Is Stress Making You Fat?

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!There are many reasons that weight gain can be an issue that are not directly related to your diet, as well as some that are, such as hidden food allergies. When fat is not actually fat…… There are cases in […]


Counting Calories Causes Hormonal Chaos

by lydia on September 22, 2015


There are some common myths out there when it comes to weight loss. One is counting calories. I believe by now I have dispelled that counting calories is even important just based on the dietary guidelines I’ve taught you along with an understanding of how your blood sugar works. Just so you understand, calorie counting […]


Chocolate Banana Mineral-Power Smoothie

by lydia on September 19, 2015


I am a mom of four boys and also a nutritional therapist (not a nutritionist or dietician per se, but more like a health coach). I work with individuals via hair tissue mineral analysis, including my entire family, to create a game plan to implement that helps support overall health. Through hair analysis and my […]


How To Remove Cellular Waste From Your Body

by lydia on September 17, 2015


Let’s face it…..we’re all toxic to varying degrees. Say it with me….. ‘ I have toxicity in my body’ While, you may be working on helping your body to heal in numerous ways…..sometimes a little more support for detoxification is needed. However, too much detoxification, too fast can throw many folks into feeling pretty horrible. […]


The Role of Exercise in Digestive Health

by lydia on September 15, 2015

Exercise woman stretching

Exercise has an important role to play for our digestion. Every cell of the body produces waste that must be metabolized and removed or the cell will die. Exercise, or movement,  is key in this process, as it stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Exercise that targets your lymph system helps to stop toxins from […]


Summer’s End Cherry Tomato Salad

by lydia on September 5, 2015


This summer my dad and I collaborated, and had two garden plots at our local park. For some reason my dad started about 100 tomato plants from seed – no exaggeration -and we ended up with tomatoes galore. This past week the cherry tomatoes were bursting forth. I am still reveling in the abundance from […]



Feeding kids healthfully is probably one of the hardest jobs on the planet and I’m not exaggerating. Especially when school is back in session and we have to not only feed them a healthy breakfast, but also pack them healthy lunches. Skipping breakfast is not an option. It can lead to irritable kiddos who misbehave […]


Easy Healthy Prep-Ahead Meal from Costco

by lydia on August 22, 2015


I don’t know about you, but I am SO ready for school to get back in session. I do better with a little bit more structure and routine in my life. Especially when it comes to eating consistently myself. This past weekend I took some time to prep ahead a dozen individual meals for JUST […]


Herbal Mineral Rich Lemonade Popsicles

by lydia on August 15, 2015


Summer just isn’t summer without frozen treats! The good news is, you can avoid the junk frozen treats and popsicles in the stores and make your own quite easily. Not only can you make them easily, but you make them quite nourishing and even gut-friendly. As promised, I’m here to share one of my recipes […]


Instant Pot Cajun Sausage Risotto

by lydia on August 9, 2015

Cajun Risotto

Let’s face it, everyone is looking for ways to reduce time in the kitchen. We are all busy, often tired yet we must eat. My favorite way to save time and the stress of having prepare a full meal at the end of the work day is to use my pressure cooker or Instant Pot. […]