If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Yoga is gentle and supportive, builds strength, reduces stress, and does not tax the adrenals.  Today, we are so excited to be joined by our friend Tera Bucasas, the creator of an amazing online program called Yoga For Healing. […]

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It's Not Campbell's: Homemade Gluten-Free Alphabet Soup // divinehealthfromtheinside.com

Did you grow up on Campbell’s Alphabet soup out of a can like I did? Having fond memories of this soup as a part of my childhood, I wanted to recreate that for my kids, only in a much healthier version. If you look at the old Campbell’s Alphabet Soup label you will quickly see […]


Instant Pot Chicken & Lentil Soup with Winter Vegetables // divinehealthfrotheinsideout.com

How much do I love my Instant Pot? Let me count the ways……… If you do not yet have an Instant Pot – you need to get one STAT! This is the one I have and love and use a ton, almost daily. Some days I use it several times. Seriously, this one pot wonder […]


The Vibrant Health Podcast: Episode #23 - Methylation 101 // divinehealthfromtheinsideout.com

In today’s episode, Jessica and I are joined by a special guest, methylation expert, Jessica Bischof, NTP. Jessica is the founder of the Simple Steps Nutrition website and has been using methylation research to help her own clients. In this in-depth podcast, we cover all the basics of methylation, including what methylation is and why it is […]

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The #1 Anti-Anxiety Mineral & The Super-Food That Contains It // divinehealthfromtheinsideout.com

Are you someone who struggles with anxiety? Since working with clients, I’ve come to learn that anxiety is a very common problem, far more so than I ever realized. Even my most health conscientious well-adjusted clients share this is a big struggle for them. What I’ve learned is that the majority of these folks all […]


How To Choose Non-Toxic Mascara

by lydia on January 7, 2016

How To Choose Non-Toxic Mascara // divinehealthfromtheinsideout.com

Every day our bodies are exposed to chemicals. Through the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat, we are exposed to harmful substances. We are also exposed to these via the personal care products we use. What you put on your face should not be a disgrace to your health. […]

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The Vibrant Health Podcast: Episode #22 - 30 Days to Vibrant Health // divinehealthfromtheinsideout.com

In today’s episode, Jessica and I talk about the importance of having a basic health blueprint, and how to get started on the road to vibrant health. In addition, we discuss why getting the basics down, like sleep, diet, movement, etc., is so important before moving into deeper issues of healing. Having these basics in place first […]


How To Take A Magnesium Bath

by lydia on December 31, 2015

How To Take A Magnesium Bath // divinehealthfromtheinsideout.com

“Magnesium is almost as important for life as the air we breathe.” Magnesium is lifesaving. Magnesium is crucial for every single function in our bodies. Magnesium is necessary for both the action of insulin and the manufacture of insulin. Magnesium is a cofactor for multiple enzymes involved in carbohydrate metabolism. Magnesium serves hundreds of important […]


Immune Boosting Elderberry Spritzer

by lydia on December 30, 2015

Immune Boosting Elderberry Spritzer // divinehealthfromtheinsideout.com

Sometimes, you want a fun drink that’s not a cocktail, at least I do, with no alcohol, but the fun and flavor of a great cocktail. Better yet, you want a mocktail with health benefits that tastes great! If that’s the case for you too, then you are in luck. Today, I’m sharing a fun, […]


How to Make Healthy Homemade Hot Cocoa

by lydia on December 29, 2015

How to Make Healthy Homemade Hot Cocoa // divinehealthfromtheinsideout.com

Hot Cocoa, what would the holidays or winter be without a warm comforting mug? The good news is – you can actually make this delectable beverage a lot healthier at home than you can if you buy the pre-made packets from the store. I don’t know about you but I grew up with instant hot […]