The Vibrant Health Podcast: Episode #31 - Potassium and Thyroid Health //

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Thyroid health is a complex topic as this gland is responsible for so many actions in the body. When it comes to thyroid health, and health overall, minerals play an essential role in the body and each organ. Today, […]


A Cabbage Recipe and It’s Not Coleslaw!

by lydia on March 12, 2016


The following post is a guest submission from Leslie of Redeeming Wellness. A Cabbage Recipe and It’s Not SLAW! Sometimes it’s just about being simple and budget conscious. Hubby and I can generally afford to eat in our favorite choice restaurants. Be it the new edgy location, the established swanky spot, or our favorite farm to […]

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3 Key Supplements For Your Beauty Routine

by lydia on March 10, 2016

Positive young woman in white dress smiling at camera. Isolated

In our society, generally, beauty is a great signifier of health. Now, there are reasons behind some of these perspectives and those usually circulate around great oral health or having young skin or full hair. Oftentimes, this can be directly tied to getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals into our bodies and assimilating them […]


Why Butter Is Your Friend

by lydia on March 8, 2016


Butter has gotten a bad name in the past, but I’m here to let you know that butter is your friend! It is one of the best forms of fat that you can get into your diet, not to mention more reasonably priced than things such as coconut or avocado oil. What really makes the […]



One of the best steps you can take towards better health is to simply ditch processed foods and transition to real whole foods. To some, that could mean gutting your entire pantry, leaving nothing left to utilize in your kitchen, and needing to make a clean start. While for others, it could mean slowly changing out […]

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The #1 Probiotic I Recommend

by lydia on March 3, 2016

The #1 Probiotic I Recommend //

I truly love what I do. As a full-time “work at home mom,” business owner, and nutritional therapy practitioner, I really do get to do all the things that are most important to me. I get to take care of myself and my family, on my own terms, and I have the knowledge to keep […]


The Vibrant Health Podcast: Episode #30 - Mold Illness 101 //

In today’s episode, Jessica and I are joined by a very special guest. Lori Roop is a certified clinical herbalist and nutritionist and a mold illness survivor. Lori has an amazing story of survival and is here to talk about this important health problem that may be affecting more people than we realize. Mold illness […]


Taking Tuna Salad to the Next Level

by lydia on February 27, 2016

Taking Tuna Salad to the Next Level //

The following post is a guest submission from Leslie of Redeeming Wellness. The other day I was scrounging through my refrigerator to see what was on hand for a quick lunch. You know my maxim: “A hungry brain makes poor decisions.” But I was pressed for time and convenience. So I thought to myself, “I have a […]


5 Questions to Ask Yourself to Let Go of Guilt & Move Forward //

The following post is a guest submission from Nanci of Revive and Thrive Nutrition. To learn more about how to handle the stress of guilt, check out my article How Saying ‘No’ Can Improve Your Health. Have you found yourself wanting to do something for yourself but all of a sudden guilty feelings creep into your head […]

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The Vibrant Health Podcast: Episode #29 - The Role of Minerals in Thyroid Health //

One of our favorite topics is that of thyroid health. Jessica and I have covered thyroid health a number of times in earlier podcasts, but today we want to focus specifically on the role of minerals in thyroid function. We cover the basics of thyroid health and what functions the thyroid is responsible for. We also touch on common issues that […]