Are Missing Minerals Impairing Your Health?

by lydia on February 27, 2015


If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Today we are a nation suffering from bad moods, stress and depression. We don’t get enough sleep, we get “blue” in the winter months, we start to lose our memory, have high strung parents, hyperactive kids, or kids that can’t […]



Getting in your daily cup (or 2 or 3) of ‘joe’ is a common and well accepted American cultural habit. After all, ‘America runs on Dunkin‘. What’s interesting though is that there is another way to make use of coffee that we don’t hear anywhere near as much about. The Coffee Enema. Coffee enemas are […]


Healthy Teens

Is there a teenager in your life currently, or perhaps a preteen? Are you wondering how to better support their growing body to help them get through puberty and beyond? I’ve got some insights for you today that can help you support your child through these amazing years to make them as healthy as possible. […]



Do you struggle with constipation? Constipation is so prevalent today that the average person who is constipated doesn’t even know that they are. Some people think not going number 2 every day is normal and not such a big deal. Some people think that going every couple days is acceptable. The problem is we should […]


blood glucose monitor

Recently, in my post ‘How To Decrease Your Risk of Type 2 Diabetes in Just A Few Weeks‘, I shared that blood sugar can be well managed through your diet. Today, I’m here to share a bit more in case just diet alone isn’t cutting it for some of you. The truth is, while diet […]


Calm Mind

I believe we are designed to feel an immense sense of well being & peace – essentially we can live within a calm mind. Yet the majority of people today battle with mood swings, anxiety, cravings, depression and more.  1 in 10 Americans take an anti-depressant. They are the third most commonly used drug today. […]


Blood Sugar balance

Most people alive today are having health effects that have come from a life long imbalance of something we all take for granted. What exactly is it? Blood sugar. What does that mean exactly? And why should you care, especially if you are not diabetic. I’ll tell you…….our blood sugar is one of the two […]

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Pressure Cooker Hoppin' John

New Year’s Day is a great day to enjoy family food traditions. Personally, I grew up with split pea soup on New Year’s because we would always have ham on Christmas. Then my mom would use the ham bone and leftover ham to make split pea soup and we’d always have some kind of homemade […]


My Top #9 Recommended Health Books for 2015

by lydia on December 30, 2014


Can you believe 2014 is winding down to a close? Where on earth did the past 363 days go? In reflection of this past year, I’ve realized a few things about health that everyone seems to want or need to know. So with the New Year just on the horizon, I thought I’d share my […]


Nourishing Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Do you have any idea how many people are not eating a good breakfast these days? I run into this constantly with clients and it’s the first place […]