of the best steps you can take towards better health is to simply ditch processed foods and transition to real whole foods. To some, that could mean entirely gutting your pantry leaving nothing left to utilize in your kitchen and needing to make a clean start. In an effort to help those who want […]


The Perfect Easter Menu (From Drinks to Desserts) //

I’ve noticed that at times my website and the amount of recipes I’ve developed and blog articles I’ve written can, on occasion, completely overwhelm my readers. This is why I continually work to refine my work and help to guide you in easy-to-implement steps to change over to a healthier way of living and give you […]


Shamrock Your St. Patty's Day with This Green Smoothie //

This may surprise you since I am in the health, whole foods, and wellness scene – BUT I’m actually not all that into green smoothies. It is a rarity that I make or drink green drinks, especially with the focus on lots and lots of raw greens. There are lots of articles out there on why […]


The Vibrant Health Podcast: Episode #31 - Potassium and Thyroid Health //

Thyroid health is a complex topic as this gland is responsible for so many actions in the body. When it comes to thyroid health, and health overall, minerals play an essential role in the body and each organ. Today, Jessica and I discuss the specific role that potassium has on thyroid health, and why it […]


A Cabbage Recipe and It’s Not Coleslaw!

by lydia on March 12, 2016


The following post is a guest submission from Leslie of Redeeming Wellness. A Cabbage Recipe and It’s Not SLAW! Sometimes it’s just about being simple and budget conscious. Hubby and I can generally afford to eat in our favorite choice restaurants. Be it the new edgy location, the established swanky spot, or our favorite farm to […]

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